Students of class IX were given a golden opportunity to visit the adopted heritage site Sheesh Mahal, Shalimar Bagh on 9th May,2015. Different activities such as cleanliness drive, sapling plantation and poster/pamphlet designing in relevance to preserve the remains of the monument were undertaken. The students very beautifully disseminated this message to all, through their enthusiastic efforts. An oath as a concluding part of the visit helped students create a bond with the monument.



Students of class X very enthusiastically participated in a visit organized on 1st August 2015 to work for the betterment of Sheesh Mahal. Sheesh Mahal, Shalimar Bagh is an adopted monument wherein regular visits are conducted to protect it. This time, students from various sections of class X took the initiative for the same. Activities such as cleanliness, saplings plantations , article writing on the conservation of the site were effectively done. Some students even talked about various other monuments and shared their knowledge about the same. Children took the oath to preserve their heritage.



A group of students of class VI were taken for an educational trip to Sheesh Mahal on 3rd October,2015. There the students were briefed about the history of Sheesh Mahal and its importance to imbibe in them values of conservation of our cultural heritage that persisted since the time of mughals and after.

Students were taken for nature walk to build a close relation with the monument .Various charters were made by the students as a layout to maintain the site. A group of students participated in the poem recitation that emphasised the cleanliness and conservation of the site. In the end the students took the pledge to safeguard our heritage



The monument is lively only when people make it alive. MAPS has left no stone unturned to bring back the breath of SHEESH MAHAL, SHALIMAR BAGH. In lieu of “ THE WORLD HERITAGE DAY “ on 18th April 2016, School organized a heritage walk with students of class IX to their very own adopted monument- SHEESH MAHAL, SHALIMAR BAGH

A brief layout during the walk was presented in paper to every member which helped them develop a connection with the monument. Cleanliness of the site was the first and foremost activity that took place followed by designing of social advertisements and brochures to spread awareness among the people and asking them to visit the monument regularly. The journey ended with a heritage pledge which made students learn the dying need to conserve it and let young minds work for its preservation.



The month of October brings festivals and with it, it brings happiness, love and care for each other. MAPIANS celebrated this October festive mode by showcasing their love and affection to our very own adopted monument - SHEESH MAHAL, SHALIMAR BAGH. It all began with cleanliness of the site and followed by its furthur decoration by plant saplings. Students participated with full enthusiasm and showered their love on the monument by posing such eco-friendly gestures. On the later part of the visit, a detailed survey was conducted to study the present conditions of the monument and how can we as students work for its preservation. A pledge assured the success of the visit.



Its New year in the town, and students of Mount Abu had spread the wishes for a flowering New Year at their very own adopted monument – Sheesh Mahal  Shalimar Bagh. As a part of their regular visits, all began with the cleaning of the monument followed by literary description of the monument in the form of an article, pictorial ideas spread on sheets by designing beautiful posters and reciting the poems for the same. The kids of class VII were enthralled and loved the  adventurous and learning trip. It ended with an oath taking activity


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