Mount Abu School’s Expressions: Annual Inter School Festival 2024 saw enthusiastic participation from 60 schools and 800 students across Delhi. During the event Students also pledged to bring at least 10 adults to the voting booth on May 25, 2024, showcasing their commitment to civic engagement.



Mount Abu School, in collaboration with Ecoroots Foundation and, hosted a memorable Earth Day 2024 event themed Plasticvs Planet. Highlighting sustainability, the event featured a plastic-craft exhibition and street plays. Distinguished guests Mr. Emile Mwepesi, Hon'ble Charge d'Affaires of Rwanda, and Mr. Rakesh Khatri, Nest Man of India, received Recycled PET jackets. The occasion, graced by Principal Ms. Jyoti Arora and Manager Dr. Krishna Rawan, underscored the school’s commitment to environmental stewardship and global citizenship.



YLAC Equality Club celebrates its annual graduation ceremony, honoring graduating members and fostering awareness of societal inequalities through interactive games and personal growth stories. Congratulations to all learners for their outstanding performances and commitment to equality!



Mount Abu Public School's Senior School Global Citizens actively participated in the 56th National Youth Parliament Competition 2023. The event featured intense parliamentary discussions on critical topics such as the Israel-Hamas Conflict, Environmental Acts, and the Women Reservation Bill 2023. Former Rajya Sabha MP Shri Briten Sengupta and officials from the Ministry of Parliamentary Officials, Government of India, graced the occasion. The vibrant parliamentary proceedings beautifully showcased the essence of India's flourishing democracy, offering a captivating spectacle that captured the spirit of youth involvement and national discourse.



The school is delighted to announce the successful launch of India's First SDGs Book Club, an exceptional initiative in the realm of sustainability and climate action education. This pioneering book club provides a unique platform for our Global Citizens to explore the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and embrace the concept of Global Citizenship. The event featured esteemed guests, including environmentalist Mr. Rumit Walia, wildlife conservationist Mr. Animesh Kapoor, and author Ms. Sudha Puri from the National Book Trust, India. This book club extension complements our earlier Nature-based Library launch, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness. The SDGs Book Club promises to be a valuable resource for our community, inspiring action and fostering a sustainable future.



Mount Abu School Delhi collaborated with Jean Monnet Module to host an Inter School Festival celebrating Constitutional Values, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Project of the European Union, on October 7, 2023. The festival, dedicated to the Constitution and Global Citizenship, saw active participation from 48 schools across Delhi. The event was graced by the presence of Dr. Sheetal Sharma, Director of Jean Monnet Module (JNU), as the Chief Guest, and our esteemed alumnus, Mr. Chander Kant Aggarwal, as the Special Guest, along with other alumni who served as members of the Jury. The festival showcased beautiful paintings, collages, thought-provoking slogans, captivating declamations, and posters that celebrated the essence of the Indian Constitution




Mount Abu School Delhi's Senior School Learning Community hosted a remarkable 'University Fair' on October 4, 2023. The event featured representatives from leading Domestic and International Universities who provided invaluable insights to our students. Our commitment to 'Excellence in All We Are & All We Do' aligns seamlessly with the Vision 21st Century. We aspire to create a sea of opportunities for our young Global Citizens, enabling them to discover their Ikigai—their true purpose in life. This fair serves as a significant step towards this goal, equipping our students with the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about their future academic endeavors.



The "Skills on Wheels" initiative brought a mobile learning experience to Mount Abu School in Delhi on October 4, 2023. This initiative aimed to enrich the educational experience of Middle School and Senior School students. It emphasized the school's commitment to holistic education, which focuses on nurturing well-rounded individuals by integrating various skills and experiences into the curriculum. "Skills on Wheels" likely offered hands-on workshops or interactive activities to engage students in practical learning and foster their creativity.



This workshop, held on Gandhi Jayanti, showcased a collaboration between Mount Abu School and the Energy Swaraj Foundation (ESF). The event centered around solar energy education, aiming to ignite a passion for sustainable energy sources among students. Participants learned to assemble solar lamps, gaining practical knowledge about renewable energy. Prof Chetan Singh Solanki, the founder of ESF, played a pivotal role, sharing his expertise and the mission of promoting solar energy and climate action. Additionally, students had the unique opportunity to explore Prof Solanki's solar-powered bus, further enhancing their understanding of solar technology.



On Gandhi Jayanti, Mount Abu School welcomed Ms. Naaz Rizvi, Director at the National Museum of Natural History, as a Special Guest. The event involved a pledge ceremony where students committed to contributing to the Swachhata or Clean India Campaign. This event underscored the school's commitment to instilling values of cleanliness and environmental responsibility among its students. Principal Ms. Jyoti Arora and the school community actively participated, adding to the enthusiasm for this important initiative.



Mount Abu School's participation in CBSE's National Summit & Expo on 'Facilitating School to Work Transition' was a significant achievement. The school likely showcased innovative educational practices and programs that prepare students for future careers. Prominent figures in the field of education, including government officials and educators, attended the exposition. This event provided an opportunity for the school to share its commitment to fostering Global Citizenship Skills and employability skills among its students. 



The school welcomed Ms. Indu from Schneider Electric for an event related to the "Conserve My Planet" program. This program aligns with the school's vision of shaping a sustainable and green future. It likely involved discussions and activities focused on environmental conservation and sustainability, inspiring students to be environmentally responsible.



Young Global Citizens at Mount Abu School organized the G20 Model United Nations event, where students engaged in discussions on pressing global issues like Peace building and Reconciliation. The event included different tracks, each representing a group of students focused on specific global challenges. It culminated in a closing ceremony with awards and recognition for outstanding performance. This event demonstrated the school's commitment to promoting global cooperation and leadership among its students.



Mount Abu Public School held it's Annual Exhibition on 22 July 2023 to showcase learner's efforts and creativity. This exhibition encourages a scientific temper among students and showcases their skills through multifarious displays of projects based on entrepreneurship, sustainability, community outreach and Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat (EBSB) understanding.  Students and their teachers spare no effort to make a mission of it. They intensely explore to discover the myriad facets of the selected topics and share what they assimilate. It was their way of expressing their knowledge and hardworking done throughout the long summer vacation.

This year, the exhibition focused on EPA - Experiential Project Assessment reinventing and harmonizing with Nature: Discover, aspire, and evolve. The displays included the models handcrafted by students, demonstrating how important it is to stop exploiting nature and, instead, live in harmony with it. The budding entrepreneurs also showcased their business minds and ideas for a fresh startup. By actually observing the community problems and brimming out solutions for it , they learned what it feels to a responsible and sensitive citizen of the society. They also expanded their own arena of knowledge towards EBSB (Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat) and created models and handicrafts representing the Tribal Community .



Yoga is the ancient way to attain physical, mental, and spiritual practice. Primarily originating in India, the word 'yoga' is derived from Sanskrit, meaning to unite. This unity signifies the ultimate union of the body with consciousness and thus attaining definitive peace. On account of International Yoga Day celebrated on the 21st of June every year ,all the working staffs including The Principal , Coordinators, Educators and all the other working staff participated in the Yoga Day celebration conducted in Mount Abu Public School. The theme for this year's yoga day was " Yoga for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals ". Various asanas were followed by omkar chanting. Warm-up exercises, sitting and standing asanas were performed. The trainers gave a short information about the benefits of yoga. They help in improving concentration and in attaining inner peace. It helps a person improve life physically, mentally and spiritually as well.



The CBSE National Yoga Championship 2022-23, hosted by Mount Abu Public School, brought together 450 students from 118 Indian schools. This event showcased exceptional yoga skills and emphasized holistic wellness. Chief Guest Shri Vikas Arora, CBSE Regional Officer for Delhi West, highlighted the significance of yoga in education, promoting physical health, mental resilience, discipline, and concentration. The championship underscored the growing importance of yoga in schools and its role in fostering a balanced lifestyle for India's youth, leaving a lasting impact and inspiring a wellness-oriented future.



Mount Abu Public School was the host  to Central Zone (Delhi Region) for CBSE Archery Tournament. The much-awaited tournament was announced open by Principal Ms. Jyoti Arora in the presence of CBSE Observer, Archery officials and officials from French Institute in India - Embassy of France. Archers from schools across Delhi showcased their talent as they competed for the coveted title.



The global learners from middle school took a step forward for achieving Global Goals. Young global citizens showcased their entrepreneurial skills and took enthusiastic participation in the event “Charity For Cause”. The money collected was  used for the community welfare and related services. The noble endeavour was appreciated by all.



"Working together to achieve global goals with our small action steps!"

PYP learners celebrated Diwali by sharing and realised the real joy lies in 'Joy of Giving'. Home made edible diyas were made by the little hands and donated to the needy ones  to support SDG goals number 1 & 2.  The diyas were even given to Support staff  to spread the essence festivity and true celebration all around.



Mount Abu Public School’s Career & Guidance Cell collaborated with SkillsReform to organise a School-University Engagement Career Fair 2022 exclusively for our Senior School Global Citizens. The Career Fair witnessed participation of multiple universities from India & abroad. Mount Abu Career & Guidance Cell is supporting schools’ Vision21stCentury ‘Redefining The Future’ by providing an ocean of opportunities for our learners to excel in fields of their choice.



Annual Ramayana Musical, performed by #IB #PYP Global Citizens of Mount Abu School, witnessed massive participation of around 400 learners. The decor was designed keeping traditional #Ramleelas in mind. 2 hours long musical covering entire Ram Leela left audience speechless and mesmerized. Month-long reparations and practices for the musical provided endless opportunities for learners to inquire, lead and explore various virtues of life such as team-spirit, discipline etc. and lessons of Ramayana such as honesty, goodness etc.



World Mental Health Day is celebrated on 10th  October and was stretched to World Mental Health Week. The week marked global mental health education and awareness. The week is also observed to advocate against social stigma associated with mental health. The theme is - Break the stigma. Stigma biases and discrimination continue to be a barrier and access to the right care. Mental Health week at School was an initiative to improve mental well-being and increase access to those who are in direct need of this. We at MAPS, did plethora of activities to play our part in increasing awareness and we are grateful to have this platform which offered to students, educators to work for that goal collectively. We envisioned a world in which mental health is valued, promoted and protected



To celebrate POSHAN Maah, theme-based activities were conducted across the country throughout the month of September. The activities were centred around the key themes like Mahila and Swasthya, Bacha and Shiksha-Poshanbhi Padhaibhi,  Gender Sensitive Water Conservation and Management and  Traditional Foods for Women and Children in Tribal Areas.  ‘Poshan Maah’, Our Hon'ble Prime Ministers’ overarching Scheme for POSHAN BHI PADHAI BHI was celebrated by the learners of Grades VI to VIII. The aim of this initiative was to have a unified comprehensive strategy to develop practices to nurture health and Wellness. Learners participated in the activities like Benefits of Salads, Nukkad Natak and Class Discussion. Learners discussed the benefits towards holistic nourishment and healthy lifestyle and through Nukkad Natak ,they created awareness regarding healthy food and shared their views on ways to keep the heart healthy by avoiding junk food and consuming nutritious ,seasonal balanced diet. Students and teachers brought  only home cooked food and  junk food wasn't allowed. These engagements helped the child to understand the importance of healthy eating and imbibed a sense of social responsibility and volunteerism.



Global Citizens of the School  explored Space through virtual reality. Virtual reality in education is a significant development and leads to enhancement of learning experience. The event was supported by KLIPVR in providing VR enabled learning opportunities to the learners. It was three days learning where fun and education both happened , its topic was :”Chandrayan VR”



Global Citizens of Mount Abu School & learners from various schools came together to celebrate International Yoga Day at Sheesh Mahal - an adopted monument of Mount Abu School. The event was hosted by Mount Abu School in collaboration with Central Board of Secondary Education. This International Yoga Day is special as it is being celebrated as a part of Azaadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav. Mount Abu School hosted the event at adopted Sheesh Mahal, Shalimar Bagh. Sheesh Mahal is an archaeological heritage which is being promoted by Global Citizens of Mount Abu School for more than a decade now.



World No Tobacco Day was observed in the school on 31st May 2022 to highlight the risk associated with the use of tobacco and to educate everyone to protect them from the adverse effects of tobacco. The students along with faculty members took the pledge initiated by District Tobacco Control Cell , North West District, Delhi to say no to tobacco, the biggest threat to our environment.



The school conducted a session for the support staff of the school sensitizing them about the POCSO and JJ  Act. The session was taken by Ms. Sarabjit from CACA (Children Against Child Abuse), who guided the staff about the laws pertaining to the same.



"Today is the day to learn something new"

To acquaint students with various devices and applications available to connect worldwide and to enhance the creative skills of the students and make them "tech- savvy", Technology Day  was celebrated to evoke fun and experiential learning among students. It helped the learners to know about various applications to connect around the world. They also discussed about various pros and cons of technology. Students left everyone spellbound as they used technology to create amazing working models like flash lights & robots using trash available at their home. Their joy found no limit when they were praised for their out of the box thinking and splendid efforts.




Learning first aid is an invaluable life-skill. It helps children become more risk aware and equips them with skills to keep themselves safe and help themselves or others if involved in a medical emergency. It could save their life. In order to perceive the same, First aid training was conducted on the occasion  of World Red Cross day celebrated on 8th May 2022. 



The PYP reflectors explored the healthy choices for a strong, healthy and fit body. They categorised their food in four essential groups to get an insight of what goes inside their body and to ensure that they get a balanced diet. They prepared MY HEALTHY SMART PLATE with real healthy food items like  fruits, salad , sprouts etc. on a big sized plate. Some facts related to the same were discussed by the learners along with its importance in their life.



To commemorate 75 years of India's independence, TEDxMount Abu school was held under the umbrella of Mount Abu Public school. Themed Reflection and Road Ahead , the event aimed to reach out to the youth sow seeds of ideas that matter and foster learning with inspiring thought- Provoking talks.  It was attended by eminent educators, principles of various schools and students.

Each speaker deliberated on being determined to make a difference, as people that do things out of passion, do them better.  The audience was enthralled by the talks, and the event turned out to be a great success and an enriching experience for everyone present. The evening culminated with the address of Jyoti Arora, the school's principal hey she extended her gratitude to all speakers 4 there benign presence and providing an insight into their success journeys. And Abu, the school’s mascot Grab everyone's attention.    



The school was the proud host for Inter Zonal Patriotic Song competitions, wherein groups after qualifying at zonal level had a tough competition with groups from all across district.



Students of Mount Abu Public school got the prestigious opportunity to witness and participate in ‘India International Science Festival 2021’ for the third consecutive year on 12th December. Hundred students from classes 6-8 were selected to be a part of an official attempt for Guinness World Record with most people assembling Water harvesting kits at the same time on zoom platform. The session began with an informative and awareness raising talk by the team on how effective is the Rain Water Harvesting method. This was followed by a video demonstrating the steps to assemble the kit. Students whole heartedly participated in the activity using their kits and made us proud by successfully attaining the end results after performing all steps correctly. All faces were filled with smiles in the end which lead to a satisfactory completion of the event. This activity along with being a record breaking event also proved to be an awareness raising activity on Rain Water Harvesting and it's significance in future. The school looks forward to an active participation in the next year as well.



To commemorate 75 years of Indian Independence AzadiKaAmritMahotsav, Indian Postal Department has urged students all across India to share their vision of New India with Hon’ble Prime Minister of India using endangered form of communication “postcards”. Our students have shared their vision & ideas with Prime Minister. 



“Nutrition isn’t just about eating, it’s about learning to live .”

Keeping in mind the above said quote, Mount Abu Public School has taken an initiative to develop a School Nutrition Garden (SNG) in the school premises to celebrate POSHAN MAAH in the month of September,2021. This is an effort in which parents were included along with the students of the school. A session was conducted for both students and parents separately in which the significance of Poshan Maah was summarized and development of School nutrition garden. They were taken to the school garden side where they themselves experienced the sense of nature by touching the healthy green vegetables and fruits. Not only this, their effort of putting biodegradable waste into the compost pit was another a mesmerizing moment wherein they put some peels of fruits and vegetables, used tea leaves and spoilt food  so that it can get converted into the manure and would prove to be fruitful for the soil. The session made all of them aware of importance of organic food which if they will try to enforce at their homes , will definitely make aware of the kids to eat nutritious food in their life.

“Health never ends and never stops. It’s a continuous stage of life which never gets vanished away.



Mount Abu Public School celebrated the International Olympic Day on 23rd June 2021, with much fervour and enthusiasm that brings people together through the power of sport and games. The objective of the day was to promote sports and spread the message to make sports an integral part of life. The event commenced with the felicitation of the venerable Chief Guest, Mr. Balwan Singh, a dynamic sports player who represented India various times in many national and International sports. He was then welcomed by our respected Principal ma'am, Mrs. Jyoti Arora. The excitement of the students, teachers and all the participants was palpable on screen as they geared up to celebrate the International Olympic Day. Though it was a virtual celebration, it was nevertheless exciting because of its uniqueness. The webinar focussed on live interaction and aimed to engage youth in Olympic values, promote sports and games among students and help them develop into future Global Citizens. The chief guest acquainted the students with the importance of Olympic Day and also told them how sports and games can inspire and motivate them during these tough time. They innumerable benefits of sports and games were explained to all participants. They were also guided about the significance of home workout that can help them stay positive and energetic. This was entailed by various sports and games related activities wherein the children prepared beautiful creatives, talked about famous international sports players and also watched an encouraging video that promotes sports and games. All the students were excited and energetic throughout the session. We all celebrated the day with a lot of excitement and joy. The experience we got was really purposeful and important. 



 "Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life".

To inculcate the leadership qualities in the students and to give them a feel of functioning of the administrative body, a school prefectorial board was formed after scrutinous interviewing and selection. The Investiture Ceremony for the academic year 2021-22 was held on  9th of June 2021  in Mount Abu Public School ,sector-5 ,Rohini.The ceremony began with an invocation to God followed by an extremely mesmerizing school song and tabla performance by the students. A garland of motivational words was delivered by honourable Principal Ma’am ,Madam Jyoti Arora,  who guided the Student Council Members to be the role models and render their responsibilities sincerely as the nation builders of tomorrow and be proud to be an Indian. She also advised the students to inculcate the values of punctuality, dedication discipline and determination as they are the torch bearers of tomorrow and also administered the oath to newly constituted Student Council Members. The head boy and Head girl took the pledge on behalf of all the members to deliver their duties diligently. The programme ended with a vote of thanks by the respected coordinator ma’am ,Middle Wing ,Mrs. Minoo Bhatia.



“The true essence of leadership lies in influence and not authority.”

The senior wing of Mount Abu Public School conducted its Virtual Investiture Ceremony for the Academic Year 2021-2022 on 9 June 2021. The ceremony began with a soulful sanskrit prayer to thank the almighty for blessing us with this opportunity in these times of hardships. The former head boy extended his best wishes to the newly elected council and shed light upon how to carry forward with the benchmark set by the previous council. He also emphasized on the importance of working together and staying positive in these dreadful times. The school principal, Madam Jyoti Arora graced the event with her insightful thoughts and motivation for the school cabinet members quoting “the seven heavenly virtues of leadership” and explained what it means to be a leader and talked about how all the student council members must learn these values in order to improve themselves. She emphasized with her passionate earnestness that how the students need to be good leaders and not commanders. The principal also discussed with the members about how they feel and what are their opinions regarding their positions. It was a moment of pride and gaiety for everyone. She congratulated the newly appointed school council members and their preparedness to take up responsibilities entrusted onto them. The newly elected student leaders pledged to bestow their duties to the best of their abilities and the ceremony concluded to rousing cheers! All the designated members took the oath, promised to serve the institution and perform their duties with perseverance and probity The oath taking ceremony was led by the newly elected head boy and head girl to pursue excellence in every action. They pledged to stand up to their responsibilities and keep the blue flag of Mount Abu Public School always soaring high. This was succeeded by, Head Boy Advit Upadhyay and Head Girl Chehak Punia very enthusiastically promising to help the school reach the pinnacle of excellence and to meet the vision statement of the school “Passionate urge for par excellence”. All cabinet members expressed their gratitude towards the respected Principal and the teachers. The principal exhorted them to uphold the values of a true leader and wished them all the best for their future. The ceremony was concluded with a vote of thanks by the senior coordinator to the students, teachers, and parents who made this delightful ceremony possible.



The primary wing of the school conducted its Investiture Ceremony on 9th June 2021.The young students were officially handed over the titles and the designation for which they were selected. The school Principal, Madam Jyoti Arora blessed everyone and  inspired the students in her motivational address to make efforts to let the school flag soar higher and higher and make committed effort to add values to the existing system. The grand virtual ceremony was initiated with the invocation to almighty for spreading positivity and happiness all around. The students  highlighted the vision and mission of the school and promised to pursue excellence in every task undertaken. The school song highlighting the glory of Mount Abu Public School was rejoiced by all. The ceremony ended with Vote of Thanks by the Coordinator Mrs. Geetanjali Malhotra ,expressing gratitude to all for making the ceremony a grand success.



“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein

The school believes in holistic development of the pupils. We strongly believe that sport serves as an effective tool to teach life skills and makes them active. In the time we are today, physical fitness and exercise play a crucial rule. World Athletics Day was launched by Worldwide Newbie Athletic Federation (IAAF) to promote participation in athletics amongst kids. In order to make enthusiastic and active learners, the school celebrated World Athletics Day virtually. Various activities as per the schedule were performed in the respective class teams under the guidance of Physical Education Faculty. The aim was to provide an opportunity to students to unite, rejoice, introduce, and represent themselves. The pre- primary and primary level students enjoyed various activities conducted on May 7,2021 like balance book on your head race, air punches , skip the rope, speed jump, tee -juggle etc. Classes VI-VIII were involved in various energetic activities on May 5,2021 such as bottle flip, skipping, speed bounce etc. Classes IX to XII performed activities on May 6, 2021 like shuttle run, jumping jacks, modified push ups etc.  Students participated with full energy and showed great interest as they all got a chance to rejuvenate themselves in these tough times. 



 “ Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”

It is rightly said that A book is a device to ignite the imagination. Considering  the importance of books in the life of students,  a book week was organised and well celebrated in the Mount Abu Public School for the students of classes VI-VIII  from 19th April 2021 to 23 April 2021 by conducting a few great literary activities. Grade 6  sudents participated ardently in the activities like " Putting Imagination into Canvas”   under  which they prepared  a poster  from their favourite story, poem or a novel  and " Alternative Ending " in which they changed the ending of  their own favourite story. All the students  were highly vigorous  and eager  to perform these Activities. Even grade 7 students were not behind .They too participated in an activity named as " Paper Presentation “ on the  book of their choice talking about the characters ,the year the book was published, about the author and social and moral values depicted  through the story. “ Predict what’s next” was another activity done by class VII students where they had to predict what might happen next in the story .To add cherry on the top, class VIII students prepared a COMIC STRIP on any moral story using more of pictures and less of words . and “ Two finger puppets “ of the characters involved in the story thus helping them expand their voice through  the characters .The celebration stressed on the relevance of books and urged the students to inculcate the healthy habit of reading books and it was a thrilling experience to see so many students coming forward with their unique work.



“A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.” – Neil Gaiman

With utmost delight and ecstasy, we share that the school celebrated WORLD BOOK DAY with great enthusiasm and fervor. UNESCO has earmarked April 23 as WORLD BOOK DAY . It is a day to reminisce significance of reading. It is also a day to remember ‘Bard of Avon’ i.e. Sir William Shakespeare . Even a differently emerging times, it has been proven yet again what reading can do to a person.  The students of Mount Public School, Sector 5 were exposed to a plethora of enriching experiences. The day brought with it, a week long activities in school. To boost the creative quotient, students were given an activity to concoct Science Fiction tale . Besides, children recorded the fictional story as a Podcast with such captivating music. The students were enthused exploring the futuristic concepts, ideas, space travel, time travel etc. Looking at this enumeration of sci-fi elements, it is apparently depicted that sci-fi is indeed the literature of ideas. In addition to this all the students of grade XII were given a platform to to express their views on great speeches by the eminent personalities  Martin Luther’s “I Have a Dream” and A. Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address on various aspects like “substance of speech”, “style of speech”, “essential elements in speech” and “what make speech a great speech”. Children were really expressive and exhibited great critical thinking skills. The day really showcased that reading is a delicacy forever to be cherished.



To commemorate book week Grade (1-5) children during their EAP sessions prepared Online libraries  from where the students could read stories .To bring a realistic touch to these libraries , these young hands conducted an activity of making a bookmark, feast platter and a library cards. Students would be  using these library cards to enter the name of stories which they’ll read every week. Creative book marks of different cartoon characters were made during the EAP sessions. Children also prepared a Character bank based on their favourite characters in a book.



“You cannot change your future, but you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your future.” - Dr. Abdul Kalam

EARTH DAY was celebrated in Mount Abu Public School,Sector-5 ,Rohini on 22nd of April 2021 . An array of creative activities was organized with a view to sensitize the children about the conservation of natural resources and to motivate them to do their bit towards making their planet even more beautiful.  All the students of the  school enthusiastically participated in various activities to commemorate our benevolent Mother Earth. The activities included  Creating a 3D model of the planet earth, dressing  up as a green saviour /hero and talking  about mother Earth. ‘ Be a saviour ,Go Green , Pebble  Art, Recycle paper trash , Time to save the resources , Rap on saving Earth, Climate Story telling, Paint paper bags and many more . The Green Warriors turned the  trash into treasure as they designed beautiful flower art and paper bags with inspiring quotes and learnt the art of reducing, reusing and recycling. The plethora of activities  not only provided the students a platform to showcase their artistic and creative skills but also was a great opportunity to sensitize others about the importance of saving environment. The day full of activities  helped students assimilate simply yet clearly that our natural resources are limited and we desperately need to use them judiciously.



Mount Abu Public School celebrated ATL Community Day on 14th April 2021 virtually to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. The event witnessed participation of students from different private and government sector schools across Delhi. The event commenced with an exciting virtual tour of ATL lab to give a wholesome experience of lab and it's components. This was followed by a series of engaging and skilful STEM challenge activities for students of guest schools with an aim to initiate the extending innovation, ideas, thoughts and solutions. The entire school was indulged with extravaganza of activities like story telling on Accidental Innovations and workshops on App development and Artificial Intelligence. The school also ensured the involvement of it's staff members by engaging the teaching staff in detailed discussions on Artificial Intelligence and future of Education system. The non-teaching staff engaged in hands on practice of designing face shields using 3D printing technology in ATL lab while the support staff engaged in hands on use of robotic cleaners. The most important highlight of the day was B R AMBEDKAR wall designed using e-waste which  turned out to be the most vivid spectacle to behold and was appreciated by one and all.  Overall , the day was  infused with fascinating   and riveting  activities and the participants gave a very positive feedback and felt happy to be a part of the mega event.



The primary wing of Mount Abu Public School conducted its orientation program for the new session 2021-22 for the classes 4th and 5th on 31st March and for the classes 1st to 3rd on 1st April to apprise the parents about the achievements of the previous session and the guidelines for the upcoming. The school principal, Madam Jyoti Arora in her welcome address congratulated everyone for overcoming the unprecedented times with positivity. She also highlighted challenges can be turned into a pot unity with firm belief and faith. School coordinator also addressed all about the Vision and mission of the school. The school educators informed about the evaluation and assessment system along with the new initiatives of the school. A small workshop was conducted by Ms. Shefali from SAAR Education for class 1st to 3rd and another workshop by Mr. Manmohan from Oxford Advantage held to enlighten students and parents about the new and integrated curriculum based on NEP 2020. The aim of the workshop is to familiarize parents with the integrated curriculum for holistic development of the students. The orientation programme proved to be a sincere effort made by the school in educating the parents to look after, guide and reinforce children in a positive manner. The session was indeed useful for the students and the parents to keep them up for the new session. The programme was concluded with the Vote of thanks proposed by primary coordinator Ms. Geetanjali Malhotra.



A Felicitation ceremony for the winner participants of the Republic Day Cultural Event, 2021, was held in Mount Abu Public School. The venue was Digital Stage Area. A total of 87 students along with three teachers were felicitated by Honorable Madam Principal Ms. Jyoti Arora. The other guests of honor were Sh J P Chaturvedi Jee, regional Officer, Delhi West, CBSE, Madam Pushpa Ratnam, Assistant Director of Education (PE & NI), Madam Kaamini, SPE, Zone 13, Madam Prachi Grover, Chairperson, Vidya Bharati School and Mr Praveen from the office of the RO. The program began with the auspicious Lamp Lighting ceremony followed by a melodious and soulful Bhajan by Mr. Utkarsh. Madam Principal formally welcomed all the guests with planters as a token of gratitude and respect. A video showing the brilliant performance by the students on the Rajpath in the RD Parade was also shown guests which left everyone enthralled and mesmerized. Madam Principal Ms. Jyoti Arora addressed the gathering and appreciated the brilliant achievement by the students in the RD Cultural Event. Shri Chaturvedi Jee and Madam Pushpa Ratnam showered the students with blessing through their beautiful words. In the felicitation, each student was given a certificate, a trophy and a gift as an appreciation and acknowledgement of his/ her efforts and achievement. The mentor teachers, Ms. Sheetal, Mr. Maangey Ram and Ms Neeru Bhargava were also honored with a certificate of appreciation and a cheque each. The vote of thanks for the event was proposed by Ms. Prachi Grover, Chairperson, Vidya Bharati School, Rohini. She acknowledged the hospitality of Mount Abu Public School, the contribution of all the support staff and the parents to make the presentation a truly wonderful one. The event concluded with the singing of the National Anthem.



The School proudly hosted its first ever edition of TEDx 2021 on the theme "Power of choice ,Power of voice". Amongst the distinguished guests were Shri Anurag Tripathi, Secretary CBSE, Neelkantha Bhanuprakash titled as world's fastest human calculator ,Captain Zoya Agarwal,a renowned Aviator, Vivek Vaswani ,Film producer, Celebrity Chefs Neha Lakhani and  Akshay Dhopatkar along with Anusha Verma, an alluring Classical Dancer and Nikhil Jha,,a 13 year old who discovered an asteroid. The  event witnessed  participation of distinguished educators, Principals from various schools and students. It was a novel experience and everyone  got motivated to think outside the box and realised how small opportunities are often the beginning of a great enterprise. Each speaker with their illuminating words instilled a new found passion to work with unwavering determination to embrace success with confidence and humility.  The event was a huge success and quite inspiring for everyone involved .The school Principal, Ms. Jyoti Arora in her address extended a  heartfelt gratitude to all eminent speakers for their gracious presence and enlightening everyone with their commendable ideas.



Students of grades 6th and 7th at Mount Abu Public School witnessed and participated in the mega event : The India International Science Festival 2020 on 23rd Dec. The event is organised by the Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Earth Sciences in association with which Vijnana bharti. The event aimed at creating a Guinness Book of World Record with over 10000 students participating in the hand wash activity at the same time. The correct technique and duration of hand wash was explained through demonstration by the eminent doctors present at the venue which was followed by hands on practice by students. Certainly, it was a great initiative by the team and it helped in raising awareness among the students regarding importance of hand wash and doing it the right way.



Our School conducted a 10-day session on self-defense for the girls of classes 4th and 5th. Instructor of the Delhi Police taught students several self-defense techniques to prepare them to be self-reliant in an unsafe environment. Our kids spontaneously participated in the exercises. Each morning the online classes began with a short workout to warm up. This helped them build powered reflexes. The instructors carefully demonstrated the moves, even attending to individual children and correcting the technique where required. The instructors shared instances of criminal acts in the city and counselled the girls to not be deterred in any situation. On the contrary, they should remain calm and fearless. The techniques taught included blocks such as punches, hand blocks, elbow attacks, leg attacks, etc. Parents of the students greatly acknowledged the opportunity offered to their children. The students who participated in the training are grateful to Delhi Police for this important initiative taken for women’s safety.



Like every year Mount abu public School Participated in India International Science Festival (IISF) enthusiastically . India International Science Festival (IISF) has always been  as a unique platform to celebrate the achievements of science and technology for national development. This year various  activities under the theme NAV BHARAT NIRMAN- BUILDING A NEW INDIA are planned which can be accessed virtually. Under the subtheme “Science for masses” certain activities are conducted  to make a world record in Guinness Book.The virtual inaugural ceremony was addressed by the Minister of Science and Technology ,Dr Harshwardhan .The students of Mount Abu Public School participated in “SUNDIAL MAKING “ activity. They assembled the Sundial  kit provided in record simultaneously with thousand of the people across the country. This historical moment was witnessed by the Mapians with great pride.


"Virtual World Peace Day- 2020"

Young MAPIANS celebrated "Virtual World Peace Day- 2020" encouraging humanity to commit themselves to peace, compassion and kindness. Students participated enthusiastically in the activities and showcased their views towards PEACE



To sensitize the students about the importance of Ozone Layer, Mount Abu School, celebrated World Ozone Day on 16th September 2020. World Ozone Day was celebrated on the virtual platform for classes V to XI where students participated with full enthusiasm. In this celebration various activities were designed for the students of various classes in order to create a spirit of protection of the layer which is our shield. Class 5 students had to present a story depicting importance, depletion and repair of ozone layer, students with full enthusiasm participated in the activity, which helped them enhance their knowledge and confidence. In series to these Class 6 activity was “Let’s Pledge’, students were asked to write a Pledge for the protection of Ozone Layer, where they wrote indicating the necessary precautions one should take to protect the depletion of Ozone Layer. Class 7 students were told to ‘Lets rap’ in order to create awareness among others to protect our shield and take protective steps. Class 8 students are not behind they depicted “What if ozone was not there”, it is like a nightmare to think about this scenario where no one will be there for the protection, so to realize the importance they were made to do this activity. Class 9 students prepared “Animated videos” depicting the composition, formation and depletion of Ozone layer. Class 10 gave live performance by presenting the presentation on “Impact of human activities on Ozone “. Class 11 students by playing “Ozonobola” celebrated the day. The students participated whole heartedly in the celebration making Ozone day successful.



Mount Abu Public School believes in the utmost important values. Kindness, empathy, sharing, caring and welfare are the most pillars of the school. Keeping in view, the entire system of nature and leadership, the school organized the Installation Ceremony of the Interact members of the Rotary Club for the session 2020-21 on 10th September 2020. It was a grand event which was held on a virtual platform showcasing the panorama of music, dance and formal pinning of the badges ceremony. The event commenced with the rendition of National Anthem followed by customary performance on Ganesh Vandana and a song based on literacy- NAI TALEEM. The Principal of the school, Ms. Jyoti Arora welcomed the venerable guests of the event -Mr. Bhumesh, Mr. A.K. Singh and Mr. Mohan Nagpal who are the dignitaries of the Rotary club and motivated the Interact members with the words of wisdom. The students pinned the badges of their posts and sworn in to work with zeal and sensitivity.  The guests of honour motivated the student Interact members for their spirit of coming forward and volunteer for the cause of human kind and social work. The event was unforgettable in its senses as all interact members were full of enthusiasm and had the conscience of contributing their part in the society for the needy ones in any field be it  Adult Literacy, Water and sanitation, Blood donation etc. The event wrapped with the vote of thanks by the School Principal Ms. Jyoti Arora in which she expressed gratitude to all the eminent guests for their valuable time and words and encouraged children to work with fervour for a good cause.



The primary wing of the school conducted its investiture ceremony on 22nd August 2020.The young students were officially handed over the titles and the designation for which they were selected.The school Principal,Madam Jyoti Arora wished everyone for Ganesh Chaturthi and  inspired the students in her motivational address to make efforts to let the school flag soar higher and higher and make committed effort to add values to the existing system.The grand virtual ceremony was initiated with the invocation to almighty for spreading positivity and happiness all around.The students were also informed about the vision and mission of the school and guided to pursue excellence in every task undertaken. The school song highlighting the glory of Mount Abu Public School was rejoiced by all.The ceremony ended with Vote of Thanks by the Coordinator expressing gratitude to all for making the ceremony a grand success.




On the occasion of the birth anniversary of our Late Prime minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi ji, Mount Abu School organised Sadbhavana Pledge. Students of classes at all level dressed up properly in their uniforms, took pledge of spreading peace and communal harmony and removing the divide of religions, languages, castes and regions. They also pledged to resolve any matter at hand with non violence and understanding.



Mount Abu Public School celebrated 74th Independence Day with complete admiration towards the nation.  Keeping social distancing in mind, the Mapians celebrated the days by connecting virtually via Youtube live and Zoom meetings. The flag hoisting ceremony was graced by our honorable Principal ma’am and was witnessed live through screens. Blessings were showered on the students as well as the staff members by our beloved chairman Sir. Each house instilled patriotism by proudly hoisting our tricolour flag, Har Ghar Tiranga, an initiative of Mount Abu Public School. Students and their families participated in large numbers keeping Zero use of Plastic in mind. The celebration was then taken forward by a Tree Plantation Drive led by the students at the comfort of their homes. Each student pledged to protect the nation by all means and unleashed their love for the environment. Each member of the MAPS family potted a sapling signifying the liability of growth and perseverance readily undertaken by them.  



Mount Abu Public School virtually celebrated the most prestigious occasion, Investiture Ceremony at the Middle level on 7 August 2020. The ceremony signified reliance and confidence that the school has consigned in the newly elected office bearers. The cabinet members pledged by taking the school oath to serve the school with the best of their abilities. The students were dressed in their school uniform and had their sash on while our honorable Principal ma’am was donning their duties and responsibilities. The members also unleashed their leadership skills through a video presentation. The occasion was graced by the presence of our alumni who shared their own experiences on how to carry forward the benchmark set by them. At the end, the music department of our school paid tribute to the consistent efforts put in by the school during these tough times.   



Science is a system of thought and experiment It  is  science where you start with an idea, create a concrete way to prove or dis prove your Idea and objectively show what you  learnt .To let a child practice with these thinking skills is like giving vitamins to a developing mind. Mount Abu Public School is always ready to give opportunities to its students. A Science week was celebrated in school on virtual platform from 27th to 31st July where students from class 4th to class 11th participated enthusiastically.
 Small kids of class 4th showcased their talents with an activity called’ Balloon buggy’ on the other hand 5th class students prepared beautiful items’ Reusing junk’ available at home. An ‘Inter house quiz’ was organised on zoom for classes 6th and 7th in which Tagore house was the winner . Class 8 did ‘Magical Tricks’  to test food items containing adulteration . Class 9th shared their innovative  ideas in the form of PPT. Students of class 10th made beautiful Science Toons and class 11th with their ‘Limitless imagination’ shared  their exemplary ideas. The students enjoyed these activities and participated wholeheartedly making it a successful science week.



To boost the creative skills of the students of Eco Club ,Mount Abu Public School ,Sector-5, Rohini,  a PAPER BAG making activity was conducted to celebrate NATIONAL PAPER BAG DAY on 12 July 2020.  The students were involved in making beautiful paper bags in different shapes and sizes. Though it seemed to be a simple activity yet it was an intriguing activity. The fun-filled activity inspired the young minds to contribute towards Mother Nature by using paper bags and saying no to ‘Plastic Bags’ and understand the importance of these bags as they are reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. The students showcased their creativity and artistic skills by making attractive paper bags and decorating them vibrantly to spread the message that these paper carrier bags are the most sustainable and efficient means of packaging.



The School organized  first edition of Mount Abu Virtual Democratic MUN, MUN4HUMANITY on 13 and 14 June 2020 wherein  about more than 450 delegates from across India and abroad participated to show their excellent oratory skills in debates and deliberations. The conference was inaugurated bHon'ble Lok Sabha Speaker, Shri Om Birla who addressed  the delegates and educators with inspiring words and highlighted as to how the valuable ideas of the Youth play a very significant role for the development of the nation. The event witnessed a series of debates and exchange of ideas  on various global issues in ten different committees namely SDG, AIPPM, UN WOMEN, AIM TO INNOVATE, UNHRC, CCOS, MONEY HEIST, IP, UNOCD and WHO. All the delegates showed extensive research on their respective portfolios. The event finally  concluded with a closing ceremony wherein the Chief Guest, Honorable Member of Parliament Shri Hans Raj Hans showed his benign presence  and appreciated the zeal with which the delegates participated and blessed them for all such endeavours. He also appreciated the school for contributing to Humanity  which is the most noble task. After two days of continuous debating, the result was finally declared by the Organizing Committee members. The Principal, Mrs. Jyoti Arora congratulated all the winners and showed her highest form of gratitude to all the participants  for showing excellent skills. She also thanked them for coming forward on virtual platform and facing the challenging times with all  their  strength and optimism



The school started with Virtual Korean Language classes in association with Korean Cultural Centre, Embassy of Korea.The students had great fun in the introductory class where they learnt about the consonants and vowels of Language class. Ms Kim Seong, the facilitator for the Korean Language class expressed her happiness at starting the class at Mount Abu School on 15th May which is also the Korean Teachers' Day. The students will complete their language course and emerge as a confident global citizen.Their interest and enthusiasm for the Korean Language Class was appreciable and they are all set to  gain expertise in the language.



To throw light on the significant role of women in the world, Mount Abu School conducted a webinar with Amninder Sandhu a celebrity chef, TEDx speaker, A National awardee, Netflix featured and Master chef India Judge. On the occasion of mothers day. The students' mothers had a highly interesting session where in they has a good ninyl teration with madam. Amninder Sandhu regarding her journey from small village in Guwahati to Mumbai as MasterChef judge. She remarked that the only source of inspiration behind her success is her mother who always supported her and also a very good chef herself too. She emphasized that it's the passion that drove him to success and suggested all to have a clear cut goal in life and follow that goal till u reach success one should never give up during hardships as hardships are bound to be there on the way to success.



Mount Abu Public School in Collaboration with its Technology & Innovation Partner STEMROBO Technologies organized Webinar on the Occasion of National Technology Day on "Computational Thinking", the speaker Andrew Tidswell, Director- International Professional Development, Discovery Education International briefed all about the new trends in technology & its efficient usage.



The school conducted a webinar with CEO Oxfam and the launch ceremony of Equality Club in school. The school looks forward to raise consciousness, help build empathy and appreciation of one’s own privilege, and inspire students to take action. The clubs will adopt an experiential learning approach to help students explore challenging societal problems, break stereotypes and equip the children with the skills necessary to take on leadership to re-write societal norms. With an intricately designed toolkit, full of activities and resources for triggering the minds to look for broader changes in the society, the club will help create new dimensions.



Astronomy day is a world wide event which is celebrated twice in a year, intended to provide a means of interactions between the general public with the space science. The first Astronomy day was created in 1973 by Doug Berger, then the president of the Astronomical Association of Northern California. So carrying forward the legacy, even during this period of COVID 19, Mount Abu Public School celebrated the Astronomy day on 2 May 2020 with all the activities virtually. The celebration included several activities and webinars for all levels. It was interesting to Nikhil Jha, 14 years old student of class X of the School has discovered Asteroid in “All India Asteroid Search Campaign”, held see students coming up with Solar System Chimes, Oreo Moon, Utensil Solar System, Sun Dials and many more projects.



On the occasion 50 anniversary of celebration of World Earth Day, the school organized a webinar with Hon’ble Union Jal Shakti Minister Sh. Gajendra Singh Shekhawat on “Together for a Sustainable Future “and for releasing “Global Citizenship” Curriculum based on UNSDGs, wherein eminent educationists, Principals from different school, students, staff and parents joined in to get enriched with the expertise of the honorable Minister who briefed everyone as to how the Govt. of India is working hard to let the UNSDGs take the shape of reality at the earliest. He emphasized on the need of cumulative effort of every individual to work for the conservation of Mother earth and appreciated the school Principal for  coming up with novel idea of introduction of the innovative curriculum for out of the box learning. He suggested that if all the stakeholders of the society including educationists, administrators, lawyers, defense personnel, police personnel etc. unite together, then the entire nation will prosper to great heights. He proudly proclaimed as how Indian culture, Tradition and values are being respected and followed worldwide and as educationists, all must try to inculcate the love or the country. He also stated that we humans are the last ones to come on the earth so all creatures must be respected and cared. Speaking about the present scenario of global outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic, he stressed that one has to be serious in obeying his duty a citizen of the country during the lockdown period and should abide by all rules and regulations ordered by the Indian Government and delightfully pointed out that Indian Govt is being praised worldwide for its strict compliance to rules of lockdown and improvised health care facilities .After successfully answering the queries of the children and teachers, he concluded by saying that we owe the planet to our future, so take care of it.



Since Mount Abu completed 22 years of its inception on 14th April so to add to its glory the school organized virtual celebration of foundation day E - Celebration of Foundation Day wherein a number of activities were conducted with students online and parents participated in the same with great enthusiasm. Different videos highlighting the achievements of the school were also played that made everyone enjoy the day with a token of appreciation for the entire team of Mount Abu School.



On the occasion of World Health Day on 7 April. Mount Abu organized a webinar with renowned doctors to let everybody know how to maintain good health especially in the present COVID 19 pandemic out break. The doctors Padmashri Dr. K. K. Aggarwal (Ex President, Indian Medical Association), Dr. Anil Goyal (Jt. Secretary, Indian Medical Association)   and Dr. Chander Ketu Tewatia, (Director AYUSH), advised the members of MAPS as to how they can raise their immunity level through a number of herbal products. They also talked about how to destress mind through regular meditation. They guided a number of techniques as to how a person can protect himself through social distancing. There was a lot to gain from the expertise of the doctors and left everyone little relaxed especially when so many fake things are going on in social media. Mount Abu family show heartfelt gratitude to the Health warriors who are doing their job selflessly 



The school organized Appreciation Day at Primary Level on 1st February 2020 to acknowledge and appreciate the achievers in various National, State, District and State level along with Inter School competitions and Olympiads. The event was inaugurated by lighting the lamp of wisdom by the School Principal who addressed the gathering and congratulated the winners and motivated them to put the best of the efforts in every endeavour that they undertake. She also acknowledged the support of the parents in the journey of excellence of their wards. The ceremony witnessed a wonderful dance. The proud achievers were awarded with certificates and trophies for their exemplary performances in various competitions organized by reputed schools and organizations across the city. Vote of thanks was proposed for the gracious presence of the parent community for their consistent support.



Mount Abu School celebrated the Republic Day 2020 in association with IMCTF, initiative for Moral and Cultural Training Foundation  wherein the Guest of Honor Commodore Hardit Singh, retired Navy officer graced the occasion with eminent members of IMCTF  who celebrated the spirit of patriotism. The program began with lamp lighting followed by floral tribute to all the Param Vir Chakra Awardees who had sacrificed their life for maintaining the pride of the Nation. The children presented  various cultural programme and skit highlighting the deep love for the Nation and the unity in diversity prevalent in the Nation. The Principal congratulated all on the great occasion. The Guest of honour Commodore Hardit Singh apprised all of the wars that defense fight to preserve the Nation and how each child can contribute to the same. He highlighted the importance of preserving the  dignity  of all Indians as a mark of respect to Mother Nation. The programme concluded with vote of thanks to the eminent dignitaries



Students, Teachers and Parents  of Mount Abu School Sector 5 Rohini gathered under one umbrella  to watch the PARIKSHA PE CHARCHA (PPC) 2020 program which is  the third edition of PPC 2020.The program was held in Talkatora Stadium wherein Honourable Prime Minister Sh. Narender Modi  answered the questions of students, teachers and parent about beating exam stress ahead of the Board exams 2020.He briefed that the whole education gives us an opportunity to learn or do something. If you do not do any extra activity, u become like a robot. We should manage our time but not stop from doing extra- curricular activities . He highlighted that exams are a part of life. Board exam is a milestone in one’s academic journey but it is not necessary to focus only on getting good grades. Board exams should be considered important, but only exam is life is not correct .He guided the students  that success depends on us how we deal with the troubles with strong conviction .He pointed that we can find lessons for success even in our failures. The Principal appreciated the students and teachers for their patient hearing as a sincere gratitude to Honorable Prime Minister Sh. Narender Modi and encouraged them to follow the tips diligently.



Parental encouragement and support for learning activities at home combined with parental involvement in schooling is critical to children’s education. The school organized a “COFFEE WITH FATHERS”  session on January 18th 2020  to enlarge the parental capacity and to create conditions in which children learn more effectively. Children by and large lead sedentary lives in front of smart phones ,TV , Videogames etc. They hardly show their lives with their parents and even the parents fail to observe the warning signals that indicate the changes the child is undergoing. Therefore, just to reflect the same how much they know their child “KYC - Know Your Child" activity was organised to give a better insight to the parent.  Then, a short video on “ The role of a good father" was also showcased to show the fathers how a little contribution from their side could bring a drastic reformation in the lives.  As the session advanced, the fathers enjoyed their brewing cup of coffee and had a tete-a-tete with each other regarding the problems they encounter while dealing with their child. As the session proceeded , the student counsellor shared some positive parenting strategies where they endeavoured to make the parents understand that they are the first teacher and thus have a key role in shaping up and moulding their child's personality as role models they can spark a life long journey of learning. A father's role is not just limited to being a " breadwinner " for the family  to mirror the same an activity on "Handful Of Sand" was organised to reflect father-child bond, the stronger the bond lesser would be the chances of insecurity and low self esteem among the children.



The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice. An interactive and informative event 'Culmination' was organized on 18.1.2020 at Mount Abu Public School by the students of Class II. It was a platform for the students to showcase the learnings of their subjects in this Academic Year 2019-20. The little ones enthralled the audience by their presentations. Students depicted the innovative methodology opted by their teachers to teach both languages, Mathematics and EVS. ‌In English, they mesmerized the audience with a beautiful dramatization of the story named ‘Why do Monkeys have red bottoms’  along with the concepts of Nouns and Adjectives. ‌In Mathematics, the topic Time was depicted in which they exhibited various facts related to time and also how to read the time. ‌In EVS, the concept of different types of houses was  beautifully presented by the students. ‌In Hindi, the young igniters presented संज्ञा विशेषण in a creative manner.  The parents were happy to see their little ones presenting the concepts with confidence and poise. They also participated and enjoyed various activities conducted for them. This event emphasized not only on the best of academics, but also encourages an overall development of the children.



Mount Abu Public School organized “Blessings Day” for the students of class XII. It was a morning of mixed emotions on December 28, 2019 as the elegantly dressed up students reminisced the beautiful journey they undertook in their alma mater. The ceremony began with a small hawan followed by the title giving. A scintillating talent hunt was also organized which encompassed myriad performances recounting the significant moments that spoke remarkably of the students fun filled learning expedition. The Chairman, Sh. D. N. Arora blessed the students for a bright and prosperous future and the Principal, Ms. Jyoti Arora wished the students a blissful journey with plentiful accomplishments and unparallel success. With a winning aplomb Shubhanshu Rao and Kiran Chabbra won everyone’s heart and received the title for Mr. and Ms. MAPS. The day was thus festooned with a flurry of activities which ended with a lunch followed by small bon-fire.



Mount Abu School Sector-5 Rohini  became the first School in Delhi to be the proud organizer of U-14 Girls Cricket Tournament with about ten school girls cricket team to show their cricketing skills. The four day event  from 18 December to 21 December 2019 was inaugurated on  18 December  2019 in the benign presence of eminent cricketers Mr. Sarvan Gupta, Ms. Manjeet Kaur and Ms. Neha Chhillar who are the famous  icons in the cricket field and have brought laurels to the Nation by producing famous cricketers and leaving a mark in the Ranji Trophy Cricket. The four day event  will witness two days training camp and two days tournament. The training camp comprises of various important sessions like physical fitness exercise, session by Nutritionist etc. which will  further prepare the girls for their final show. The Principal extended her gratitude to the eminent cricketers for being a part of the  inauguration ceremony and encouraged the girls  for their  competency skills and enthusiasm & love for cricket U-14 girls. 



The school celebrated SAMVIDHAN DIWAS - celebrating 70th anniversary of the adoption of the constitution of India on 26th November 2019 with full gusto and enthusiasm. The day started with the Special assembly of the students in  which the honourable PM Modi's message was shared with the students. The students took the pledge of keeping the country united and feeling proud of our heritage, showing respect towards fellow countrymen. The Vice head girl read the Fundamental Duties of the Constitution and the Vice head boy read the Preamble of the constitution. The school Principal addressed the students to become dutiful citizens, students and children.

Various activities were conducted in the classes to mark the occasion.

Class V - Framing of the classroom rules to understand the concept of Constitution.

Class VII - Children made e posters on the theme of Fundamental Duties

Class VIII & IX -  Intra class Quiz was conducted on the Constitution, Preamble and Fundamental Duties.

Class XI - Children visited Dr. Ambedkar National Memorial, Civil Lines on the occasion to catch the important glimpses of the life and works of the Father of the Indian Constitution.



India is the largest producer of milk in the world and celebrates National Milk Day on November 26th. This day marks the birth anniversary of Verghese Kurien, the Father of White Revolution in India and founder of Amul Milk.

A Quiz contest organised by Amul focussed on history of milk production in India and importance of milk in our diet.

All the nutrients required in a healthy and balanced diet are contained in milk. And it's not just milk, many other products made from milk like ghee, cottage cheese and yogurt satisfy the taste buds and add essential nutrients to the body as well.

Happy National Milk Day !!

SDG 3 : Good Health & Well Being
Together at Mount Abu for a Sustainable Future.



Mount Abu Public School, Sector 5 Rohini hosts CBSE NATIONAL CHESS CHAMPIONSHP 2019 FROM 9th November to 12 November 2019 wherein 700 participants from across the Nation and Gulf countries will compete .The inaugural day witnessed the presence of  Distinguished Dignitaries Shri Anurag Tripathi IRPS ,Secretary CBSE and  Shri Sushil Kumar Jee, An Olympic Medalist & Padma Shree Awardee  who graced the occasion with their benign presence along with Chairman of the School Shri D.N Arora, Managing Director Shri Bharat Arora, Manager Dr. Krishna Rawal ,Members of SMC of the school and Principals from various reputed schools of Delhi. The day began with welcome song followed by March Past by participants to exhibit the essence of sporting skills .The esteemed guests administered the Oath  for the children to keep alive the sporting talent  and competitive spirit  high in them. A video on history of chess in India was remarkable & left a deep impression on everyone mind. A chess dance highlighted the Game of   chess as the ancient Game of India and its rich inheritance. The celebration also witnessed the Release of School Magazine “Sankalan” by the eminent guests. The “Sankalan” highlights the school as a promoter of UNSDGs in which physical wellbeing is an important agenda. The event was finally flagged off by the Dignitaries which will last for four days and will have the champions from all over the Nation and Gulf countries to showcase their special love for the game. The guests addressed the gathering and appreciated the huge presence of chess players and blessed them for a wonderful performance  with all their logics  and individual competencies .Shri Anurag Tripathi ,Secretary CBSE , encouraged the children to play fair and become a human with rich values and always  focus at the target to achieve something as when the target is well defined ,the objectives are easily met. The Principal welcomed the Honorable guests for their benign presence. She also welcomed the  Coaches & players from different parts of India and Gulf. She motivated the players to compete with good spirits and blessed them for the best show ahead.



The 143th Birth Anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was celebrated enthusiastically by the students and  Faculty Mount Abu School on 31.10.2019 as National Unity Day. The program presided over by eminent guests Madam Faith and Madam Gill from St .Bede’s Junior Catholic School, Partner school in United Kingdom, Under the aegis of British Council commenced by lighting of lamp of knowledge followed by Unity Day Song  and National Song by the choir group of the school . In her inaugural speech, the Principal elaborated the significance of coordination in different body parts and then called upon the students fraternity to maintain same integrity and unity while working at different levels. She asked them to work for unity of the nation. The student speakers expressed their views on “Contribution of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel for Unity, Safety and Security of India”. It was followed by Oath Ceremony, wherein the students and teachers took a pledge to stand for Unity and Integrity of the country.

A cultural presentation on Folk dance of India was the most entertaining aspect of the celebration that enthralled all in depicting the rich diversity. The students  also performed various AASANAS of Yoga  to lay stress on maintaining a sound body, both mentally and physically fit . The eminent guests from Partner school appreciated the students for a wonderful show and their commitment to preserve the unity of the Nation. The students and teachers also conducted RUN FOR UNITY spreading the vital message of strength of  unity among all.



Mount Abu School celebrated Clean and Green Diwali with complete festive gusto. The day started with a special morning celebration wherein an ‘inter-house Rangoli-making was conducted for the students to let them design wonderful designs in praise of Goddess Lakshmi. The children were involved in class decorations and candle and ‘diya’ decoration, paper decoration, paper lanterns, best out of waste creations, flower arrangement, and card-making  which were put on in an exhibition for all. The whole school performed Pooja of Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh  and chanted Arti. The students also presented some cultural items  for making the celebration more   entertaining and interesting. The Chairman Shri Dina Nath addressed the gathering and blessed all for a blissful Diwali. The Principal encouraged the children to celebrate eco friendly and safe Diwali.



To disseminate the message of making the environment clean from all the pollutants, Mount Abu School  Sector-5 Rohini organized ANTI CRACKER RALLY on 25 October 2019, in association with Department of Environment, Govt. of NCT Delhi. The rally that was flagged off from  Japanese Park, Rohini, Delhi  witnessed a huge  participation of  more than 200 students from different reputed schools across Delhi who moved around in the vicinity to spread awareness about the importance of green and safe environment . The children dressed in the costume of crackers tried their best  to sensitize the masses to celebrate the festival of Diwali  in Eco Friendly manner by  saying NO TO CRACKERS .  The children chanted Slogans ,Carried Placards and Banners to further sensitize the people around to understand the vital importance of fresh air in the environment . The students also presented  Street Plays highlighting the concept of  CRACKER FREE DIWALI  AT both  JAPANESE PARK COMPLEX AND UNITY MALL COMPLEX which acted as a prompt for all to  think and analyze  their role in making the environment sustainable . The purpose of the school to organize the anti cracker Rally was to make all realize their biggest responsibility on their shoulders i.e. to make  life sustainable on earth and let the green planet retain its uniqueness in all forms. 


Book Week Celebration...Window to the world of literature

Books are the precious gift of knowledge which act   a paradise of literature ,Facts and Fiction. To celebrate the wonderful world of books ,Mount Abu School organized ANNUAL BOOK  WEEK from 14 October to 19 October2019.Inaugurated by Vice Head Boy and Head Girl of the school, the book week witnessed a series of activities especially designed for  the students from classes V to 10 who showed their magnificent creativity and enthusiastic participation  in Poster making  ,open ended story writing ,Diary writing etc .A workshop was also conducted wherein the resource person Madam Era Sehgal emphasized  on significance of Good Behavior among the children and how books lead our life by giving us ample of examples of the people who are our role model  in our life .The children experienced a wonderful time reading the diverse books   written by renowned authors  and gained a lot of valuable information about the various  facts, fiction   ,biography and Autobiography etc. The Principal appreciated the keen interest of the children with which they explored the books and encouraged them to make a habit of reading good books for self improvement.



"Leadership is the key factor which ensures accomplishment of activities and tasks on time in a systematised way. "
Mount Abu Public School organised the Installation ceremony for the members of Interact club under Rotary mission on 23 rd October, 2019. The event was graced by the dignitaries of the Rotary Club- Mr. Neeraj, Mr. Mohan Nagpal, Mr. Ashwani Bhalla and Mr. Anurag Bajaj. The event began with lighting of lamp ceremonyby the School Principal and the esteemed dignitaries. The school Principal, Ms Jyoti Arora addressed the gathering with her inspirational words and guided all to serve the society to make it more prosperous. The Rotarians also highlighted the significance of the club and ignited the minds to put dedicated efforts to serve the mankind. The students of class XI were pinned up with designations to ensure that the club activities are carried on smoothly with an aim to create a planet with better that resonates happiness and peace. Musical presentation on Literacy by the young students mesmerised everyone.The event also included a dance performance based on the theme of Environment.Vote of thanks was delivered to the guests for sparing their valuable time and the event left an unforgettable impression on students to be active participants for devotion towards the society.



 "Let's fill our minds with positivity, Let's fill our homes with flowers and lights,

Let's fill our lives with health and happiness, Let's make this Diwali truly bright.

Let's say YES to celebration Let's say NO to pollution

Avoid Crackers this Diwali, Education is the only solution”

To educate the students about the ill effects of pollution caused by crackers and to sensitize them about their roles as Eco Crusaders, an Anti- cracker Rally was organised on 23.10.2019 in the school. The students ,with Anti- crackers banners in their hands and pollution-free Diwali slogans on their lips, went classrooms to classrooms, encouraging other students to not to use crackers. The students taking part in the rally seemed determined to be the change to bring the change. The rally seemed to be promising in fulfilling its purpose, as evident by the great number of participants. Wishing you all a very happy and healthy Diwali.



"Space travel is life-enhancing, and anything that's life-enhancing is worth doing. It makes you want to live forever"- Ray Bradbury.

The space is full of mysteries. It has been intriguing us since always. To unravel the mysteries of the space and to develop a zeal in the students for space exploration, a week long World Space Week was celebrated at Mount Abu Public School. The week celebration was inaugurated on 4th October by India’s youngest astronomer Mr. Aryan Mishra by motivational lecture given to students of class 9-11 .This was followed by Inter Class “Sun gazing competition” for class 10 in which the students had to focus Sun through telescope in minimum possible time. Also students of Astronomy club researched, collaborated and put their minds together to conduct an amazing exhibition along with students work displayed at students corner. During the Dussehra break, the celebration continued and survey of students knowledge about the  space  was conducted through questionnaire. Also students were asked to write  letter to the newspaper on the topic “Your vision for Space”. On 9th October, Class 5 students had Space Parade in which they came dressed up as various celestial bodies namely Planets, Satellites and Stars . Some also came in beautiful and interesting costumes of Aliens and Astronauts. They spoke about heavenly bodies and the challenges faced by an astronaut in space. They, in their beautiful costumes,  paraded the school ground while other students looked at them with awe and wonder. This was followed by the exhibition for  all the classes. On 10th October, the panel discussion was conducted for class 11 students. The topic for the panel discussion was Multiverse and Dark matter. The panelist actively participated in the discussion and were delighted to share their knowledge about the topic. The participants worked with great enthusiasm .All the participants got a fair chance to discuss and discover about the excellent facts about the wide and interesting universe. Since space celebration does not complete without gazing of stars, moon and planet therefore this event continued till late evening of 10th October with students gazing the celestial bodies with telescope in the specially designed Astronomy Lab of the school. In the evening students of astronomy club had a Skype session with “Dr.Henry Throop”, a scientist at the Planetary Science Institute, served as Science Team Collaborator and worked in New Horizons mission. He shared all his experience about  Pluto and success of New Horizon mission. He also shared astonishing pictures of his mission and Pluto. The icing on the cake was that the students had  an informative interactive session with this great personality. The World Space Week celebration was a great success and enjoyed by all.



To educate and train the students for an unforeseen emergency or any natural calamity, Mount Abu School, Rohini, Delhi conducted a mock exercise and evacuation drill on October 10 ,2019. Immediately after the sounding of the siren, the students were asked to leave their classes and evacuate the school building Guided by the teachers the students assembled in the play ground – the allotted safe zone. Following all the safety measures, the entire building was successfully cleared within a stipulated time span of 5 minutes. The drill was organized to check the readiness of the school to face any such emergency during any natural calamity. These mock drills help in meeting the challenges in adverse situations and in coping with the situation during the time of natural and man-made disaster.



Mount Abu Public School, Sector-5, Rohini hosted North Delhi round of BEHES, two days mega event by BEHES Organization on 4th and 5th October 2019. The event witnessed the presence of 165 participants from 15 reputed schools. The school Principal, Ms. Jyoti Arora welcomed all the enthusiastic participants, escorting teachers and the Behes Team headed by Mr. Salil, the founder. The first day of the event culminated with eagerness brimming in every participant’s heart for semifinal and final on the second day. The Lions team of Queens Valley School, Dwarka bagged the First Position and the team from the host school was the Runner up and was awarded with Medals and Trophy. 



On the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of our Father of Nation “Mahatma Gandhi”, Mount Abu Public School(Rohini) celebrated the occasion this year by organising various activities on 1.10.2019 and 2.10.2019 as proposed by Directorate of Education : Delhi for spreading awareness about no use of ‘single use of plastics’ in amalgamation with the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.

At secondary and senior secondary level, a plogging activity was conducted by the students from classes IX to XI. It was conducted on 2nd October,2019 outside the school premises within 2 Kms. Here students were supposed to Jog/Walk along with picking up the litter from all around. The students, parents and the teachers participated with great zeal and enthusiasm where all possible litter was collected and thrown away thereafter from community area. They not only participated in the plogging run but also joined hands to spread awareness about No use of Single Use of Plastics among community members with the help of placards and banners.



"There is no way to peace, peace is the way"

Students of Mount Abu Public School celebrated "World Peace Day" with full enthusiasm and creativity. They prepared Headgears & wrist bands to promote peace. Students also wrote acrostic poem on "PEACE" and also realised the importance and need of peace in today's' world. Students from primary wing did the colouring activity. They coloured the symbols of peace and enjoyed doing it.


Oath Taking Ceremony

As directed by CBSE, all the members of the Mount Abu School ,including the Principal ,Teachers and Students took the pledge for “Tree Plantation", "Water Conservation" and "No use of plastics ”on 17 September 2019. The school is already actively engaged in promoting the spirit of water conservation by holding workshops and has the “zero tolerance zone for use of plastics” .Moreover the plantation of sapling is a regular feature of the school wherein the all the children plant a sapling on their birthdays .The school also gifted the sapling to the teachers on the occasion of teachers day 2019 as a gesture to further spread the message of conservation of trees, a real tribute to the mother earth.



Peace is the most powerful weapon of mankind. It takes more courage to take a blow than to give one- Mahatma Gandhi. To commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of   the Father of our Nation - Mahatma Gandhi, students of class I and II assembled to watch the inspiring videos showing the sacrifices and society welfare upliftment work  done by Gandhiji. During the programme, teacher shared some anecdotes from Gandhiji's life and encouraged the children to come up on the stage and organized a quiz on Gandhi ji. Children learnt the value of honesty, non violence and equality. This small effort made by MAPS enthralled the atmosphere with patriotic feeling. It was concluded by paying homage to the Nation's ideal and children were motivated to follow his path.



Cleanliness is a state of purity, clarity, and precision.

To commemorate 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi students of Mount Abu Public School (Primary Level) celebrated Swachta Ki Gandhigiri Abhiyan where they conducted a cleanliness drive conveying their feelings through beautiful and self designed posters.  The main aim was to sensitize the children for class room cleanliness and personal hygiene. They enthusiastically participated and performed well.



Magic is a performing art that enthralls the audience through captivating acts and  the use of tricks applied skillfully. Magic has always been a source of interest and fascination for the children. Keeping this in mind, Mount Abu Public School, Sector-5 Rohini organized Magic Show in association with Hindustan Times for the students of Class IV and V in the school premises on 9th September 2019. The magician, Mr. Krishan Gopal performed several tricks that left the children astonished and awestruck. Some students were called on the stage to participate in the show and they were amazed to witness the things appearing and disappearing. The show was a medium to help the young children enhance their observation skills and concentration.



The National Health and Wellness Quiz 2019 was hosted on 3rd September, 2019 in collaboration with Expressions India. This was the preliminary round where more than 70 students from 21 schools had participated. The quiz tested the knowledge of the students regarding physical as well as mental health.



To sensitize the children for the conservation of the important liquid of life, Water, Mount Abu School hosted a workshop on water conservation organized  by Delhi Sahodaya Schools Complex in association with Smarth Yuva Bharat, an NGO working for raising the concern for social issues. The occasion was graced with benign presence of  honorable Chief Guest Padmashree Hans Raj Hans, Member of Parliament, North West Delhi and gracious presence of Guests of Honor, Mr. Ajay Shukla, Chief Editor,  Multimedia, ITV Network, Professor Sanjeev Naval, Head of Department Civil Engineering, DAV Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jalandhar, Mr. Vinit Mohan and Mr. Sukhdev and other members of Smarth Yuva Bharat, Professor M.M Sharma, renowned educationist  and researcher  at UNICEF along with Madam Alka Kapur, President Delhi Sahodaya Schools Complex and many Principals, Teachers and students from member schools of Delhi Sahodaya Schools complex. The workshop commenced with lighting of lamp followed by enriching talks by experts regarding the importance of conservation of water and as to how the depleting resource has affected the millions of lives all around the world. The participating students from different schools presented innovative ideas for conserving water & shared the same with the audience. The Hon’ble Chief Guest appreciated the efforts of Delhi Sahodaya Schools Complex and Smarth Yuva Bharat, NGO for the noble initiative and encouraged the students to come forward and raise their voice against wastage of water. Madam Jyoti Arora, Vice President Delhi Sahodaya Schools Complex, proposed the vote of thanks to the respected dignitaries for their kind presence. The event turned out to be very fruitful and enriching and left everybody with the thought diverted towards water and its conservation.



Continuing with its endeavors to spread the essence of internationalism among the young learners and making them confident global leaders of tomorrow, Mount Abu Public School, Sector 5 Rohini organized “ Expressions-2019” on the theme Celebrating Indo-Italian ties in collaboration with Embassy of Italy on 20th July 2019, Saturday. The event witnessed a massive participation of around 1500 students from 50 reputed schools across the city. An array of competitions from Pre Primary to Senior Secondary level were conducted and a wide spectrum of activities related to literary and performing arts were included in the same. The event began with the ceremonial  lamp lighting by the Hon’ble Guest  of honor Chiara Petracca, Head of Political Embassy of Italy along with Mr. Andrea Baldi, Director of the Italian Cultural Centre and Ms. Valentina Ierna, Head of Uni Italia in India. An  Indo- Italian dance presentation followed by video on highlights of the day created a mesmerizing aura of diversified cultural blend. The School Principal, Mrs. Jyoti Arora in her  address, congratulated the participants for their exceptional performances and expressed gratitude to all for the grand success of the event which was a step forward for creating strong bonding between the two nations. The winners who impressed the Judges with their resourcefulness, talent and creativity were felicitated by the Chief Guest, Special Dignitaries and the School Principal in the Prize Distribution Ceremony. The Rolling trophy was won by Indraprastha School with the maximum points. The event ended with a thanks note and a confidence that the young learners are ready to take on the future challenges with complete poise and an assurance that the children are future ready for this globalized world.



Mount Abu Public School, Rohini organized Cleanliness Drive under Swachh Bharat Swasth Bharat Abhiyaan Programme on 17th July’19. The main purpose of this programme was to create awareness among the students regarding Cleanliness and its benefits. Under this programme, all the students’ form class 6th had to participate. Even teachers were the essential part of this drive. As a part of this Cleanliness Drive, students had to clean few classrooms and corridors. The teachers of the school had to be the observers. Some of the students did the dusting of the rooms. And others went to the corridors and started picking wrappers lying scattered there. After collecting them they threw them in to the dustbins. The students enthusiastically took up brooms and garbage bags to clean up every nook and corner of the class rooms, corridors, and nearby areas. All the students were asked to wear face masks, head gears and gloves to avoid allergies. The whole drive was quite inspiring and motivating for the staff and students. The students realized that any work is best done when it is carried out by a person himself. It also made the students aware of the dignity of labour.



Dr. Alok Bansal, heading MAPS Career and Guidance Centre took exclusive interactive sessions with students of XI and XII of all streams -Science, Commerce and Humanities. Students actively participated in asking their queries related to their future career plans. They were also guided to enhance their academic performance as per the requirements of various courses after XII in order to ease the tension of admission, and to prepare    well for various entrance examinations.



Adulteration of foods has become a national issue. The problem is not only ignoring the human rights for safer food but also endangering public health seriously with numerous acute and chronic diseases. Our future generation will be seriously affected with vulnerable physical and mental growth inflicted by food adulteration. To sensitize the students about this issue MAGIC BOX activity was conducted on 16 July by the students of Mount Abu Public School. Magic box is a kit awarded to Mount Abu Public School by FSSAI for creating awareness among students about Food Adulteration and it’s detection. This Kit contains all the chemicals and equipments required to detect the adulteration in the food sample. It can be used easily at home. The students of class 7 and 8 demonstrated how to detect  the adulteration in commonly used food samples like honey, Milk, pulses, oil, salt, sugar, tea leaves, turmeric, black pepper, red chilly, peas etc using Magic Box. They also propagated the message to become healthy citizen of the country because “Healthy citizens can only make Healthy Nation.”



“Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing others.”

 In order to give students a real feel of being a leader, the school conducted Investiture Ceremony for the Academic year 2019-20 on 1st July, wherein the march by all the Council members was a spectacular event which set the mood for the event. The students were inspired and encouraged to be dutiful, loyal and accountable towards the vision and mission of the school. The School Principal, Mrs. Jyoti Arora administered the Oath to the newly elected members for their dedicated services. The head boy and Head girl took the pledge on behalf of all the members to deliver their duties diligently.




Joining the worldwide celebration of International Day of Yoga, this year too Mount Abu Public School, Sector 5 ,Rohini, Delhi celebrated International Day of Yoga on 21st June. The event witnessed participation of the School Principal, teachers, other staff members, parents, students and members from the community. The yoga demonstration was followed by an Art Competition on the theme “Yoga Makes Me Fit”. The celebration was an effort by the school to promote health and wellbeing. Through various yoga postures and asanas, the participants discovered the sense of oneness with the nature and the inner self. The open art competition made the contestants ponder over the deeper meaning of the term “yoga” and provide it the creative expression through artistic skills, thus generating awareness among the masses.



The school organised the Investiture Ceremony for the Middle Wing on 16.05.2019, wherein the newly selected Cabinet Members of 2019-20 were pinned up with badges and provided with sashes to carry forward the legacy of excellence of Mount Abu Public School.The School Principal congratulated the young council members and guided them to incorporate new ideas in the school system and put sincere effort to let the school name achieve new heights.The school captain and vice captain promised to perform their duties responsibly and bring more glory for the school.The ceremony ended with the  valuable words of Middle wing coordinator who expressed her confidence in the new council members and motivated them to tread the path of brilliance.



The highly inspirational movie "I AM BANNI" was screened for the students of the school on 14th May and 16th May 2019.The movie sensitised the learners  with the idea of  gender equality and made them realize that challenges can be overcome with grit and determination. The movie has been promoted by the Ministry of HRD and Dept. of Higher Education. It has also been nominated for International Children Film Festival. The movie touched the hearts of the students and not only facilitated in developing deeper regards for girls but also made them realize the true value of an educated society.



The School organised the Investiture Ceremony for the Junior Cabinet Members on 14.05.2019.The grand celebration witnessed the handing over of the duties and responsibilities to the new council members of Primary Wing 2019-20 by Honourable Madam Principal.She handed over the badges and the sachets to the cabinet members and gave a  motivational address guiding  the students to be the change maker and incorporate new ideas in the system for achieving more glory for the school and also strive hard to become a person of values.The newly appointed Junior Captains also shared their feelings and promised to lead by example and work in a team to ensure that the school flag soars higher and higher.The ceremony ended with the thanks note by the Primary wing coordinator who appreciated the confidence of the Junior Cabinet members and encouraged them to walk on the path of Excellence.



Sapling plantation activity was conducted by the members of the ECO CLUB. The students brought the saplings of different plants like Rose, Marigold, Money Plant, Evergreen etc. and planted the same in the school garden thereby contributing to a greener Earth. The objective behind this plantation was to connect  the children with nature and to make them learn to value it. The students felt very proud  to be the part of this sapling plantation and decided to encourage others too to plant a sapling at their house or nearby park. 



A Special Cleanliness Drive was carried out by the students of class VII on 30 APRIL 2019 to reverberate the mission of Swachch Bharat launched by Govt. of India in 2014.The Students cleaned the whole premises including classrooms, corridors, playground and were given handy tips to keep their surroundings and school clean.



Mount Abu Public School, Sector-5 Rohini celebrated the World Earth Day on 22nd  April 2019 on the theme “PROTECT OUR SPECIES” with the support of Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India and in association with Millennium India Education Foundation. Shri Ashok Saha, Scientist D, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India and Dr. Uday Kakroo, Director Millennium India Education Foundation graced the occasion with their benign presence.

The celebration included various competitions like Debate, Movie Making, Painting Competition and Bird House Making wherein the children showed a great enthusiasm in putting their ideas and intense inclination towards  making a safe and clean planet and educating and raising awareness about the accelerating rate of extinction of millions of species and the causes and consequences of this phenomenon. The Principal, in her welcome address, congratulated all for  being human  and  highlighted the role of young learners in spreading the message of safeguarding Planet Earth. The event witnessed the wholehearted participation of around 250 students from different reputed schools of Delhi. The participants showed their keen interest in conserving the mother earth and the natural resources available for a sustainable survival. The event concluded with the prize distribution to the winners of different events. The honourable guests appreciated  the students for their  beautiful and innovative ideas to save the Mother Earth and encouraged them for their future endeavours to create a society with valuable and noble thoughts. 


Mock Drill

The school conducted a mock drill to assess the disaster preparedness on 18 April 2019.The disaster alarm initiated the evacuation process and  within stipulated time  the building was evacuated and children assembled in open space. The teachers guided the children about the importance of swift and active movement during emergency.



Celebration of splendid inception of, Mount Abu School Sector 5 Rohini was rejoiced on the occasion of Foundation Day 2019 which began with the auspicious Hawan  ceremony, seeking the blessings of Almighty for the choicest virtues followed by cultural presentations. The Principal greeted the honorable Managing Director of the school with the sapling as the gesture of being eco friendly school.The students presented the  school song highlighting the glory of Mount Abu  followed by cultural presentations wherein music, dances and yoga performances marked the day. Kathak Dance by a young Mapian mesmerized the audience and  stole the show. The Principal congratulated  all the members for their great contribution in the  success of the school  all thorough the years since its inception and wished all with all the wisdom to proceed with dedication and conviction for the  future endeavors.



Mount Abu Public School, Sector -5, Rohini organised launch of Career and Guidance Centre on 6th April 2019.  The centre will work at establishing a network of support to help  students navigate their own development with confidence as they explore career options, advance their personal horizons, expand their experiences to prosper in a dynamic world.

The launch was followed by a  seminar on expertise regarding stream selection for class X students and parents  by a renowned personality, Mr. Alok Bansal,  an Expert Career Counsellor and Mentor. He focused on various aspects and long term goals to be taken into consideration while taking a decision on opting a stream. He also talked about the possible career opportunities for students pertaining to different streams.

Thereafter an interactive session was held  which helped students and parents to clarify their doubts and resolve their dilemmas on selection of an appropriate stream.



Parent Orientation for classes I  to III was organized in Mount Abu Public School on 26th of April 2019. The program started with  a welcome address by respected Principal  madam, Mrs Jyoti Arora followed by an enriching session by Mr Lucky Puchharat on the topic role of parents in child's life.The school counsellor too guided the parents and gave them healthy tips on effective parenting. The parents were also briefed about the school, its mission and vision, work habits, evaluation and assessment procedures.They were also acquainted with the transport system, school's rules and regulations, class library etc. and updated about the snap homework, blogs,olympiads, clubs,competitions etc . The programme ended with a vote of thanks by respected coordinator madam, Primary Wing, Mrs Suneja. It was indeed an effective session for the parents as it was an effort to strengthen  the bond between the school and the home..



Ms. Chiara Petracca, Head of Press & Cultural Affairs, Embassy of Italy and Ms. Valentina Ierna, Head of Uni Italia visited Mount Abu Public School. Italian Language students had a great time exploring Italian language and culture during their interaction with the guests. They also visited the classrooms at Junior School and got a glimpse of teaching pedagogies at MAPS



Following the guidelines from Directorate of Education, Govt .of NCT Delhi, Mount  Abu Public School Sector 5 Rohini conducted the MOCK DRILL on Fire Safety on 30 January 2019   wherein the fire alarm was blown and building was evacuated within the stipulated time .The children were showed  demonstration of extinguishing the fire and using the safety measures in case of Fire in the building.. The members of the disaster management committee  participated actively to sensitize all for the disaster preparedness and showed their  proactive role in the whole process ,from evacuating the building ,working for rescue  and first aid to the injured. The main objectives of the mock drill was to ascertain the alertness of the school to tackle an emergency situation in ensuring the safety of the students  and  raise awareness among for the same



The students of class X and XII appearing for board exams joined the live discourse with Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi about importance of stress-free examinations via technology. The Prime Minister urged the students to compete with themselves and not with others. He boosted the confidence of the students by asking them to be their own examiners, have faith on them and not to exert pressure on them by thinking about others’ expectations. With stressful days around the corner, the interaction on techniques to buster stress relieved the students and the success mantra they got was “Be a warrior, not worrier”.



Mount Abu Public School hosted the second round of KARO SAMBHAV PROGRAMME on 28th January 2019. The event was graced by Mr. Ronjoy from IFC and Ms. Ritika Jain from Karo Sambhav team. Various schools showcased their activities in the form of Nukkad Natak, Rap songs, PowerPoint Presentations, Apps and Models etc. Everyone was mesmerized to see these fantastic performances. Overall, it was a great success.



Mount Abu Public School celebrated its 70th Republic Day with zest and Splendour. The event commenced with the flag hoisting by Honourable Chairman Sir, Director Sir and Principal Ma'am. The programme was marked by melodious rendition by School Choir, Orchestra Band, student's talk and Soul stirring self composed poems. Furthermore, the scintillating solo and group dance performances showcased the diversity in unity of children. Thereafter as the celebration coincided with National Voters' Day, the students took the pledge to uphold the democratic tradition of the country. The inspiring speech by Principal Ma'am emphasizing the need of hardwork, tenacity and discipline by the students for a developed India in future infused the patriotic fervor. The programme ended with a vote of thanks followed by National Anthem.



In order to prepare the members for any kind of disaster due to fire ,the school conducted mock drill  on fire safety on 22 January 2019 especially meant for the fourth class employees. The fire alarm was blown and all the members evacuated the area within the stipulated time. A demonstration on how to use the fire extinguisher was given to them to become well equipped to handle the situation in  any kind of adversity. The members were also given the chance to handle the equipment for its effective use in case of emergency.



The school organized the mega event of Eat Right Carnival and Natyum-Celebrating Sri lankan Cultural Extravaganza on 20th January 2019.The event witnessed the presence of High Commissioner for Sri Lanka in India His Excellency Mr. Austin Fernando and Madam Madhavi Das, Executive Director, FSSAI, India along with eminent dignitaries and distinguished educationists. The event began with ceremonial lamp lighting  followed by and  invocation to lord Shiva and various cultural performances by the tiny tots on Eat Right. The delegation from Sri Lanka from the Educational Information Technology and Cultural affairs, Ministry of Sabaragamuva Provincial Council from Sri Lanka presented captivating and graceful cultural presentation to share the cultural and traditional aesthetic values of Sri Lanka. The event also witnessed different exhibits highlighting the significance of eating nutritious food for a healthy body and mind. The students from Class I –VIII also presented ramp show and ballet all centered on the idea of having healthy lifestyle through yoga and other forms of spiritual upliftment. The eminent dignitaries addressed the gathering and appreciated the effort of the students in presenting the grand show that inspired all to think about eating healthy and right food. The Principal, in her address appreciated the performers from Sri Lanka and encouraged young learners to appreciate diversity that exists across the globe. She also focused upon the need for eating nutritious food for a successful living.



The School rejoiced  the Celebration of International collaboration with Korea with the culmination of Korean Week on 20 January 2019 with great fanfare. The celebration began with auspicious mark by lighting the lamp of knowledge by the Honorable Chief Guest, Director Korean Culture Centre, KIM KUM PYOUNG  along with the Principal followed by  mesmerizing Indian dance presentation by Mapians. A report regarding the celebration of Korean Week was read out along with the video presentation of the activities held throughout the week from 14 to 18 January, 2019. A wonderful talk was presented by student highlighting the Amazing Korea for its beautiful culture and tradition. The audience was enthralled by the Taekwondo kicks  by the Taekwando demonstration  team of Korean Culture Centre  that left everyone spellbound.  The programme concluded with the Certificate  distribution to the participants of “Korea and Me”  followed by National Aanthem of both the countries, India and Korea. A story telling activity by the representatives from Korean cultural centre. They also distributed the special staple food of Korea  and guided the children regarding the recipe which was appreciated by all. The Chief Guest addressed the gathering and appreciated the ties between the two countries and encouraged the children for their future collaborative works  further  strengthen the bond between the two countries



The MAPians  got the brilliant opportunity to show 6 minute Bollywood Dance performance as a symbol of love and respect towards our country in a Mega event for a social cause “Save Girl Child” for breaking the record of Guinness Book of World Record on 23 December 2018 at RedFort. The event organized by AEOD witnessed 170 students from the school  among the Gathering of 10941 students which broke previous record of 9000 students. The students showed a wonderful performance that left everyone spellbound. 



A Signature Campaign on Anti Bullying was conducted by the  members of Anti Bullying Squad under the supervision of the school Counsellor on 18th December 2018.  Awareness was spread by the squad members regarding bullying and its consequences. The students were sensitized about the effects of bullying and signatures were taken on the poster to mark their fight and stand towards NO BULLYING. It was a great initiative by the students to create a change in the society and ensure no one bullies or is bullied by anyone.


Ciao Mount Abu!! Lezioni di italiano a Mount Abu!!

As part of the Global Connect Initiative, Mount Abu School has introduced Italian Language Classes in collaboration with Embassy of Italy in IndiaStudent Members of schools Italian Club welcomed their Italian Teacher Ms. Roberta and showed great interest in learning a new language.


Cultural Performance on Vietnam Art Performance

Folk Dancers of Mount Abu school presented a mesmerizing Ahir Dance  from Madhya Pradesh on the occasion of Vietnam Art Performance of Mother Goddess at Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi wherein Chief Guest Sonal Mann Singh, the famous Dancer and Director IIMC  appreciated the children for the wonderful performance



Following the guidelines from Directorate of Education ,Govt .of NCT Delhi, Mount  Abu Public School Sector 5 Rohini conducted the MOCK DRILL on 27 November   wherein the building was evacuated and    material including posters ,slogans and paintings  regarding  first aid  and  educative material on essentials of disaster preparedness  and emergency services prepared by the students  were put  as exhibits to cause awareness among the children as to how they can prepare themselves for any kind of disaster. A Mock Drill is the testing of the efficacy of Disaster Management Plan. It is a participatory method to practice the safety-related measures and evacuation of a building during an emergency situation. The fire-alarm was activated and the building was evacuated within the prescribed time as though a real fire had occurred. The members of the disaster management committee  participated actively to sensitize all others  for the disaster preparedness and showed their  proactive role in the whole process ,from evacuating the building ,working for rescue  and first aid to the injured. The main objectives of the mock drill is to ascertain the preparedness of the  school to tackle an emergency situation in ensuring the safety of the students  and to sensitize them  on the precautionary measures to be followed in case of need



The school organised Special Appreciation Day at Primary Level on 24.11.18 to felicitate the achievers in various Inter School competitions and Olympiads. The event was inaugurated by lighting the lamp of wisdom by the Managing Director of the school, Sh. Bharat Arora and other eminent dignitaries. The School Principal addressed the gathering and congratulated the winners and motivated them to put the best of the efforts in every endeavour that they undertake. She also acknowledged the support of the parent in the journey of excellence of their ward. The ceremony had enthusiastic and spell bound dance performances of the students of primary wing. The proud achievers were awarded with certificates and trophies for their exemplary performances in various competitions organised by reputed schools and organisations across the city. The ceremony culminated with a vote of thanks from the Coordinator of Primary wing who expressed her gratitude to the school's Managing Director and the Principal for their constant support and guidance.



Mount Abu Public School Sector-5, Rohini celebrated the wonderful accomplishments of the students in different fields of education in a special ceremony organized for the purpose. The celebration that witnessed the presence of parents  and children , commenced with lamp lighting ceremony by the Principal followed by the scintillating dance  performance  by young Mapians. The parents were made aware of the achievements and new initiatives of the school which are the significant aspects in the story of the success of the school. The trophies and certificates were awarded to the students who emerged as winners in different  zonal competitions, Inter School Competitions and  Olympiads  and different sports tournaments held  all through the year from time to time. The day also marked the launching of Eat Right Club Under the Health and Wellness Club of the school and Italian Language Club. The eat right club is an initiative by FSSAI under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare  for promoting  health awareness among the children. The Italian Language Club is step forward  for collaboration of Internationalism in education for making global leaders. The Principal addressed the gathering and showed her gratitude to parents for their valuable input in enhancing the skills of the students and contributing in their overall development.  She congratulated the proud winners and  emphasized on the need to  enhance the talents along with academic excellence so that they develop as successful  individuals in the journey of life. The celebration concluded with vote of thanks to the parents for their gracious presence and continued support and  encouragement.



Mount Abu Public School Sector 5 Rohini organized the Annual Book Fair  from 15 to 17 November 2018  inaugurated by Principal by lighting the lamp of knowledge and cutting the ribbon as a formal gesture. The children visited the fair and showed their creativity in different activities like Book Mark Designing, Slogan writing ,Book Review ,magic book designing   etc .The fair is open for parents on 17 November wherein they can have the  opportunity to get absorbed in the wonderful world of books. This is an effort of the school to enhance the reading skills of the children as it is said  the best readers always become best writers



Children’s Day Celebration

The School celebrated the Children’s day in commemoration of the birth anniversary of Pt. Jawahar  Lal Nehru wherein the teachers presented the assembly for the children  and congratulated them  on their special day. The children were shown  the documentary highlighting the importance of public property and how they can contribute to safeguard the same .The teachers sang  songs in praise of the children. The Principal addressed the students and congratulated them on the day and   guided them to be a responsible  citizen by respecting the nation  and being a good human being which is the foremost requisite for a good life 



The students of  Class VII organised an Anti Cracker Rally on 2nd November,2018. The students took upon their shoulders the responsibility  to educate the other students of the school about the ill effects of burning crackers and to celebrate Diwali with candles, sweets and lightening. They were holding banners and placards denouncing the use of crackers and they were also determined to spread this message in their neighbourhood and with other friends and family.


Celebration of Rashtriya Ekta Diwas

The Primary Wing of the school  celebrated Rashtriya Ekta Diwasto commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, the Iron man of India on 31st October 2108. The day began with the students dressed as Sardar Patel and  highlighting the contribution this great freedom fighter .They also informed all about the memoir of this great man. The young students pledged to be a worthy citizen of the nation and promised to carry forth the spirit of unification which was made possible by the vision and actions of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. In the end , the co-ordinator addressed the students by giving the message to spread the unity and integrity across the nation.



Echoes of celebration of excellence reverberated the whole premises of Mount Abu School , Sector -5 Rohini on the occasion of Award Ceremony 2018 and Inauguration of Astronomy Lab. The  special occasion was organized to honour  the extraordinary achievers in Academics, for the session 2017-18, with  trophies and certificates and  for  formal inauguration of the Astronomy lab in the school, the only school in Delhi to have established the lab for helping the children enhance their knowledge about the universe and its intricacies .The event was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Guest   Dr. Madhu Pruthi, Principal, Keshav Mahavidyaya, University of Delhi  by lighting the lamp of knowledge  along with an invocation to almighty for the eternal blessings followed by cultural presentations by the students. The Scholars were awarded with trophies and certificates for showing their brilliant performance in academics through their hard work and perseverance. The Chief Guest congratulated the scholars for their commendable accomplishments and congratulated the school fraternity for having the privilege to let the children explore the universe through the astronomy Lab. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks to the eminent dignitary for her benign presence.



The school celebrated Ramleela-Ek Natya Rupantaran, A dramatic presentation based on the life history of King Rama to disseminate the message “Goodness Always Triumphs Over Evil”. The event was graced by Hon’ble Chairman of the school Sh. D.N. Arora ji and Sh. Ashutosh Bhardwaj, OSD, Admission Department, Delhi University. The Principal, Madam Jyoti Arora acknowledged the need of imbibing ethical values and fostering the spirit of truthfulness and purity among the students in her welcome address.  The Spectacular performances by the tiny tots of Pre School and Pre-Primary in form of various characters of Ramayana left everybody spell bound.


Rally on How to recycle and reduce E-Waste

E-Waste rally was organised by students of class 5-B&C on 12.10.18 . Students brought beautiful banners with quotations related to how to recycle and reduce e-waste. They went to different classes , spread the message and awareness about the need to reduce e-waste.They also interacted with Co-ordinator Ma'am and Principal Ma'am about how they will keep spreading this message among their peers. Students participated enthusiastically and it was a learning experience for them .



Saver water rally was organised by class 2 students on 12.10.18 . Students brought beautiful banners with quotations related to water and its conservation. They went to different classes , spread the message and awareness about the various ways of preserving water. They also spoke about the consequences of scarcity of water. Students participated enthusiastically and it was a learning experience for them .


India International Science Festival (IISF) – 2018

Mount Abu Public School got a golden opportunity to send students of Classes 9, 10 &11 to attend India International Science Festival (IISF) – 2018 held at Lucknow from 5th to 8th October 2018. Different activities and experiments based on Physics and Chemistry were conducted. Students also got a golden opportunity to meet our Hon’ble President Sh. Ram Nath Kovind Ji , Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Sh. Yogi Aditya Nath Ji and many more dignitaries enlightening them on India’s contribution in the field of Science and technology. The visit was a great learning experience for the students as they could do many hands on activities and enhanced their knowledge by interacting with many experts from different fields. It was really a memorable and wonderful experience  for the students.


World Peace Day

The School celebrated  "World Peace Day" on 20.9.18, where the students from different classes participated enthusiastically. Various activities were conducted at all the levels. Students from primary classes designed beautiful headgears and came up with the flying colours of their imagination. At middle level, the students wrote acrostic poem and also designed wrist bands with peace day slogans. A video conference was conducted for the students of classes IX & X where they shared their views on what does peace mean to them and how does it make a difference to them living in a peaceful world than in a conflicting world. The students understood the value of peace and harmony in the world.


COFFEE WITH FATHERS - A Workshop on the Interpersonal Relationship with the Child

The school organized an afternoon event exclusively for fathers of classes X and XII “Coffee with Fathers” on 15th September 2018 from 11:30 a.m to 12:30 p.m as an initiative to rekindle their love and faith with their child  for his cognitive and social development.  
The gathering was addressed  by Mr. Nishant Bansal , a renowned speaker from Quality Education Asia (QEA) whose address which included a movie  was an eyeopener for every one. It was followed by two activities titled "Know your Child" and "Action Plan" which forced  fathers to think how much they know their own child and at the same time find  ways to bond with them after thorough introspection. The entire workshop was very interactive and saw active participation by the audience as their queries were well responded by the School Counselors and the Senior Coordinator. In the end, the School Principal Ms. Jyoti Arora thanked their presence and involvement with the hope to have more such sessions.


Parent Workshop on Inter-Personal Relation between Parent & Child

A Workshop for the parents of classes VI-X was conducted on 15thSept’ 2018 in the school premises. The topic of the workshop was“Inter-Personal Relation between Parent & Child”. Mr. Nishant Bansal form QEA addressed the gathering where he highlighted the major issues of the parent- child relationship. The resource person made the parents aware that if they want to strengthen their bond with the children and want them to perform better, they need not to have high expectation from them, but they need to appreciate them for even their small efforts. They should be the role model to see positive changes in them. The workshop was an enriching one as it really showed them the way to upbring their children in a better way



Like every year Hindi Diwas was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm on the 14th of September 2018 at Mount Abu Public School, Sec -5, Rohini. The event got started with the token of love by addressing the respected Principal ma’am Ms. Jyoti Arora with a potted sapling. Poem, One act play, Speech, Street play etc competitions were held.  Principal Ma’am spread the message “Hindi Hamari Shaan Hai; Desh Ka Abhiman Hai”. She emphasized that we should be proud of our National language & should learn to speak in public domain without any hesitation. It was a fun filled day which circulated values of deep respect and appreciation for the national language.



वृक्षोबंधन...इस बंधन से जीवन की डोर बंधी है... 
Students of Primary department of Mount Abu School celebrated Rakhi in a unique way to showcase their beautiful pious bonding with the nature and to protect the protector by tying Rakhi to plants n trees. Rakhi symbolises Love and Protection and it is our duty to love and protect our Nurturing Mother Earth. वृक्षोबंधन...was a happy moment for all children



The school feels proud to see the felicitation of its students for qualifying the Sanskar Shala exam organized by Dainik Jagran. The winning spree is clear reflection of the effort of the school to imbibe moral values  and ethics. The children Shubhi Gautam of class VI, Manasvi Karan of Class VII, Chehak Punia of Class VIII, Sneha Jain , Aditya Sharma , Janvi Jain , Ritika Gilani of Class IX and Kalash Verma of Class X were awarded in a glorious ceremony held at Constitution Club New Delhi



Mega Tree Plantation Drive

The School participated in Mega Tree Plantation Drive organized by  the Government of NCT of Delhi  on 8th September 2018 wherein honourable Shashi Bala Saini, Deputy Director of Education, North West - B planted the saplings along with the Principal and Managing Director of the school. The students planted the saplings in nearby Chotu Ram Park and pledged to save trees and green cover of Delhi.The initiative of the school aims to sensitize the citizens for protecting the green cover of the capital city which is losing it's greenery at very fast pace.



The School celebrated Teachers day as “कर्तव्य बोध दिवस “ for teachers and “अनुशासन बोध दिवस “ for स्टूडेंट्स to make teachers and students realise their duties and responsibilities for a better society . The event initiated with Guru Vandana and motivational talks by Teachers and students .The chairman of the school, Sh. D N Arora addressed the gathering and highlighted the role of teachers and students in the present scenario. The Principal of the school in her inspirational address guided the mentors and students of the school to develop capabilities and an earnest approach towards their duties.The event concluded with a vote of thanks by the Head Girl of the school who expressed her gratitude to the mentors for providing valuable guidance.


Inauguration of Sports Multiplex, Grand Career Fair and ATAL Tinkering Fest

Mount Abu  School was graced with the benign presence of Honorable Chief Guest Shri Manoj Tiwari ji, Member of Parliament  and  Special Guest Dr B.C Sabata, Senior Scientific officer ,Department of Environment ,Govt. of NCT Delhi for the Inauguration of Sports Multiplex, Mega Career Fair and Atal Tinkering Fest on 28 August 2018. The celebration commenced with the auspicious note through lamp lighting  by Chief Guest Shri Manoj Tiwari ji, special guest Dr B.C Sabata ,Chairman of the school Shri Dina Nath ,Managing Director Shri Bharat Arora  and the school Principal followed by mesmerizing Dance performances by Mapians. The grand event witnessed the inauguration of Sports multiplex with turf of International standards having  the provision of Cricket,Football, Taek-won-do, Archery etc. to enhance the sporting talent among the children.Career fair with participation of diverse reputed  universities across Delhi for Counselling of students regarding the career options was also organised in association with EDU TV and Knowledge Confluence. Further, as  a tribute to Shri Atal Bihari, the former Prime Minister of India and to celebrate the first Anniversary of ATL Lab in the School premises, the Atal Tinkering Fest was also held whereby children from reputed schools across Delhi exhibited their Tinkering talent through innovative models and projects.  Panel discussion by the participants highlighted the significance of Artificial Intelligence in life. The Chief Guest addressed the gathering with his ever inspiring words of wisdom and guided the children to lead a simple and quality life  through the inculcation of value system which truly defines the human character. Vote of thanks was proposed to  the dignitaries for their  gracious presence.



The school conducted the Zonal Mono Acting Competition, Zone XIII wherein 25 schools from the zone participated to show their dramatic skills. The children dramatized on various themes like girl empowerment, old age home ,child  labour etc .The children presented a marvellous show through their acting skills. The judges declared  the winners  for best three positions



The Sadbhavana  or Harmony Day was celebrated  on 20 August 2018 to commemorate the birth anniversary of the former Prime Minister of India  Rajiv Gandhi. Having good feelings for others was the only the mission of Rajiv Gandhi.  The children took pledge to spread the spirit of nonviolence and let  the nation prosper with brotherhood and harmony with their utmost dedication



The school got enthralled with the spirit of joy of Independence by celebrating the 72 INDEPENDENCE DAY of the Nation in its premises wherein scintillating performances by the MAPIANS marked the day.The celebration began with the Flag Hoisting by the chairman and Principal of the school followed by cultural presentations and speech by the student.The Chairman congratulated everyone for being a part of Independent India and principal advised the children to carry forward the rich legacy forward by maintaining peace and harmony



The School organised SAHODAYA MAPTECH 2018 … An Inter School IT Symposium under the aegis of Indraprastha School Sahodaya, wherein more than 350 participations from different reputed school of Delhi exhibited their creativity in different events related to field of technology. The event commenced with lighting of lamp by Hon’ble dignitaries, President, Secretary and Cultural Secretary of Indraprastha School of Sahodaya along with panel of Jury Members and Managing Director and the Principal of the School followed by enthusiastic participation of the students in the events like Clicking KodachromePow-Toonist, Mystery Mind, GAME IT, Cinematic Zeal, Ad Designing, Script – A – Strip, Minecraft, Quiz, Launch and The Secret. The event concluded with the award ceremony wherein the Rolling Trophy was bagged by Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram for the maximum participation and outstanding performance in all the events. The Principal Madam  Jyoti Arora congratulated the winners for their exemplary performance and encouraged them for all the future endeavors and also acknowledged the valuable contribution of all the members of Techflux, the IT Club of School in making the event successful


World Population Day

The school celebrated World Population Day on 11th July,2018. The main aim was to enlighten students as how the increase in population growth is affecting our environment, its people and the economy. Class VI students designed a T-shirt with a logo to spread awareness. Class VII students located seven continents on the world map and analyzed their population percentages. Class VIII Students expressed their concern about the increase in growth of population through essay writing. Videos related to world population day were shown to class IX and X students and feedback for the same was also recorded for the same. The session was worth enriching for the kids!


International Yoga Day

The School celebrated 4th International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2018. The celebration is the Annual feature of the school and is a medium that showcases the school’s commitment towards promoting a healthy lifestyle through integration of physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. The event witnessed the presence of the staff members, students and parents community who practiced  the yoga asanas  to imbibe the essence of the positive  lifestyle.The event concluded with a happy note when everyone smiled on being a part of the 4th International Yoga Day .



The School held its Investiture Ceremony for the Middle level and Primary level where in Captains and Vice Captains for different posts were appointed from both the levels and adorned with sachet and badges .The Principal, in her speech, emphasized on the importance of discipline and dignity of the individual and the school. The incoming Council members took an oath promising definite change for better tomorrow with great conviction and confidence in their voice.



“ Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life"

To inculcate the leadership qualities in the students and to give them a feel of functioning of the administrative body the school conducted the Investiture Ceremony for the  Academic year 2018-19 wherein the march by all the Council members was a spectacular event which set the mood for the event. The Principal inspired and encouraged the elected leaders to be dutiful and responsible in his address to the gathering. She administered the Oath to the newly elected members for their dedicated services. The head boy and Head girl took the pledge on behalf of all the members to deliver their duties diligently.



The world is changing and to keep pace with time, it’s time for us to globally connect with everyone around us. To initiate the very spirit of Globalisation, Mount Abu Public School organised Mock Global Village on 16th May 2018. The kids worked dedicatedly and enthusiastically to make it a great success.  Stalls of four major integrated countries like India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand were set up that highlighted and touched every aspect of the country like Food, Clothing, Traditions etc. Special dance performance by kids of class VII and VIII added a tinch of entertainment to the whole event. It was a grand success on the whole. 


Inspirational interaction with the Minister for State of External Affairs Sh V.K. Singh

The students of the school got a rare opportunity to interact with Sh. V.K Singh, Minister for State of External Affairs. Mr. Singh guided the students about the fact that hardwork and dedicated efforts pay but what matters the most is the courtesy towards small things. The highly enriching session fostered among the students a spirit to positivity and desire to excel in every task undertaken


Orientation Programme

A Parent orientation for Classes I-V was organised in Mount Abu Public School on 28 of April 2018. The programme  was started by a Welcome address by respected  Principal Madam, Mrs Jyoti Arora, highlighting the significant role of the parents in child's academic journey and the proud accomplishments  of the school.
A movie based on healthy communication between the parents and their children was also shown to the parents followed by a session taken by the School counselor on the measures of effective parenting. A detailed information about the school, its mission and vision, work habits, evaluation and assessment procedures was given to the parents. They were also informed about the transport system, school's rules and regulations , class library etc. They were updated about the snaphomework , blogs ,  Olympiads,  clubs, competitions which are conducted in the  school for the all round development of the children. The programme  ended with a vote of thanks by the Coordinator, Primary Wing,  Mrs. Suneja Madam. It was really an informative session for the parents and an initiative to strengthen the bond between the school and the home.


Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week was celebrated on 27th April by the students of Classes 1 to 5 in School premises. It was a great day for students to learn and value traffic signs and rules we follow in our daily lives. Safety means protecting ourselves from any danger that may hurt us or endanger to our lives. Practicing road safety measures is very good and safe to all people all through the life. Everyone should respect others while driving or walking on the road and take care of their safety.



Mount Abu Public School, Sector-5 Rohini celebrated the World Earth Day on 21st April 2018 on the theme “Go Green – Go Clean” with the support of Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India and in association with Millennium India Education Foundation to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Shri Ashok Saha, Scientist B, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India and Dr. Uday Kakroo, Director Millennium India Education Foundation graced the occasion. A Series of Inter School competitions like Fancy Dress, Slogan Writing, Poem Enactment & Painting Competition were held. The Principal of the school inspired the participants to promote sustainability to make a difference.


Orientation Programme

Mount Abu Public School has organized an Orientation Day Programme on 21st April’ 2018 for the Classes VI- VIII. During this programme, parents were enlightened with a movie based on healthy communication followed by a session taken by the school counsellor on measures of effective parenting. All minute details regarding the school, its insight, evaluation & assessment system were provided to the parents. They were also given the information about school rules & regulation, guidelines, transport details and school library rules. They were even updated with ongoing school initiatives like blogs, snap homework app, competitions, Olympiads, clubs etc. for the holistic development of the students. It was an informative session for the parents



Mock Fire and Evacuation Drill involving students and fire fighters was conducted at Mount Abu Public School on 18/04/2018, Wednesday  to create awareness among the student community of firefighting techniques and the ways to respond swiftly in times of such emergency situation. Fire Safety officers from Fire Station Rohini organized this mock drill for our students. They explained and demonstrated various improvised methods being followed by them to rescue and evacuate people caught in such emergency situation besides explaining the ways to operate the fire extinguishers safely. Water canon was used to demonstrate the extinguishing the fire with water guns. The children were guided to adhere to the evacuation time and take safety measures seriously


Foundation Day Celebration 2018

The school celebrated its Foundation Day on 13 April 2018 highlighting the  successful completion of 20 years of its Excellence in Education .The celebration that witnessed the  presence of Honourable Managing Director Shri Bharat Arora, commenced with the lighting of lamp and Hawan ceremony followed by the cultural presentations  and speech by the young MAPians. The Principal addressed the gathering and congratulated all the members  of the school for the diverse achievements that the school has been conquering since its inception in the year 1998 and blessed them for the future endeavours. The programme also witnessed the token of appreciation and recognition  for those associated with the school since the day of its establishment. The celebration concluded with the vote of thanks by the coordinator


Appreciation Day

Appreciation Day for Classes VI-XI was organised on 17th March 2018 in the School to appreciate the achievements of Students at National , Zonal, District, State and Inter- School Level and felicitate them. The Principal, Mrs. Jyoti Arora appreciated and acknowledged the support and guidance of the Parents present on the occasion. The students were awarded with Certificates , Medals and Trophies by the Principal who encouraged and blessed them to flourish with time. It was indeed a proud and commendable moment for the School, the Parents and the Students.


Athletic Meet for Primary Wing

Sports is a vital tool to learn skills such as team spirit, fair play, sportsmanship and many others. To assist the young minds in realizing the importance of sports and to take them away from the digital games the school organized Atheletic Meet for the Primary Wing. Plethora of events such as flat race, relay race, dodge ball, short broad jump etc. were held and every child got an opportunity to understand the need to be fit and healthy and the crucial role that sports play to make one realize his/her dreams with complete ease. The enthusiastic students participated with immense zeal to bring glory for their team and acknowledged that sincere and dedicated efforts always bear sweet fruits.


Prime Minister -Live on Pariksha Par Charcha

The School screened the live telecast of Hon’ble Prime Minister ‘s ‘Pariksha Par Charcha’ wherein the Prime Minister interacted with the students across the Nation. The main aim of the programme was to let the children of Class X & XII feel relaxed about the forthcoming examination and remain stressfree. The students watched the show very enthusiastically and felt happy to see the PM of India being so informal in his interaction with the students.



The School got the privilege to host CBSE National Level Science Exhibition 2018. The Three days long exhibition from 10th February 2018 to 12th February 2018 was an amalgamation of 885 participants with 451 exhibits based on different sub themes  like Digital and Technological Solutions, Health and Well-Being, Mathematical Modeling, Resource Management and Food Security, Transport and Communication, Waste Management and Water Body Conservation. The event inaugurated on 10th February 2018 witnessed the presence  of Chief Guest Dr. Antriksh Johri,  Director IT Projects and Chief Information Security Officer at Central Board of Secondary Education along with the Guest of Honor Sh. K.K. Choudhury, Controller of Examinations, Central Board of Secondary Education and Special Guest  Dr. B.C. Sabata, Sr. Scientific Officer, Department of Environment, Sh. D.N. Arora, Chairman, Mount Abu Public School, Sh. C. Uday Kumar, District Magistrate (North West) & Madam Archana Thakur, Deputy Director, CBSE and  Sh. Suraj Prakash who lighted the lamp of knowledge and declared the exhibition open. The valediction ceremony saw the presence of eminent dignitaries Sh. Anurag Tripathi, IRPS, Secretary, Central Board of Secondary Education  Sh. Rajeev Chandran, National Information Officer, United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan, Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj, Director (Academics), CBSE, Dr. Sushil Gupta, Member of Parliament, Rajyasabha, Madam Shashi Bala Saini, Deputy Director of Education(NWB), Sh. S.K. Bhattacharya, President, Action Committee of Unaided Recognised Private Schools. The dignitaries showed their benign presence and uplifted the morale of the children. The day concluded with the most awaited Prize Distribution Ceremony wherein  the eminent dignitaries awarded the cash prizes and certificates to the outstanding exhibits in each category. The panel of judges played a crucial role as the competition was too tough to be adjudged. The eminent dignitaries appreciated the school for the smooth conduct of exhibition and praised the students for their outstanding effort in making innovative exhibits showcasing unique ideas thus spreading scientific fervor all around. 



Students of Mount Abu Public School celebrated the 25 years of INDO-ASEAN Partnership by presenting a scintillating Dance Performance on 26 JANUARY 2018 at Rajpath. The vibrant presentation of 150 students from the school was witnessed by the President and Prime Minister of our country along with the leaders of ASEAN countries, other dignitaries and various people across the globe. The school was proud to be the participant of Republic Day celebration at Rajpath for the second consecutive year.


GIFT A TREE Campaign

Mount Abu Public School participated in a Tree Plantation Drive organized by NIE, Times of India in association with Tropicana and smile Foundation on 19 January 2018. The event aimed at providing new avenues for overall development of children by helping the children understand the need to safeguard the environment for their future. The students along with tiny tots from smile foundation planted saplings in the school premises. The school Principal, Mrs. Jyoti Arora addressed the students highlighting the significance of gifting trees back to nature and be saviours of environment.


Appreciation Assembly

Mount Abu Public School, Rohini hosted the Appreciation Assembly for Primary Wing on 29th December 2017. The ceremony was the medium to felicitate the achievers at National, Zonal, District, State and Inter-School level.The proud winners received their medals, trophies and certificates from the School Principal ‘Madam Jyoti Arora’, who also blessed the students and guided them to work hard with complete sincerity to bring more glory and laurels. The event was also graced by the parents whose support and guidance was appreciated and acknowledged by the Principal. The vote of thanks was proposed by the Primary
wing coordinator who expressed her gratitude to the school head, parents and mentors for making students shine with success and glory.


Metamorphosis - A blend of Cultural Extravaganza and Exposition

The School organized the Annual event “Metamorphosis  - A blend of cultural extravaganza and exposition” on the theme  Transform our World : The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to disseminate awareness about 17 sustainable Development Goals and sensitize the youth  to work for the implementation of the cause. The event commenced with auspicious lamp lighting by the Hon’ble Guest Sh. Anirudh Tripathi, Secretary, CBSE and Guest Of Honor Dr. B.C. Sabata, Sr. Scientific Officer, Dept. of  Environment,  Govt. of NCT, Delhi followed by Shloka Chanting devoted to Goddess Saraswati.  The Principals  of various reputed school of Delhi also graced the occasion with their benign presence. The event aimed at voicing the support for the goals, being partner in taking decisions and actions for the realization of sustainable goals to head towards a better future. The students enthusiastically participated in ballad, musical enactment, mime, skits  and dance performances and left everyone spellbound. The Principal of the school in her welcome address highlighted the importance of adopting the 2030 Universal Agenda for Sustainable Development and resolving to free humanity from poverty, secure a healthy planet for future generations and build peaceful, inclusive societies as a foundation for ensuring lives of dignity for all. The Principal , Mrs. Jyoti Arora  applauded the exhibits based on the theme and motivated the  students and the faculty members with her words of prudence. 



The School organised MAPTECH -2017, an Annual IT Symposium on 24th November 2017. The event consisted of an array of competitions that provided the young minds with an opportunity to showcase their technological ingenuity. The event  was graced by Ms Chandeep Marwah, Mr. Ashutosh Singh  and Mr. Siddhant Malhan, Resource Persons from Microsoft .The occasion commenced with the ceremonial lamp lighting followed by the enriching address by the school Principal, Mrs Jyoti Arora who  highlighted the need to use technology wisely. The Special Guest Ms. Chandeep Marwah in her address  emphasized on  the ever changing scenario of the digital world. The event witnessed the participation of various reputed schools across the city. The Rolling Trophy was bagged by DAV Public School, Shrestha Vihar whose fervent participation  got  them maximum points. The Principal of the school proposed vote of thanks and congratulated the school IT Club Members for  making the event a grand success.


Mitigating Air Pollution Rally

The students of Mount Abu Public School were the proud participants of "Mitigating Air Pollution Rally" organised by UNIC. The young learners participated enthusiastically to sensitize the masses about the urgent need to Save the environment and develop a blueprint to ensure that the air we breath is non toxic and safe. The students Were shown a documentary that made them aware about the need to take steps to make the air free from pollution. The students of the school were appreciated and applauded for their enthusiastic participation.



The school organized a Book Week from October 9 to October 14. It commenced with a Poster Making Competition in which the students remarkably amalgamated brilliant ideas with their aesthetic abilities. They were also given a platform to showcase their talent by converting incandescent thoughts into beautiful stories and slogans. Apart from that, they were given a chance to participate in varied activities like Extempore, Debate Writing, Word Power Quiz etc. At Primary level, activities like ‘Role Playing’ and ‘Story Narration’ were organized so as to ensure active participation by the students and also to bring forth their conversational skills. A DEAR PERIOD was also scheduled to develop students’ interest in reading. A Book discussion was also done to give an opportunity to the students to critically analyze the theme, title, cover etc of different books. Finally, the week culminated with a Book Fair in which a wide gamut of books was displayed to gather students’ attention. In all, the week exceptionally served the purpose of raising students’ interest in various literary activities


Grand Parents Day

The school organized Grand Parents Day on 4th October 2017 to acknowledge and appreciate the contribution and role of grandparents in moulding the  outlook of children towards life. Series of competitions such as Cooking Without Fire, Drawing and Painting , Singing  and Ramp Walk Competition were organized for the grandparents who participated with complete zeal and fervour. The event also witnessed the Lyrical and Orchestra presentation by the vibrant students of the Primary wing of the school. The Prizes were awarded to the winners by the Principal of the school, Mrs. Jyoti Arora who also addressed the gathering and highlighted that Grandparents are the reservoir of culture, knowledge and wisdom. She emphasized that grandparents are the key through which the children can feel connected with their roots.  The grand celebration concluded with the vote of thanks by the co-ordinator and the national anthem.



Mount Abu Public School celebrated Ramleela in its premises wherein the Chief Guest Shri. Mukesh, AGM, Punjab National Bank showed his benign presence. The celebration also witnessed the presence of Grandparents as it coincided with international Grandparents Day .The programme began with the  lamp lighting by Eminent Guest  Shri Shiv Shankar Nagar an official from Govt. of Delhi who has been enacting the role of Ravana in Ramleela held at Shalimar Bagh, Chairman Shri D.N Arora and the Principal followed by Ganesh Vandana and Hanuman Chalisa. The tiny tots presented the ramleela starting from the birth of Lord  Rama to his coming back to Ayodhya and becoming the king. The programme was organized as an invocation to Lord Rama and for reviving all the virtues of true human being like honesty truthfulness and tolerance. The Mapians presented a marvelous show and got an applaud by all. The Principal congratulated the participants and stressed on the importance of being a good human being



To highlight the importance of our National Language, the School celebrated the Hindi Diwas on 14th September 2017. The Chief Guest Dr. ChandKiran Saluja , an educationist showed his benign presence on the occasion. The program began with a speech by student on the significance of our National Language followed by Street play & Kavi Sammelan. The Principal addressed the gathering and encouraged the students to pay due respect to the language. The Chief guest highlighted the importance of usage of Hindi Language in daily Life


EXPRESSIONS 2017... The Inter School Cultural Fiesta

The School organized its ANUUAL Inter School Cultural Fiesta Expression 2017 for Primary wing on the theme “United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”. The event witnessed the MASS participation of more than 600 students of primary levelfrom various reputed schools across the city who exhibited their inclination towards a sustainable environment.  The gala event was a medley of diversified presentation such as Debate, Model making, Skit Presentation etc. on the given theme. The children displayed awareness about these Global Goals and promised to carry forward the message.  The fiesta was an endeavor of the school to spread the essence of sustainability all around and make the young learners develop a sensitivity to make the planet more prosperous. It was in continuation with school efforts to acquaint the young learners with the most concerned global issues and become an active participant in tackling the same.  Among all the schools that participated in the event, Indraprastha World School, Paschim Vihar bagged the rolling trophy for securing maximum positions in different events. The Principal appreciated the effort of the children and encouraged them for the future endeavors.     


Accolades for Achievers of the School

The exemplary achievers of the School were awarded with the Student of the Year  Trophy by the Chief Manager, LIC Rohini Branch on the occasion of Celebration of 61 successful years  .The students who exhibited stupendous performance both in Academic and co-curricular  activities were awarded with trophies . The children were appreciated for their effort and also encouraged  to perform the best in the future too


Sanskrit Day Celebration

Sanskrit is one such ancient language that connects us to our country at the root level

MAPS celebrated Sanskrit Diwas on  31 August 2017 among all the classes and kids performed various activities such as making of:

  • Ø  Sanskrit Varnmaala with Colourful Beads
  • Ø  Sanskrit Dictionary
  • Ø  Sanskrit Shloka Chanting with meaning
  • Ø  Poem Recitation
  • Ø  Role Play on any Sanskrit Poet or Author .

The kids felt connected to the tradition and culture of India and this made them encouraged and enthralled to be a part of it again. It was a great success. 



The English Department organized a scintillating Laughter Challenge on August 30, in which the students were offered a platform to exhibit their playful side. From every house, a team of three students was given an opportunity to regale the audience. Brimming with immense vivacity the participants from Class IX, X and XI showcased a remarkable show that included mock interviews, mimicry and standup comedy, in which Vanshi Mathur of Class 9th was adjudged the Best Comedian and Nehru House emerged as the Most Humorous House. The performances were applauded and appreciated by the judges and the show thus became a great success.



Mount Abu Public School, Sector 5 Rohini got the privilege to welcome the eminent Guests from ISHA FOUNDATION ,founded by SADHGURU JI on 29 August 2017. The Principal welcomed the guests  in a Special Assembly and appreciated their effort in causing awareness through “Rally For Rivers” which aims in saving the sacred rivers, which are the primary source of water for all. The children took the pledge to save the rivers and promised to contribute in the cleanliness at their best. Since the day coincided with the National Sports Day, the children were reminded of the significance of physical fitness and how the famous sports persons from the country have brought laurels. The Guests appreciated the effort of the school for promoting the message



The School organized an enriching  session by the senior monk, Shri Shantatmanand Maharaj Ji  from Ramakrishna Mission. The session began with the lamp lighting ceremony wherein the Swami Ji and the Principal lighted the lamp of knowledge, followed by Shloka chanting, the only way to connect to God. Swami Ji  enlightened the young impressionable minds to align individual goals with larger prospects, expand their vision of life and start thinking about others. All the questions asked by the students on how to lead an exemplary life and convince parents about their aims were effectively answered by revered Swami Ji. The school Principal Mrs. Jyoti Arora urged the students to emulate  Swami Ji’s Principles in life and to accept all the challenges in their stride. The session ended with a vote of thanks proposed to Swami Shantatmanand for sparing his valuable moments for the school and helping all  to move ahead towards the path of eternal bliss.  


Social Science Week

The School celebrated Social Science Week from 10th July to 17th July 2017 whereby different competitions such as Inter House Out of the Box, Poster Designing and Heritage Quiz etc. were held. In Inter House Out of the Box  the students of class VI were asked mixed -bag of questions where in they participated very enthusiastically and answered the questions  related to the history ,reforms and various books. The students of class X gave presentation on four of the permanent members of UN Security Council, prepared PPT and Display boards of their allotted countries and they exchanged their views. In poster designing competition students of class VII & VIII designed beautiful posters on different themes like water, wildlife etc. The event concluded with an Inter House Heritage Quiz for class IX highlighting Indian Nationalism & lost heritage. All the events witnessed a whole hearted participation of the children. The Principal appreciated the students for showing their serious concern towards their History and Environment.



The School organized the special celebration, Award Ceremony 2017 wherein the young scholars from different fields of education were awarded for their remarkable achievements. The event was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Guest Dr. Preeti Aggarwal, Mayor, North Delhi Municipal Corporation, Guest of Honour Sh. S.K. Bhattacharya, President, Action Committee of Unaided Recognized Private Schools, Special Guest Madam Kanika Jain, Area Councillor and the Principal by lighting the lamp of knowledge followed by cultural presentations by the children. The Scholars of the session 2016-17 were awarded trophies and certificates for showing their brilliant performance in the different fields of education like academics, dance, drama, sports etc.



The school conducted its Junior Investiture Ceremony whereby the young council members were bestowed with the responsibility of ensuring the smooth functioning of the activities and events of Primary wing with unflinching commitment and competency. The young leaders were handed over the flags by the outgoing Captain and Vice Captain. The Managing Director, Sh Bharat Arora hoisted the school flag and pinned the badges to the Council members. The Principal administered the oath to the members to perform their duties with complete sincerity and devotion. In her motivational Address the members were guided to work in a team and to think of innovative ideas to administer the assigned duties with perfection. The solemn occasion witnessed the inspirational songs by Rabindranath Tagore that inspired students to tread on the path of righteousness even when no one supports it. The event concluded with the vote of thanks by the newly appointed Captain and who assured all to make the school shine brightest with their dedicated efforts.



The school celebrated its Foundation Day on 13th April, 2017 to mark the establishment of the school that envisaged the noble vision and glorious legacy of the visionary, The Chairman, Shri D. N. Arora of instilling passionate urge for excellence. The Hon'ble Chairman graced the occasion. The event comprised of foundation song, dance presentation based on Baisakhi and speech on awards and achievements of the school. The Principal, Madam Jyoti Arora shared her far-sighted vision and ignited the young minds to develop critical and creative thinking skills. The event culminated with vote of thanks by the coordinator of the school



Mount Abu Public School,Sector-5 Rohini celebrated the World Earth Day on 22nd April,2017 in support with Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India and in association with Millennium India Education Foundation. The eminent Guests present on the occasion included Director MIEF Dr. Uday Kakroo, Ms. Madho Dalela, Joint Director, Songs and Drama Divison, Ministry of information and broadcasting representatives from Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India , Aiswarya Sehgal, Programme Coordinator from UNIC along with Ms. Shachi Chaturvedi. A series of Inter School Competitions on Painting, Slogan Writing and Poem recitation, Display of best out waste, rally on “Save Earth” were held

The Principal of the school along with eminent Guests inaugurated the celebration by lighting the lamp of knowledge thus spreading the message of saving the mother nature. The Principal, in her welcome address, highlighted the role of young learners in spreading the message of safeguarding Planet Earth.
The representatives from UNIC highlighted the need to make environment sustainable.

The event witnessed the wholehearted participation of around 200 students from different reputed schools of Delhi. The participants showed their keen interest in conserving the mother earth and the natural resources available for a sustainable survival .The event included with the prize distribution to the winners of different events. The honourable guests appreciated the children for their curiosity and enthusiasm for the noble cause and encouraged them for their future endeavours.



The School organized a special function Appreciation Assembly to felicitate the achievers in different fields of education. The programme commenced with the fruitful note with an invocation to almighty for his cherished blessings. The parents of the achievers were cordially invited to share the wonderful achievements of their wards. The Prize Distribution witnessed the achievements at different levels including the International, National, Zonal and the Inter School competitions. It was indeed a moment of pride for whole of the fraternity of Mount Abu Public School, Sector -5, Rohini to all the splendid achievements. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks proposed to the parents for their gracious presence.


Farewell 2017

The School organized the Farewell Ceremony 2017 for the outgoing batch of class XII. The celebration commenced with the lighting of lamp by the Hon’ble Chairman Shri D.N. Arora, Director Shri Bharat Arora and the Principal. The Children of Class XII lighted the candle as a significance of showing the glory of the School and passed the same to their juniors to take the flag higher & higher. The eleventh class students presented a number of cultural songs & dances and enthralled the audience. The Chairman blessed the students for their future endeavors and the Principal shared her words of wisdom as to how they should lead the life as a good human. The event concluded with a vote of thanks proposed to the esteemed dignitaries for their benign presence



The School organized a counseling session in collaboration with Expressions India on the theme ‘Minimize Stress & Celebrate the Exam Season” wherein about 100 students participated from various schools. The welcome ceremony of the experts Dr. Pooja Shivam Jaitly and Ms. Aprajita Dixit by the Principal Ms. Jyoti Arora was followed by an expertise session on how to beat exam stress, stay calm and overcome anxiety during exams. Parents who also undergo same anxiety for exams of their children were also a part of the session and seemed to be quite contented after getting all their queries related to exams and stress solved.  


MAPIANS Spread Magic at Rajpath on 26th January 2017

It was a matter of immense honour and pride for the school when a group of 150 students showcased their vibrant presentation of Assam Nritya Shaili at Rajpath on 26th January 2017. The memorable performance was witnessed by Hon’ble President of India, Sh. Pranab Mukherjee, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Sh. Narender Modi, Chief Guest of the occasion , Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and highly distinguished dignitaries and the masses across India and other countries. The performance was an ode to the supreme power that is a source for instilling positivity and vitality in lives



To encourage and appreciate the hard work of our proud junior Mapians, an appreciation assembly was held on 3rd October 2016 to mark their achievements at various levels outside the school where the delighted parents had the honour to be the part of the special assembly. The assembly was conducted by the students of class II C where they depicted the message of love, happiness, peace and nonviolence through the head gears they wore to mark the special assemblies of the month - World Peace Day, Literacy Day and Gandhi Jayanti. The assembly began with welcome address by our honorable Principal Madam Jyoti Arora to the parents and followed by Ganesh Vandana, Song of Gratitude towards parents and orchestra. The awardees were felicitated with certificates, medals and trophies by the Principal in the presence of their parents. It was indeed a proud moment for the School, the parents and the students.


Junior Sports Day

The School celebrated ‘Junior Sports Day 2016’. The Chief Guest on the occasion, Dr. Haleema Sadia, Principal, India International School, Sharjah, UAE inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp. The event was declared open with the release of balloons by the Chief Guest, Honorable Chairman, Sh. D.N. Arora and Principal, Madam Jyoti Arora. The release of balloons marked the liberty of thoughts and actions. The event witnessed a variety of sporting drills followed by the diversified fun filled races. Prizes were given to the winners from different categories



To instil the spirit of inspiration and gear up the students to face the competitive world, the school organized the “Appreciation Assembly” wherein the students were awarded with certificates, medals and trophies for meritorious performance in various fields. The wonderfully endowed students were cheered and blessed by their Parents who were part of the Special assembly on the day.



The School organized the Instillation Ceremony wherein the Chief Guest Ashwani Kumar Bhalla, President, Rotary Club along with the dignitaries Prov. K.V. Bhanu Murty, Mukesh Gupta, Mohan Nagpal and Mr. R.P. Tulsian inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp. The Principal welcomed the dignitaries with sampling and addressed the audience with her valuable words of wisdom .The children presented a beautiful cultural programme including the street play and poems which highlighted the importance of literacy in our life This was followed by the ceremony where the dignitaries delegated the duties to the student members of the Interact club by handing over the pins of different posts The delegates also planted the saplings to ensure a successful survival and as a kind gesture for the cause of the welfare society. The students of interact club were appreciated for the ongoing effort in spreading the importance of literacy. The dignitaries encouraged the children to come forward and work for the noble cause and uplift the society.



School celebrated the annual event “Expressions 2016” the Annual School Fiesta. Chairman of the school Sh. D.N. Arora and Madam Principal inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp which marked the auspicious beginning of the day. The event witnessed the enthusiastic participation of about 950 students from different reputed schools of Delhi in various events from different fields like Mathematical Skills, Art & Craft, Poetry & Dramatics. The children exhibited the excellent oratory skills and ability to create the magnificent art pieces and mathematical skills. The Principal in her speech emphasized the need to have a competitive zeal and show the best of the talent in their areas of interest. She appreciated the effort of the children and encouraged them for the future endeavors.



School was privileged to be the host of Indo Montenegro Art Exhibition and MMUN 2016. The opening ceremony witnessed the presence of Her Excellency, Dr. JaniceDarbari, Consulate General of Montenegro in India, Mr. Pulkeet Mehra, Executive Director Rasta Foundation and MUN participants from diverse reputed schools across the city. The two day events were a platform for the young learners to appreciate diversity of identities and cultures and acknowledge the need for sustainable development to recognize and know about peace and conflict. The Principal of the school, Mrs. Jyoti Arora in her address highlighted the need to build Global Citizens and develop prospects that activate critical thinking skills and students' creativity. The opening ceremony was initiated with lighting of lamp by the dignitaries and the cultural presentation by the dynamic dancers of Mount Abu Public School. The Chief Guest, Her Excellency, Ms Janice Darbari in her speech guided the students to arise, awake and not to stop till the goal is reached. She highlighted that young learners should be focused and must analyze situations for world peace. The mega events were an opportunity for the students to expand their horizon of knowledge and explore issues affecting the world beyond the boundaries of their nation. The students visited the exhibition that had a display of more than 170 paintings on the theme “ Indo Montenegro : Hands of Friendship” .The closing ceremony had glimpses of experience sharing by the delegates and the Prize Distribution to the two best delegates from each committee.


UDAAN ... Visualization at its best (Annual Painting Competition)

The School organised its Annual event UDAAN on the occasion of celebration of Children's Day. The event witnessed the whole hearted participation of all the members of the school in presenting their visualization with colours and depicted their creation in the best of their way. The paintings made by the children were ranked and prizes were given to the best entries from each class, the teaching staff. The Principal appreciated the children for their wonderful execution of the plans on the canvas and encouraged them to have a vision for their future which plays a crucial role in a focused life .



School celebrated Investiture Ceremony wherein the Chief Guest Sh. D.N. Arora, Chairman of the school lighted the lamp of knowledge and congratulated the council members for their selection. The Principal delegated the duties & responsibilities to the newly elected members and the oath ceremony further highlighted the programme wherein the School Captain, Vice Captain, House Captains, prefects and editorial board members pledged to take the flag of the school high upto the zenith of success. The Chairman addressed the gathering and blessed them for future endeavors. The Principal congratulated the newly elected members for their defined duties for the future. Since the occasion coincided with the Independence Day Celebration, the children promised to take the nation forward towards the path of glory


Diwali Celebration

o celebrate the auspicious occasion of Diwali and cherish togetherness, the school conducted various inter–class competitions on 28th Oct 2016. Active participation of students and teachers could be seen to embellish the event. Multitude of competitions like Diya decoration, Candle decoration, Thali decoration, CD decoration and Rangoli making took place. The students of all classes decorated the respective classrooms with great zeal and enthusiasm. After the competition all the material was exhibited at the reception for the parents.



In our endeavor to carry forward the legacy of International Day of Yoga celebration and spread awareness about wellness & health fitness among students, parents, staff and the people in the vicinity, the school organized the International Day of Yoga on 21st June last year. The session was conducted for the same this year too in the school premises in partnership with Ministry of AYUSH organized by Premsukh International Charitable Trust. The session was held from 7:00 am to 8:30 am where the yoga instructors demonstrated various postures for asans & pranayama to be followed by the gathering. It was indeed a very fruitful session for all who attended it.



The School was the proud host of CBSE Chess Tournament 2016 (Central Zone) .The three day mega event commenced on 20th October 2016 was declared open by
Mr. Sushil Kumar, Renowned free style wrestler and Olympic Medalist in a scintillating inaugural ceremony. The tournament witnessed a massive participation of around 800 participants from diverse reputed school across the city. The winners were awarded with their certificates, Trophies & Medals by the Chief Guest Sh. S.K. Bhattacharya, President, Action Committee Unaided Recognised Private School in the Prize Distribution ceremony held on 22nd October 2016. 
Mr. Bhattacharya in his motivational speech highlighted the importance of sports and vital role it plays in grooming ones personality to achieve excellence in life. The school also released a brochure highlighting the value of sports and diversified skills that one can imbibe by taking keen interest in physical activities. The event was an opportunity for the young chess players to showcase their talent in the game and compete with their contenders to march ahead with immense confidence for realizing their cherished dreams



To sensitize the mass for the conservation of planet and its green component ,The School participated in the grand event organized by Department of Environment and Forest on the occasion of World Environment Day . The Chief Guest Shri Arvind Kejrival, Hon'ble Chief Minister Of Delhi and the Guest of Honor Shri Imran Hussain, Minister of Environment and Forest, Govt of NCT Delhi and Shri Kapil Mishra , Minister of Tourism graced the occasion with their distinguished presence. The Principal along with the student crusaders of environment participated in the nature walk with the sole purpose of causing awareness about the significance of trees ,birds and all the wild life creatures. The walk was followed by plantation of saplings and release of beautiful birds from the cages s a sign of liberation. The students also presented a Nukkad Natak highlighting the protection of wildlife and its promotion. The students also recited their self composed poems .The eminent guests addressed the gathering with their motivational speech showing grave concern for the environment and the governments serious attitude to save the nature. The event concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Inspector of Forest. The event set a remarkable impact on everyone's mind to divert their attention for the noble cause of saving the nature and its vital components.



The School organized the special celebration, Award Ceremony 2016 wherein the young scholars from different fields of education were awarded for their remarkable achievement. The event was inaugurated by Hon'ble Chief Guest Shri Premchand Palety, Founder, Chief Executive, Cfore, a multidisciplinary research organization, the eminent dignitary Shri Utkrisht Prasoon, IPS officer, the Chairman of the school Sh. D.N. Arora and the Principal by lighting the lamp of knowledge followed by cultural presentations by the children. The Scholars of the session 2015-16 were awarded trophies and certificates for showing their brilliant performance in the different fields of education like academics, dance, drama, sports etc. The Chief Guest applauded for the wonderful achievement of the children and blessed them more laurels in future. The Principal addressed the gathering and showed the delight for the success of students



The School celebrated the World Earth Day 2016, an initiative of Millennium India Education Foundation and the host school. The event witnessed the presence of eminent Chief Guest Shri Har Prakash Rishi, known as Ripleys' Guinness Rishi, Guinness Book record Holder in three categories and 20 world record breakers, along with dignitaries Dr. Uday Kakroo, founder Millennium India Education Foundation and Mr. Rajesh Harsh Senior Artist from Nehru Planetarium. The day witnessed a series of competitions like painting, skit and extempore wherein a number of schools reputed schools from all over Delhi participated to show their enthusiasm to save the mother earth and create a wave of sympathy among the masses. The Principal addressed the gathering and congratulated the winners and participants for their keen interest. The vote of thanks was proposed by Academic Director who thanked the respected Dignitaries and the participants for their brilliant performance


Foundation Day

The School celebrated the Foundation Day of the school and rejoiced the successful completion of 18 years of its inception. The Day began with the auspicious Ceremony, Hawan wherein the hon'ble Chairman of the school Shri D.N Arora and the School Manager Shri Bharat Arora along with the staff members and the students prayed for blessings and showed the gratitude to Almighty for providing them the strength to serve the society .The celebration witnessed a cultural presentation of Kathak dance and the school song that highlighted the school's effort to help the children grow and develop as wholesome personalities. Since the day coincided with the biggest Harvest Festival Baisakhi, the children sang the Baisakhi Song highlighting the effort of farmers in making the society survive better. The Chairman addressed the gathering and congratulated for the success the school has achieved and also wished all to exhibit the best of their abilities in future too. The Academic Director Madam Neerja Padru administered the pledge to carry forward the legacy with dedication, determination and perseverance as success is a journey not the destination.


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