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Pioneer IB World School in North-West Delhi

Best School in Rohini

Welcome to Mount Abu Public School Senior

A Hi- Tech Air Conditioned Senior Secondary school recognized by Directorate of Education affiliated to CBSE in Commerce, Science & Humanities. It is a centre of educational distinction for its state of the art infrastructure, a competent faculty and dynamic leadership. The school is an SDG school wherein curriculum is integrated with the United Nations Sustainable Goals with 2030 Agenda and  activities involve the community to contribute to the promotion of SDGs.

Mount Abu Junior School

Best IB PYP School in North Delhi Best School in Delhi
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Best school in Delhi

Looking for the top educational establishment for your child in Delhi?

Mount Abu Public School is the best school in Delhi where excellence is no just a goal but the way of life. Our school believes in writing an inspirational story with the thread of hard work and sincerity, with the beats of ambition and hope as companions on the path to achievement and innovation in all aspects of our learning. Our hard work is our fulfilled tale of achievement and the map for the path our learners will take towards their own professional successes. We strive as a globally minded institution to Instil Global Citizenship And Nurture Future-Ready Individuals.

Our school shines as an academic luminary; nurturing young minds to realize their potential and become tomorrow’s leaders. Our rich history of quality education makes us proud of giving a rounded learning experience that surpasses textbooks and classrooms.

Innovation meets tradition at our school, thereby creating a vibrant atmosphere where learners thrive intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Our committed faculty members are not just educators; they are also tutors who accompany their students through their experiences to success. We believe in creating an environment full of questions and critical thinking that allows learners to probe, seek, and find the answers. The school’s physical plant is modern while its course offerings encompass all spheres from studies to co-curricular activities.

We have had a good number of former students who have succeeded in various parts of the globe changing people’s lives for the better. Our learners make us proud whether it is academic work or social happenings or even games.

Why Mount Abu Public School is the best school in Rohini?

Mount Abu Public School is the best school in Rohini as our vision embodies collaboratively conceived voices as well as aspirations of our committed stakeholders (praised and valued staff, responsible learners, supportive families, management and stakeholders) and our jointly arrived upon goals which are courteously and meaningfully gathered inputs from parents, educators and learners, as portrayed in our curriculum which literally spell our school's vision. We are a school on the move. Our curriculum’s message arms us with an educational paradigm fit for a post modern world.

We create a stimulating educational atmosphere that expands the intellect and maximizes students' skills in different fields. We have top-notch infrastructure as well as a team consisting of professionals that are set for maximizing your child’s potential. Our curriculum is different from the majority, as it isn't limited to the usual subjects, rather it comprises valuable life skills, critical thinking, and artistry in each of the lessons.

We offer this environment where we plan to send your child stands out as a guide motion project, providing exclusive chances for his or her development and success. At our school, we are enthusiastic about the fact that education is not just reading textbooks or answering exams. We provide, not only the knowledge in the classroom, but also the habits of learning that lasts a lifetime which facilities in training future citizens who will cope with the challenges of the dynamic world.

Factors contributing to Mount Abu Public School being recognized as the best school in North Delhi

The factor that makes us the best school in North Delhi and the top school in India is our unique and powerful approach to learning and our unyielding dedication to give each person attention and assistance. In compliance with the fact that every child is of a different nature, we respect his/her diverse talents, hobbies, and career aspirations. Therefore, as we design a specific strategy, we take into account different learners who trust us and provide them with the assistance and motivation required.

At Mount Abu, we are not mere educators; rather, we hold the hands of our students on the path of self-actualization, a process that changes their personality and develops intellectual faculties and strength of character, forming a solid foundation for future success. We have a group of accomplished educators in our team who are focused on motivating and leading young learners toward their highest level of attainment. By employing this progressive educational method, we ensure that each student excels not only academically but also in life.

Academics is not our sole focus; we also aim at nurturing individuals with a multitude of abilities. Therefore, our curriculum extends beyond academic learning into various co-curricular endeavors and imbibing 21st-century skills to our learners through sports clubs, team activities, project based learning and experiential learning that range from artificial intelligence to debate or from competitive athletics to imaginative artistry.

Best CBSE School in Delhi

What distinguishes Mount Abu Public School from others?

Mount Abu is the best CBSE school in Delhi and best CBSE school in India as it's a place that goes beyond normal definition and it is the best school to give away the best in every field. It is a place where innovation, creativity and thinking skils are encouraged. Our curriculum is designed to inculcate in the students-a thinking process which is needed for any topic or objective today and tomorrow.

Our education programmes are second to none. We have state-of-art infrastructure, professional teachers and experts on the faculty. We are dedicated to excellence for all the students. Our greatest asset is our steadfast devotion to the total development of every student.

We keep our commitment in preparing global citizens focusing on the learners who will be not only good learners but also good global citizens, or citizens with global perspectives. We believe in fostering learners with open-mindedness, empathy and respect for diversity. Our global associations comprise of schools in Scotland, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan and Nigeria and many more countries. Through these collaborations, we ensure Cultural Exchange and respecting communal diversity.

Through such associations, we emphasize on the essence of unity and transcending borders to create a sustainable future. By bridging cultures and perspectives, we demonstrate the potential for mutual growth and learning, echoing the values of empathy, collaboration, and shared responsibility inherent in the Global Citizenship paradigm.

Best IB PYP School in Delhi

Mount Abu Public School has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first North Delhi IB PYP (International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme) Candidate School. This achievement reflects our dedication to providing international-standard education, fostering critical thinking, and nurturing young global citizens.The school received its authorisation in the year 2023 and became the best IB PYP School in Delhi.

OThe curriculum portrays our approach, lining up our endeavors with a future where innovation, adaptability, critical thinking and collaboration lead supreme. The curriculum adopted is our shared dedication to sculpting an educational environment that nurtures excellence, creativity and a deep sense of purpose among our learners.

Top 10 school in Delhi

Testimonials highlighting Mount Abu School's excellence

Mount Abu Public School made waves globally by being among the top 5 finalists at the Bett Asia Sustainability Awards held in Thailand. It is among the top 10 schools in Delhi. Our commitment to Sustainable Development was recognized as we secured the 6th position in India as an SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) committed school.

Gold For Sustainability: Our school’s hard work and collaboration were validated with the Gold praise obtained through the Climate Reality Project.

Microsoft Showcase School: Our educators have been trained to support and capitalize modern technology in and beyond the school, and we are the receivers of the Microsoft Showcase School accreditation for the consecutive fifth official time.

Sporting Achievement: We continue to host Inter School, Zonal, State and National Championships, promoting sports and sporty pupils. Our Sport programs support and edge young talent.

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