The Korean Language Class students of Mount Abu Public School had an amazing time on 12th October 2019 as they visited the Korean Culture Centre to be felicitated by  Mr. Kim Kim Pyoung, Director KCC  for achieving the beginner's level proficiency in Korean Language. The School was one of the pioneer school to organise these classes free of cost in association with Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Ministry of Education, South Korea and Korean Cultural Centre. The  students also had an enriching experience as they took the tour of the Centre and got acquainted with the Korean music, martial art, literary knowledge, Korean cuisine and many more. The visit was certainly a step to promote globalization and expand the horizons of learning beyond the boundaries.



The students of the school had an enriching experience as they interacted with the partner school, Kingsdale Foundation School, UK over the collaborative project of Zero Plastic on 4th October 2019.The students identified the various sources where  plastic is used and would work on identifying potential alternative solutions to combat the use of plastic and stride towards a sustainable future.

The session provided a platform to the students to get involved and realise that the society is facing similar issues that needs attention and action for achieving global goals.



The school participated in the 8TH QUALITY YOUTH INITIATIVES SUMMIT organized by Mauritian Society for quality control circles from 22nd to 27th July in Mauritius. There were around 125 participants from 10 schools from all over India which participated in the event. Various competitions like kavi Sammelan, Debate Competition, Public peaking contest, Mathematics Competition, Case study presentation were organized in the event. The school students showcased their presentation and were felicitated with the special performance award which included a shield and a certificate. It was a  lifetime opportunity for the delegation to meet the Acting President of Mauritius , Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of Mauritius and got the chance to visit the Parliament of Mauritius.



The school became one of the pioneer schools of Delhi to introduce Korean Language Class for its students. The Classes are conducted twice a week by the expert teacher from Korea. The Classes are being held in the school premises in association with Korean Culture Centre and provides the students a significant exposure to the Korean language that has gained  noteworthy prominence in the global scenario.



Continuing with its endeavors to spread the essence of Internationalism among the young learners and making them confident global leaders of tomorrow, the school organized “ Expressions-2019” on the theme Celebrating Indo-Italian ties in collaboration with Embassy of Italy on 20th July 2019, Saturday. The event was graced by  highly esteemed Ms. Chiara Petracca, Head of Political Embassy of Italy, Mr. Andrea Baldi, Director of the Italian Cultural Centre and Ms. Valentina Ierna, Head of Uni Italia in India .The event included an array of competitions with a massive participation of around 1500 students from about 50 schools that provided an insight of Cultures of Italy and India to the young learners.



A delegation from Mount Abu Public School comprising of Principal Ms. Jyoti Arora, Middle Co-ordinator Ms. Minoo Bhatia, Junior School Co-ordinator Ms. Gurpreet Kaur, Ms. Deepti Chibber, Ms. Nivedita Sharma, Ms. Sapanjot Kaur and Ms. Nitika Chopra visited friends at our lovely partner school St. Bedes Catholic Junior School, Widnes UK under “Connecting Classroom” program facilitated by British Council. Delegation also visited Wade Deacon High School, Widnes and Vauxhall Primary School, London. Headteacher of St. Bedes Catholic Junior School - Ms. Faith Tiernan along with her colleagues hosted the delegation with warmth and great hospitality. Delegation got an opportunity to observe classroom teachings, interact with staff & students and meet parents over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. St. Bede's welcomed the delegation with a show filled with beautiful signing, dance and gymnastics. As part of Postcard Exchange Activity, postcards written by our students were handed over to students of St Bedes School. Mrs. Tiernan along with her colleague will be visiting Mount Abu School in October 2019. The delegation interacted with Mr. Ian Kirkham, Chief Executive Officer of Wade Deacon Trust. Mr. Howard Mealey, International Dimension Leader, Wade Deacon High School introduced the school to delegates. Students were quite excited to meet guests from India and loved Q & A session about India during their interaction. The delegation paid a visit to Vauxhall Primary School in the heart of London where Ms. Sarah Botchway (Associate Headteacher) and Ms. Natalie Graham (Head of Curriculum/Standards) introduced the delegation to curriculum and teaching standards being developed and followed in the school. Ms. Botchway and Ms. Graham had visited Mount Abu School in 2017.



Ms. Paola Fatur, Head of School Enterprise Challenge, Teach a Man to Fish, UK visited Mount Abu Public School. She discussed the school's business- Herbs n Cures run by students, the skills acquired along with the working of School Enterprise Challenge with the Principal and the Herbs n Cures team. She had an enriching session with the team whereby she interacted with the students asking about the business and its details. She also discussed the vital aspects of an enterprise and provided an insight into the working of SEC. Her visit was really inspirational for the team members who discussed about their excitement and challenges faced while running the business.



Ms. Chiara Petracca, Head of Press & Cultural Affairs, Embassy of Italy and Ms. Valentina Ierna, Head of Uni Italia visited Mount Abu Public School. Italian Language students had a great time exploring Italian language and culture during their interaction with the guests. They also visited the classrooms at Junior School and got a glimpse of teaching pedagogies at MAPS


Video Conference - Learning beyond boundries

Mount Abu Public School participated in a Video Conference organized by  Generation Global on 22nd January 2019. The conference was attended by The British School -- India,  Mount Abu Public School, Sector - 5, Rohini India, The Spark School & College Qasimabad – Pakistan and Tagore International School - East of Kailash (EOK), India. Topic of the session was "Human Trafficking".  The dialogue began with students explaining their views on the notion of human worth. Everyone seemed to be on the same page regarding the priceless value of humanity.   It was a  learning opportunity for the students to research trafficking that is done in more affluent areas as well. Overall, the session was a fruitful one where the students enhanced their communication skills and analyzed the need to join hands against human trafficking.



The school organized the mega event  Natyum-Celebrating Sri Lankan Cultural Extravaganza on 20th January 2019. The event witnessed the presence of High Commissioner for Sri Lanka in India His Excellency Mr. Austin Fernando and Madam Madhavi Das, Executive Director, FSSAI, India along with eminent dignitaries and distinguished educationists. The event began with ceremonial lamp lighting  followed by and  invocation to lord Shiva.

The delegation from Sri Lanka from the Educational Information Technology and Cultural affairs, Ministry of Sabaragamuva Provincial Council from Sri Lanka presented captivating and graceful cultural presentation to share the cultural and traditional aesthetic values of Sri Lanka. The Naga Raksha Dance , Pot Dance , Ukussa Wannama and many more performances by the delegation mesmerized the audience . The students of the school also presented Indian Folk Dance of Goa, Dhangar along with other captivating performances . The eminent dignitaries addressed the gathering and appreciated the effort of the delegation in presenting the grand show that provided a glimpse of Sri Lanka's rich ethos . The Principal,  in her address appreciated the performers from Sri Lanka and encouraged young learners to appreciate diversity that exists across the globe. Through the event, the massive gathering of parents and students of the school  acknowledged , treasured and  developed reverence for  the vibrant culture and graceful dances of Sri Lanka.



The School rejoiced  the Celebration of International collaboration with Korea with the culmination of Korean Week on 20 January 2019 with great fanfare. The celebration began with auspicious mark by lighting the lamp of knowledge by the Honorable Chief Guest, Director Korean Culture Centre, KIM KUM PYOUNG  along with the Principal followed by  mesmerizing Indian dance presentation by Mapians. A report regarding the celebration of Korean Week was read out along with the video presentation of the activities held throughout the week from 14 to 18 January, 2019. A wonderful talk was presented by student highlighting the Amazing Korea for its beautiful culture and tradition. The audience was enthralled by the Taekwondo kicks  by the Taekwando demonstration  team of Korean Culture Centre  that left everyone spellbound.  The programme concluded with the Certificate  distribution to the participants of “Korea and Me”  followed by National Aanthem of both the countries, India and Korea. A story telling activity by the representatives from Korean cultural centre. They also distributed the special staple food of Korea  and guided the children regarding the recipe which was appreciated by all. The Chief Guest addressed the gathering and appreciated the ties between the two countries and encouraged the children for their future collaborative works  further  strengthen the bond between the two countries.


Skype Session with Gerstell Academy, USA

MAPians had an highly enriching experience as they indulged in Skype Session with Gerstell Academy, USA .The session witnessed thoughtful discussions on how both the countries implement democracy through governance, thus bringing international perspective to their learnings. The session was a platform to open up vistas of human understanding and expand universal consciousness for the young learners to become fruitful Global citizens of this planet. Students from both the schools represented their nation’s administrative policies and structure through an opening statement which provided the base for further elaborate discussion. The propaganda of the American Government and the assurance of welfare of the citizens were highly commendable as the delegates opened the gate to a very fruitful discussion on democracy and its statistical and actual implementation in both countries. The evening of December 4th 2018 brought a golden opportunity for students of Mount Abu School  to indulge in an active skype session that not only expanded the horizon of knowledge about United states of America and its administrations but also ensured the awareness about the three branches of government and cultural scenario of both countries. As the students dived deep in the ocean of very composed and formal conversation, the young minds had an immense and absolute experience to know about the world and its working through a very democratic way. The session enhanced the confidence of the young learners and provided an opportunity to introspect the working of their governments along with that of USA. The session was highly enriching and opened the vistas of new horizons beyond boundaries.


Visit to Vietnam Embassy

The students of Mount Abu Public School, Sector 5 Rohini got the privilege to be a part of Ambassador Interaction Programme with His Excellency, Pham Sanh Chau, Ambassador of Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in India
The ambassador in his address highlighted the similarities between Vietnam and India and acknowledged that the students are the future of friendship between Vietnam and India. The young learners interacted with the Ambassador and enriched themselves with the need to  be a global citizen of the world. The students of the school presented a scintillating dance performance which was appreciated highly by the Ambassador and the gathering of educators and students. The event was a platform for students to explore the diversity that exist across the globe




The ITALIAN LANGUAGE CLUB, an initiative of Italian Embassy Cultural Centre was launched in Mount Abu Public School, Rohini on 17th November 2018 in a special ceremony that witnessed the massive participation of 300 students and 600 parents. The club is an extension of school's endevour to promote Internationalism in the curriculum and interlace the pedagogies with global dimension. The Italian Language Learning Centre in the school would provide the young learners a platform to explore the world beyond the boundaries and enrich themselves with the culture and traditions of Italy. It would certainly provide more opportunities to the students as Italy is a country known for its beauty and authentic culture.  The club would be an excellent platform for the children to know more about Italy and enrich themselves with the tendency for being global learners.The Principal in her motivating address rendered a heartfelt gratitude to the Director, Italian Embassy Cultural  Centre for initiating the Italian Language Learning Centre in the school .She called it a privilege for the school to be the centre for Italian Language and  expressed her confidence that the students would enjoy the language and the vocabulary that would be taught in the classroom. The club will be operational from 1st December 2018 wherein the two hours session  for the children from classes VI to IX  on Introduction of  Italian language  will be done by eminent resource person from Italian Embassy. The club will be held  on every Saturday in the School premises and 24 classes on Basics of Italian language will be undertaken. The Italian Language Learning Centre  in the school is thus an exemplary step  to foster global citizenship among the students.


Accredited with Global Research for Excellence in Education (GREE) Singapore

With the legacy of winning laurels, Mount Abu School has gone another step ahead for being accredited with Global Research for Excellence in Education (GREE) Singapore


Skype Session with Admiralty Primary School, Singapore

The interactive Skype Session with Admiralty Primary School, Singapore on 18th September 2018 opened the new horizon of learning for the students of Class V at Mount Abu Public School . The young learners of both the schools shared the cultures and customs of their Countries. The students appreciated the diversities and similarities that exist across their nation and bonded with their new friends through e connect.


Exploring Horizons Beyond the Boundaries

As a part of Mount Abu Public School's Global Connect Initiative, Principal Mrs. Jyoti Arora visited beautiful campus of Admiralty Primary School, Singapore this morning. She interacted with Mr. Pek Wee Haur (Principal, Admiralty Primary School) & Mr. Daniel Lim (Head ISA). Young minds of the school were excited to learn about India and its culture.


Visit to Nanyang Girls High School, Singapore

Great Privilege for the School Principal, Mrs. Jyoti Arora to meet Madam Ng Chuen-Yin ,Principal Nanyang Girls High School, Singapore and exchange innovative pedagogies to provide the best to the students and assist them to emerge as the global leaders of tomorrow.


Discovering the hues of Internationalism

The School got the golden opportunity to attend the Opening Ceremony of Vietnam Days in India 2018 on the occasion of the state visit to India by His Excellency Tran Dai Quang, the President of Vietnam at the Art Gallery, India International Centre on 3 March 2018.The event witnessed the presence of delegates from the two countries. It was a step  forward to take the relations of India and Vietnam to a higher level of understanding and an initiative to collaborate and create opportunities for both the countries for prosperous future.


Video Conference - Learning beyond boundries

The school had an enriching Video Conference with the school of Zespół Szkół SRKAK, Poland  Mahatma Montessori K.K Nagar, Tamil Nadu Izmail School No.1 from Poland on 9th January 2018.The session focused on Essentials of Dialogues on “Power and Influence”. The interactive session witnessed the exchange of thoughts and ideas about the inspirational personalities of their life. The students of all the schools discussed about their education culture and the power they have as students.  The participants appreciated and acknowledged each other’s views and opinions and assured to be the companions and nurture a strong friendship and association.



The school had an interactive SKYPE Session with the school of Montenegro school on 8th February 2017.The session focused on knowing about each other’s country in terms of tourism, cuisine, language spoken etc. The discussion on the Poster Making Competition on the theme “Indo Montenegro- Bond of Friendship” organized on Montenegro’s National day, 13th July 2016 was the highlight of the session.  The students of both the countries appreciated and acknowledged each other’s culture and are on a journey to a strong friendship and association.


Video Conference with a School of Ukraine - 26th October 2016

“Technology is best when it brings people together”

A video conference was organized in the on 26 th October 2016 where the students interacted with students of Ukraine on the topic Faith, Values and Community through the platform of Generation Global . Technology plays a crucial role in the transformation of society. It is instrumental that video conferencing impacts students' success and motivation to learn. Synchronous conferencing enhanced teaching and learning by exchanging and sharing experiences and opinions, posing questions and discussion, giving and receiving feedback. The students explored new understandings presented by the students on the other side. The response and enthusiasm of students demonstrates the importance of this issue within the community. The insights provided through these findings support a better understanding of global issues. A number of benefits were linked to the project. From the students' perspective, they were able to discuss the problems of their community .


Learning beyond boundries - Visit to Partners Schools in U.K

It was a matter of great pride when Mrs. Minoo Bhatia, Co-ordinator at Secondary Level and Mrs. Sonali Chopra, Co-ordinator a Nursery Level visited the partner schools, St. Bedes and Wade Deacon High School, U.K. The visit was very enriching as teaching pedagogic and learning styles were exchanged to facilitate young learners with innovative classroom conditions so that the students are groomed and are equipped to be the confident global leaders of tomorrow.


Video Conferencing with Father Henry Carr Secondary School, Canada - 23rd May 2013

In order to provide the students a Global platform, the school has initiated this program in collaboration with Tony Blair Foundation which has come into existence to establish peace, harmony and brotherhood among the people of the world irrespective of any caste,creed, religion, views or countries etc. The students at MAPS had video conference with the students of Father Henry Carr at Canada exchanging their views on the same. Many more such programs will be organized ahead.


Connecting and Learning

The School was a proud host to delegates from St. Bede's Catholic Junior School, UK. Madam Faith Tiernan, Deputy Head Teacher, and Madam Steph Llyod Green, Art Teacher visited the school premises and exchanged the teaching pedagogies with the School. They interacted with the students and staff members to learn more about the activities and learning in the school. Ideas and thoughts were shared for future collaborative projects to be undertaken in the future so that the partnership remains sustainable and soars greater heights.


Principal visits U.K. under Exchange Programme

To take the partnership a step ahead for better collaboration, the Principal visited the partner school St. Bedes Catholic Junior School Wade Decan High School, UK under the Exchange Programme sponsored by British Council and paved the way for a better and constructive use of education for global understanding. They discussed about the proposed projects for the next session and how the children can be made to be more inclined towards a better partnership with each other through a no. of collaborative projects.



The perpetual effort of the school to maintain peace and harmony reached its peak when it won the ”GOLD AWARD” by the organization ”FACE TO FAITH”, renowned for its contribution in the field of involving the students, the leaders of tomorrow, for this noble cause. The school feels proud to be one of the recipient of the most prestigious award for remarkable performance in video conferencing with students of other schools across the globe and promote peace in the prevailing era of violence and terror for sustainable grown of the nation.



Glorious moments raised their head at Mount Abu for its exemplary achievement in receiving the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD (ISA) from British Council highlighting the strenuous effort of the school in incorporating international dimensions in curriculum, thus globalizing the present trend of education in the school and equipping the children with enhanced skills to compete with the ever changing world. The school feels highly privileged to have become one of the leading institutions under the able guidance great visionaries, the chairman of the school Sh. D.N Arora and the Principal Madam Jyoti Arora whose consistent hardwork and determination always act as a source of inspiration for all to proceed ahead with pride and confidence.

The Principal received the ISA Award at a special ceremony held in Kolkatta.The award is a benchmark for school's continuous endeavors in establishing an international ethos in the school premises which is an imperative requisite in today's globalised world



It was indeed a great privilege for the Principal of the School to be a member of the CBSE delegation team to China from 25th October to 1st November, 2013 to observe the teaching of Mandarin language in schools in China and interact with teachers willing to come to India to teach the language .

The visit proved out to be a new enriching experience as it gave a wonderful platform to know more about the culture of the country . The visit provided the opportunity to see the classroom-teaching, laboratories play fields and the methodology of teaching the Chinese as well as English language which will surely help to enhance the ties

It was undoubtedly a wonderful programme which helped to bring the two nations closer through educational practice and can lead to newer trends in the education field.


Delegates from Wade Deacon High School, UK - 21st October 2013

It was a matter of great pride when the delegates from UK School, Wade Deacon High School visited the school premises. The delegation consisted of Ms. Michele Bacon, Deputy Headmistress, Ms. Phil Noone, English Teacher and Mr. Mathew Camvell, Physical Education Trainer. The visit strengthened the partnership and gave the school a chance to collaborate with International peers. The visit provided a platform where educators and learners could explore global issues, tackle challenges and get prepared to wor in global economy.


Video Conference with SMAN 5 Dipansar Secondary School, Indonesia - 2nd August 2013

The Students of Mount Abu School were fortunate enough to get the privilege to be involved in video conference with SMAN 5 Dipansar School of Indonesia organised by Tony Blair Foundation. The feeling of being connected to the other students across the globe instilled in them an extra ounce of zeal and they shared their views about what in the school community attracts them, how faith is perceived and culture is followed by others. They helped the students to know about the culture followed at Bali and inculcated in them the respect for other religions.


Multi Point Video Conferencing - 31st July 2013

The Students of Mount Abu School had a novel experience of being provided with an International platform to put forth their views in the form of multipoint video confrence organised by Tony Blair Foundation with three other Schools namely DPS Rohini, D.A.V, Pushpanjali Enclave and Salvan Public School, Rajender Nagar on 31st July, 2013. With boundless curiosity and wondrous thrill they discussed about all Indian festivals in a session of about one and a half hour. This helped to add to their knowledge about mythological stories behind various festivals and provided new dimensions to their creative and analytical skills


UK Delegates visited the School

Whatever the mind can believe , it can achieve”

It was a moment of great pride and honour when Ms. Angela Paget, Head Teacher and Ms. Faith Tiernan, Deputy Head Teacher of St. Bedes Primary School, Widnes, U.K. visited the School premises under the mutual exchange programme supported by British Council. The visit facilitated a better understanding and helped the children get more awareness about the world around. 

The interactive session of the delegates from U.K with the staff and students of Mount Abu Public School provided a platform for enriched learning that unleashed the potential of learner that would surely facilitate effective leaning in both the institutions.


Proud recipient of internationally acclaimed SOE Global Education Award 2012

Its a matter of great honour and pride for the School being awarded " an Outstanding School of the Year Award" under SOE Global Education Award 2012 for its extra ordinary work in the field of education taking into consideration its infrastructure, facilities provided to the students, curriculum, a wide range of International activities and awards won by the school.



Learning beyond the boundaries

Learning beyond the boundaries is always an embodiment of high intellectual charisma that kindles the spirits to move ahead with glory. The school provides international approach in education through the active participation in ISA Programme, an initiative by British Council . The programme recognizes the exceptional practice in adding an international dimension to school curriculum. The process of working towards the recognition provides a framework that identifies school's priorities for international work. The activities approved by British Council's team of scholars enabled students of the school appreciate and value diversity of cultures and an ability to relate to global issues pertaining to sustainable development



we are proud to announce that Akshay Anand, one of the student members of the Eco club of the School participated in Jenesys Program 2014 sponsored by the Japanese International Corporation Centre (JICE) in collaboration with the Department of Environment, Govt. of NCT, Delhi, India . He visited Japan under this program. Under the program, the Japanese Government undertook a new youth exchange program between Japan and Asian countries to revitalize the Japanese economy and promote global understandings on Japanese Values and Environmental issues. The entire program took place at Fukuoka, Japan. The trip was from 26th May,2014 to 3rd June, 2014


Ms Kate Harris and Peter from Oxford University Publishing House

"Diversity is the widening of the mind and the spirit." The School was a proud host to Ms Kate Harris and Peter from Oxford University Publishing House, The visit facilitated mutual understanding of the countries pedagogical methodologies and provided an in depth appreciation of the way the educational institute work here.


Japanese Delegates showcasing their skills

To inspire, empower and train the young minds about the expertise available across the globe, a workshop by Japanese Delegates was organised for the holistic and sustainable development of the members of the school. It provided them with the zeal to explore global horizons and broadened their outlook.



School got a chance of international recognition when one of its students, Sonam Bajaj got selected for the JENESYS programme, combined initiative by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. Of India and Central Board of Secondary Education, for promoting the exchange programme with Japan .Her visit and interaction with the students abroad will help in exploring the world beyond the country and broaden her horizon. The experiences with the students all across the country will help in implementing better practices of education so that the students can be made the better leaders of tomorrow.

Manan Singhal of class X was also the proud young scholar to visit Japan under the programme of Jenesys in the Nov Batch 2012, He was one of those children who got selected for the programme on the basis of academics and performance in co-curricular activities .The students had a wonderful time exchanging the school curriculum with each other and knowing more about the culture and tradition of the country. They were taken for the visit to the important tourist place whereby they could learn the beautiful culmination of language and culture. The visit to the land of rising sun was indeed a splendid one and proved out to be the best way to enhance ones knowledge about the world outside.



Ms Mitchell and Ms P.Noone from Wade Deacon High School , U.K.

Aiming at strengthening the bond between Indian and foreign schools by understanding the educational system and culture in each school, MAPS had the privilege of hosting the delegates Michele Bacon, Deputy Head Teacher, Wade Deacon High School and Philomena Noone, Incharge, Student Council, Wade Deacon High School from United Kingdom. It was a great opportunity for the students and the faculty of the school to learn and share more about each other's system of education.


Winning laurels at World Peace Festival

We feel proud to inform that the School bagged 3rd Position in the Poster Making Competition "Confluence 2012- The 13th World Unity & World Peace Festival" organized by CITY MONTESSORI SCHOOL, LUCKNOW where in 77 schools participated at National & International Level.


In Collaboration With