"Put it off before it puts you off"
A workshop on e-waste "Clean to Green" was conducted in Mount Abu Public School on behalf of MIETY - Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, on 10th of October 2019. The workshop aimed  at highlighting the global and national concerns, associated with strategies to address the problem and provide an overview of proper management of e-waste . The objective was to enhance awareness amongst students on the issues related to improper disposal of e-waste and the measures that can be adopted for collection and proper disposal of such wastes . The workshop also  included activities like poster making and  extempore and winners were provided with the certificates. The workshop was really an enriching one as it provided a learning opportunity to the students and made them understand how to respond responsibly to the rising challenge of e-waste and emerge as the champions of environmental protection.



To sensitize the students for the conservation of environment and inculcating principles of Green Chemistry through the use of microscale laboratory, our school had organized the session on Microscale Chemistry conducted by a renowned personality Mr. Hari Om Gupta, developer and innovator of micro labs. Students of class XII had hands on learning experience about all the experiments including qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, electrochemical cell emphasizing on the importance of using microscale apparatus and precautions needed to be taken care of. Students had great learning experience.



To create the awareness and to motivate the students in the field of astronomy, Mount Abu Public School conducted a session on astronomy on 27th August, 2019 for classes I – VIII. The session was conducted by Mr. Tarun Sharma, Training Incharge, SPACE Organisation primarily  to attract the students for Astronomy and space research. Mr. Tarun started the session by quiz to reciprocate the facts of space science. The information about the workshops which are to be conducted in future were shared with the students.  The session was interactive and found to be very interesting for the students and students are looking forward for more such sessions.



Team from National Activities Championship conducted session on indoor games on 8th August 2019. Students were guided well about indoor physical games. Different balancing activities were demonstrated to the students. They were guided how to become active participant by shooting their own videos & uploading on YouTube



Session on Examination Stress was conducted for classes VII -VIII on 7th July 2019. Resource person guided students about different methods to tackle stress during exam. She also guided about the importance of handwriting during examination. Students at the end were well equipped with information how to manage stress during examination.



"Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises ."A creative workshop on Doodle Activity was organised by Pahal Design an NGO for the students of classes 8th and 9th in Mount Abu Public School on 30th July 2019. The students participated vigorously as they got an opportunity to express themselves about how they view the things around and  got a platform to give new shapes to their  ideas and imagination. The workshop was really an enriching one and gave wings to their creativity as it imparted knowledge on doodling with hands-on learning and converting alphabets into shapes and objects which we see and come across daily.



The students of class VI, VII and VIII attended a workshop that was conducted by team of The Times Of India. Mr. Gautam Kishan trained the students by performing a bunch of easy exercises that can be practiced at home as well. He emphasized on the importance of exercising on a regular basis and involved movement of each body part. Groovy music added the touch of fun and hence, the students enjoyed the session thoroughly.



A Session on Ethical Value of Truthfulness was organized on 9th May 2019 for students of Classes VI to VIII. The resource person highlighted the consequences of telling a lie and also how one can be stressed and fearful by speaking lie. Through a moral story of “ A Seed of Truth” the students wee made aware about how honesty and integrity is a virtue of a successful human being.



A session on Fun Sports was conducted on 30th April 2019 by Sara Hussain wherein she along with her team introduced various activities to the students of class VI -VIII. They learnt various games based on freestyle football.  The games learnt would help them indulge themselves in their free time at an individual level. The session became a complete success when 100% participation in some form or the other was observed.



As a part of 100 day BULLY TO BUDDY, the new anti bullying squad had a webinar session with Dr. Sameer Parikh on 26th April about bullying wherein they were brief about its types and components. An in-depth discussion was done about bullying's effect on the victims mental and physical health and the immense contribution of bystanders effect and negligence which empowers the strength of the bully was discussed. Students were made aware of the campaign curriculum along with relevant activities. It ended with a healthy question answer session wherein the school participated well



The School organized a workshop for students on  “POCSO ACT”, sponsored by Hindustan Times on 8 February 2019 wherein the resource person Mr. Lucky Puchhrat guided the children all about intricacies of  the POCSO  ACT and as to how they can protect themselves from abuses .He also spoke about good touch and bad touch and guided them the ways as to how to raise their voice against any kind  of  violence   to maintain their self esteem and lead a better life.



An awareness session on drawbacks of illiteracy and steps how to eradicate it was taken by Ms. Ritu Verma, Vice Coordinator, Delhi School Literacy Project on 16th January 2019. The resource person urged the youth to step forward and contribute in increasing the literacy rate to help the nation to prosper. The students were inspired to participate in ‘Each One Teach One’ project by guiding their helpers at school and home to become literate. They were also provided with the learners book to teach others. 



Story telling is a universal and traditional art form that has featured strongly in Indian culture as an effective communication tool. It is used as a medium to ingrain values improve reading and listening and imagination. A workshop on Story telling was organised for Class 2 by Ms Nidhi Kundra on 18.12.18. The session was indeed valuable and distinct. Students found  it really interested and engrossed in the story as she told them with creative gestures and used facial expressions and also involved the students as the characters of the story. Overall the session helped the young souls to enhance creative thinking.



The workshop on Imparting Green Values to the students was organized by IIM Lucknow for the classes V  & VI on 29th November 2018. It aimed at sensitizing students towards growing level of pollution and motivated the students to be the changemakers and discussed ways to curb pollution through discussions and enriching worksheets


Workshop on BE POLITE

Mount Abu Public School organised a workshop for students of Classes VI and VII on the Topic “Be Polite” on Friday 2nd November 2018. It was conducted by Ms. Neera Kohli, a senior educator with over 33 years of experience in teaching. Kids today are bombarded with information but are not taught values and ways to use it. They are taught to chase success, but not happiness. The main focus of the workshop was to inculcate and incorporate the importance of being polite. Children enjoyed the workshop very much.  


Workshop on Etiquettes and Good Manners

Excellence Hindustan Times Pace conducted workshop on Etiquettes and Good Manners for class 1 and 2.Through interactive Goofy cartoon video he explained the importance of good habits in their life.He told 5 S  of meeting people              
S-Stand when you meet someone 
S-Say your name loud and clear 
S-Shake hands
S- Say nice to meet you.
Overall it was a very informative and interesting session for all little mapians.


Poster Making Competition on Anti Bullying

The Poster Making Competition was conducted for classes 6 to 11 on fight against bully under Bully-to-Buddy Campaign by Fortis Hospital. Mrs. Chitwan supervised it for successful completion. Winners were awarded with Certificates. It proved to be an energetic event with immense creativity levels of children



Workshop on How to excel in Board Examinations

The school organized a session for the students of classes XI, XII on the topic How to excel in Board Examinations by HT Study Mate They were given tips to avoid the common mistakes by giving examples from various subjects. They were guided how  to balance the Boards with the entrance examination which the students found very useful. The session ended with a positive note that  meticulous and intelligent  planning is the key for  staying ahead in this highly competitive world.



Mount Abu Public school oraganised a workshop on solar lamps in collaboratrion with IIT Bombay on 2nd October. The event began with welcoming of the guest trainers. They introduced themselves to the students. The trainers then introduced students to the concept of solar energy and its usefulness. An interactive theory session was conducted where the students interacted with the mentors and clarified their doubts. The session proceeded with a detailed explanation of the various components involved in the solar lamp kit.  Thereafter the students moved to their workstations and started assembling the solar lamps under the step by step guided instructions from the mentors. The mentors made sure that every student is successfully able to assemble the solar lamp. The hands on part was very interesting and engaging for the students which was reflected in their active participation. The event certainly proved to be a successful one and all the students  were filled with a sense of achievement and satisfaction on having made a solar lamp of their own. Even the scorching sun could not stop the students from learning as they went out to keep their panels to charge their battery. The event ended with happy faces delighted to see their self made lamps glowing. The school extends a heartful thanks to  SoULS and IIT Bombay for taking this initiative of raising sensitization towards solar energy and providing our students a platform to learn and get involved in assembling of their self made solar lamps. We look forward to have  more such learning opportunities in  future as well



The School organized a session on Astronomy on 20th September 2018 which aimed at sharing the knowledge and experience in the field of astronomy. The  young astronomer Mr. Aryan Mishra shared his experiences of life which brought him to such a high profile level. He also talked about the challenges he faced and how he put his best to overcome those hurdles. He wanted to open the eyes of teens to the beautiful and amazing world of cosmos. He emphasized on the famous lines of Thomas Edison that “The greatest weakness lies in giving up..” He motivated the students to go for their passion as their career as that will give contentment. The workshop was highly motivating and instilled interest towards astronomy


How to Achieve Success

On 24th August 2018, Thursday, a workshop on “How to Achieve Success” was conducted by Ms. Anjali Sachdeva from ‘Times of India’ for classes VII and VIII. The workshop started with presentation of an anecdote of a young girl Lluchi Migushi who was very poor but had a great interest in writing poetry. She felt inferior due to the rich people but somehow managed and won first prize in poem writing. She told that students should be happy with the things they have and not to make their parents unhappy. She highlighted the need of making a timetable for managing time and being discipline which will lead to success. She laid stress on sacrificing as a major thing to be a successful person. The resource person had an interaction with students. The workshop ended on an optimistic note where, she asked the students to have faith in themselves and do their best.


Workshop on Menstrual Hygiene

The School organised a workshop for  girls students of classes XI and XII on the topic "Menstrual Hygiene" on 21st August 2018. A renowned  Gynecologist Dr. Ashima spoke in detail about the do's and don'ts of the personal hygiene to be maintained during this time. It was an interactive session where students enquired  about certain myths related to menstruation which were taken satisfactorily by the doctor. The workshop ended with students discussing their personal personal problem with the doctor.  



“Prevention is better than cure”. A workshop was conducted by TPDDL at Mount Abu Public School, which taught the value of preventing any mishappenings while “Flying Kite” on the upcoming event of Independence Day. The session was conducted by two resource person who addressed the students can remain safe. A presentation on safety measures was shown to the students which taught them basic safety measures like – not to fly kites near electrical wires; Not to keep down galleries, fences, roof tops or terrace borders and not to catch kites. The session was interactive as several questions were put up for the students, they answered them correctly and received many gifts in return. It helped the students to take keen interest. Hence forth, it helped the students to gain an insightful learning. 



The school organised Mine craft session for the students of classes 6 & 7 on 11th August '18. It was a wonderful session as the students learnt to design various games on their own. They learnt about different elements, blocks and  controls. Students participated whole heartily and enjoyed the session .


Career Counseling Session

A Career Counseling Session on LAW AS A CAREER was organised for students of Class XII Commerce and Humanities stream. Mr. Karan Mishra, Regional Head Delhi NCR from CLAT possible briefed students about the preparation strategies to crack CLAT , placements by National Law University.It was an enlightening session for students which ended with one to one discussion of the students with the guest speaker.


Career Workshop

A Career Workshop was organised for Class XII Science Stream for Merchant Navy as a career.Mr.S.P.S Oberoi, Consultant -HR conducted the workshop. Students gathered information regarding Merchant Navy as a rewarding career.The resource person took individual queries of interested students.



The School conducted a workshop on Beat The Plastic, organized by KSHITTI ORGANIZATION The Earth And Environment. Dr. Neha Mishra addressed the students about the harmful effects of plastic. She also discussed various alternatives. For example – use of glass bowls instead of plastic bowls, increase the use of earthen pots, more usage of cloth bags. Various activities were also conducted by her team members such as Paper bag designing, students were encouraged to make flower pot and pen stand, they even planted a sapling. It was overall an enriching experience for the students and teachers. 


Dance Workshop

Dance is a conversation between the body and the soul.Keeping this essence alive the western dance workshop was conducted by The Hindustan Times on 7 July,18 for the children of classes ll and lll. The children learnt various western dance forms and grooved their bodies on Hip hop beats. It was indeed a cheerful experience for the little Mapians as they danced not only with their feet but also with hearts.


Workshop on Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

To sensitize the importance of cleanliness, waste management . sanitation , hygiene and healthy practice among children, MAPS organised a workshop on Sanitary napkin vending  machine on 5th July ,2018 in co-ordination with Elan organisation for girls of class 6th to 12th where they were guided about the way to operate the sanitary napkin vending machine,about the mechanism with which it works and the things to be taken care of while operating the machinery .Through this workshop students were guided not only to keep themselves healthy but also make the surroundings clean .


Edvour Space Program

On 3rd July 2018 a workshop by Edvour Space was conducted for a visit to Space Centre for the students of classes VI to VIII. The workshop provided a program guide on an educational and cultural tour to USA for students. It is an opportunity for the young talented and budding students to work together, gain and share knowledge, get a first hand experience in world’s best possible facilities under supervision of eminent scientists.



The School organized a lecture on WATER CONSERVATION for class IX by Sh. Dinesh Kumar Pandey, Advocate, DLSA (North). The resource person generated awareness on the prime issue, water conservation which has become the need of the hour. The young students were sensitized to take initiative and contribute  as saviors of the environment. The future stakeholders, the students also assured to work for the cause by taking conservative steps and inspiring others to follow.



The School organized a lecture on CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE, an issue of prime concern by Mr. Dhirendra Rana, Secretary, DLSA(North) to raise awareness and sensitize the students on the growing existence of child sexual abuse. The resource person briefed students of class X on how trauma effects the cognitive and behavioural pattern of the victim and could result in lack of trust, despair, sense of helplessness and deep feeling of guilt and shame. Visuals were also shown highlighting the ways of helping children tackle such sensitive issues.  The Principal of the School, Madam Jyoti Arora thanked the officials from DLSA for counselling the young minds to be extra vigilant to prevent mishappenings.


Workshop on Anti Bullying

The Workshop on Anti Bullying was conducted by Ms. Pragya Vijh for Classes 9th and 10th  on 5th April 2018. Initially QUIZ was conducted including students as the participants to gain their knowledge about bullying. The children were informed regarding bullying, its types, characteristics and effects of bullying. Two children shared their experiences and views regarding bullying. Certain questions were also posed by children related to bullying in school. Children proved as a very participative audience and giving their inputs. It ended with a healthy discussion with students


United Nation Young Changemaker Conclave 2018

Students of Mount Abu Public School got a golden opportunity to participate in United Nation Young Changemaker Conclave 2018 on February 24th, 2018 to honour Mr. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada. Young Changemaker Conclave enlightened the students with accomplishment of Sustainable Goals. They highlighted the fact that change is personal, it starts with you, so start now. You must denounce and raise your voice whenever you see something wrong happening around you. The event focused on women empowerment, values and productivity of human life, which in turn leads to unity and togetherness.



The School organized a workshop on the topic “Protection of Children from Sexual offences (POCSO) for the children between the age group 14 to 18 years. The Resource Person from Delhi State Legal Services Authority, Mr. Vipin Singh, Mr. Mohit Yadav, Ms. Dilpreet Kaur, Mr. Mirgendra Singh Baghel and Ms. Aakriti Gupta delivered a very informative lecture on the topic thus  guiding the children about the good and bad touch and briefed them as to how they should respond to such incidents. They also talked about the provisions of juvenile justice and policies for the offenders. A movie ‘Komal Movie on POCSO’ was shown to the children highlighting the importance of causing awareness about the incidents of sexual offences happening  so frequently and how the children should leave the hesitation and must report the cases to the concerned authorities. The workshop was quite enriching for the children who generally are not able to see the seriousness of the issue.   



A session on “Foldscope” was organised at Maharaja Agrasen Model School. The resource persons Mr. Ronak Jogeshwar, Expert AIM, Niti Ayog and Mr. Jim Cyberlski, President & CEO , Foldscope displayed the technique of making microscope with paper. The students tried many samples and were amazed to see the results.


Workshop on Safe and Nutritious Food Drive

The workshop on “Safe and Nutritious Food Drive” was conducted in the school by FSSAI on 23rd January 2018. The students of class VI and VII were guided about the need to include healthy and nutritious food in the diet. The resource  person also highlighted  the effects of Deficiency Essentials Fortification (DEF) and informed the students to check the fortification logo on the packed food to avoid food with micro nutrient deficiency. The session emphasized on having enriching food for enriching lives.


Workshop on The Astronomy World

The workshop on “The Astronomy World” was conducted by Mr. Sarvesh Bhardwaj from SDRO for the class VIII Students on 19th January 2018. The resource person highlighted the fascinating features of the universe and gave an insight into the interesting facts of space. 


Workshop on How to Score well in Board Examination

A workshop on the theme  “How to score well in Board Exams” was organized in the School for the students of Classes X and XII on 18th January 2018  with an aim to make the students realize the essential worth of time and help them overcome all anxieties related to board examination. The resource person Mr. Lucky Puccharat from Hindustan Times focused on value of prior planning and developing habit of consistent practice for three hours. The session inspired the students to strengthen their belief in themselves and to be positive in their approach towards success.


Workshop on Menstrual Hygiene

 Workshop on Menstrual Hygiene was organized by SHARP organization on 27th December 2017. The young girls of Classes VI - VIII were guided about he remedies to reduce the menstrual cramps and the eating habits to be followed during menstruation. They were also informed about the menstrual cycle and the need to maintain hygiene during that time.



The School organised TATA ENERGY CONSERVATION  WORKSHOP on 23.12.17 for the students of Classes VI- VIII. the main motive of the workshop was to sensitize the students about energy conservation as well as conservation of natural resources. The energy club of TATA POWER introduced various ways through which the children can be the volunteers and help society to overcome the paucity of energy. Different competitions were also introduced  through a PowerPoint presentation for the students so that they can participate and be the energy champions. Overall , it was a very fruitful workshop for the both students and teachers.


Workshop on First Aid and CPR

The workshop on ‘CPR’ was conducted by Mr. Yogesh from Heart Care Foundation , India on November 25, 2017. The workshop imparted knowledge of commonly occurring situations in our day to day life. The main aim of the workshop was how to maintain hygiene and apply the best sanitation practice in our daily life. It was explained to the students as to how one should remain calm and give basic medical aid i.e. CPR to the person in need. The main focus of the workshop can be summarized in 3 key points:

1.     Save Life through CPR – Hand on Hand
2.     Minimize Health damage
3.     Prevent further harm
The workshop was helpful in dealing with common accidents  especially heart strokes.  



Every student faces a question “What Next” and “Which Course” after class XI and XII. There are many career options available and it is very difficult to choose the right one. Taking all these into account Mount  Abu Public School organized a Career Orientation Fiesta  on 25th November, 2017 for classes IX to XII. Seven Institutions and Universities participated in the Fair. Students were given the opportunity to view and access a whole range of opportunities open to them for higher education. The speakers presented a plethora of options to the students in all the streams – Science, Commerce & Humanities. A lot of insight was given about the various courses available in various colleges. The students were enabled to clarify their doubts and queries about various career options. The sessions proved beneficial and were appreciated by all.


Workshop on CHILD ABUSE

The School organised a workshop conducted by Mr. Lucky Prichhrat on 22nd November 2017. The objective of the workshop was a very sensitive topic called “Child Abuse ”. He stated that Abuse in exploitation caused by the near ones as they know our weakness so we should learn saying the magical word “NO”. We should not accept any kind of emotional, physical and sexual abuse and we should always ask for help. He related with the students by sharing his real life experience, solved the problems of students and shared an inspiring video of a girl named Khushi. It was an immense pleasure to have him in our school


Globe Protocol Training

To Provide opportunity to the students to participate in Data collection of Scientific process & contribute meaningfully to understand the earth system & global environment, students of the Classes VII, VIII & X attended the workshop on Globe Protocol Training conducted by Dr. Desh Bandhu at DAV Pushpanjali Enclave on 18th November 2017. Students were demonstrated how to measure atmospheric temperature, water, surface temperature, types of clouds using scientific instruments for Globe.



Dance is a conversation between the body and the soul. Keeping this essence alive the western dance workshop was conducted by the resource person by The Hindustan Times on 3 Nov,2017 for the children of Classes ll and lll. The children learnt various western dance forms and grooved their bodies on Hip hop beats. It was indeed a cheerful experience for the little Mapians as they danced not only with their feet but also with hearts.


Workshop on “CHILD ABUSE”

The School organized a Workshop on child abuse for Classes IV & V on 24th October 2017. the session was conducted by Hindustan Times. The Resource Person, Ms. Jaishree- The eminent Psychologist & Director student at excellence Educo. Pvt. Ltd. guided the students about comfortable and uncomfortable touch. A movie on “Dealing with Child Abuse” was played for the students that made them aware about the need to safeguard their bodies and understand the good and bad touch. The students were made aware about the strategies to safeguard themselves from any untoward incident that can harm them. They were also informed about the child helpline number 1098. 



With increasing concern of Ozone Layer depletion and its prevention, the School organized a Workshop on ‘Ozone Layer Balance’ on 7th Sep 2017 in collaboration with HT pace. The workshop was an interactive session in which the resource person brought out the importance of Ozone Layer, its elements interesting facts related to ozone layer. The students could actually realize the significance of ozone layer and need for its preservation. The workshop ended with ways to prevent ozone layer depletion.


Memory Training Session

The School organized a workshop on Career Options that Humanities and Commerce students can pursue after Class XII. Mr. Satnam Singh from Singh Study Circle guided the students regarding the different ways through which they can grab the best colleges of Delhi University. He also highlighted the foreign educational system and how we can be a part of it. The session came to an end with an interactive session in which the students got the opportunity to gather knowledge about the variegated career options that are available. The workshop was indeed a motivational and enlightening session for the students


Workshop with Cartoon Network Channel

Cartoon always fascinate children and to bring some fun in their life, school organized a Workshop with Cartoon Network Channel for class III students. The workshop was based on their favourite cartoon shows i.e. Oggy ,cockroaches and Krish Roll No. 21. Students took part in different types of quiz related to the above mentioned shows. Workshop also touched the sensitive issues such as road safety, personal hygiene and healthy eating. Winners were awarded by the channel and they also provided sample gifts to other students as well like sample of toothpaste , Dettol sanitizers , dukes waffy etc. It was an enriching workshop for the students 


Workshop on Food and Nutrition

The School conducted a workshop on “Food and Nutrition" for students of Class V. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Gitanjali from Pearson. The interactive workshop focused upon building healthy eating habits among the young children. The workshop guided the students about the balanced diet and the fluids and food that the young students should have to keep them fit and healthy. The resource person focused on eating dry fruits and fruits for keeping us active. The students enjoyed the engaging activities conducted during the workshop and realized the need to reflect upon their eating habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Interactive Session with Author Vaijayanti Saant Tonpe

The School hosted an interactive session on 28th April 2017 with Ms. Vaijayanti Savant Tonpe who has authored many Children’s books. The session highlighted the importance of reading and writing for children in order to hone their communications skill. The author also stressed on the role of language which is essential for every sphere of life. The session for classes ended with Ms. Tonpe reading out an excerpt from her latest story, ‘Daddy’s Girl’.


workshop on Educational Opportunities in United States of America

Workshop on Educational Opportunities in US  for Classes XI- XII was organised by SIMPL-ED, Mr. Ricardo Castro Salazar from Pima Country Community College, Arizona and Ms. Jetza Torres from Rancho Santiago Community College , California


Adolescent Peer Educator

Workshop on Adolescent Peer Educator conducted by Dr. Jitender Nagpal of Expressions India at National Science Centre on 19th April 2017

Attended by Navya, Ridhima, Rachit, Diptesh And Ujjwal Gupta (IX)



STOP THE CLOCK for Class VII was organised by Quality Education Asia on 14th February 2017


Memory Retention

Memory Retention session was organised for Classes IX - X by Mr. Mohammad Faisal on 7th October 2016


MindSmart 2016

MindSmart 2016 for Classes IX - X was organised by Ms. Aparna Singh  & Ms. Aprajita Dixit of Expressions India on 5th October 2016


Career Counselling Session

Career Counselling Session for Class XII was organised by Mr. Vikram Tomar of O.P. Jindal University on 19th September 2016


Mobile Classroom Van

Workshop on Mobile Classroom Van organised by National Science Centre and Expressions India on 7th September 20-16

Attended by Preeti Handa & Aryan Sharma of Class X 


Expression - Understanding Emotions

Expression - Understanding Emotions for Class IX at National Science Centre on 19th August 2016


Life Skills & Values

Life Skills & Values at National Science Centre on 19th August 2016

Attended by Kanishka, Sonali Katyal, Kiran Chhabra, Yashowardhan, Shruti Mathur


Slam Poetry

Slam Poetry for Class XI at Springdales School, Pusa Road 


Guideline for NTSE and JSTS

Guideline for NTSE and JSTS for Classes IX - X by Narayana Institute, Punjabi Bagh


Life Skills & Values

Life Skills & Values at National Science Centre on 29th July 2016

Attended by Kanishka, Sonali Katyal, Kiran Chhabra, Yashowardhan, Shruti Mathur


Tiger Walk

Tiger Walk for Class VIII organised by WWF India & Wildlife Trust of India on 29th July 2016


Chemistry Popularization

Chemistry Popularization for Classes X - XI by Forum of Public Schools & Association of Chemistry Teachers Mahavira Model Sr. Sec. School


Antroid App Design

Antroid App Design for Classes X- XII
Resource Person: Mr. Vishnu Aggarwal


Self Defense for Girls

Self Defense for Girls for Classes VI - VIII

Resource Person: Ms. Kimati



Classes VI - X

Resource Person : Mr. Sarvesh Kumar Bhardwaj


In Collaboration With