Morning Assembly


Special Assembly on U.N Day

Students of class 1- D conducted the Morning Assembly on the topic U.N Day which was held on 25th October 2017 . Students discussed about the important features of the United Nation Organisation, followed by a wonderful dance performance depicting the message of love, peace and unity. The children were made aware about the U.N works i.e. to promote peace, human rights and to eradicate poverty. Assembly was concluded by an inspirational speech by Principal Madam and the distribution of the certificates for the month of September. 


Special Assembly on Diwali

Diwali the festival of lights that enlightens the hearts and bring joy to every heart was celebrated by Class 1-C students on 11th October 2017. The programme began with a meaningful prayer service highlighting the message of Diwali, invoking Gods blessings. A beautiful poem was presented by one of the student on International Day of a Girl Child in which she taught about the importance of girl child.



Special Assembly on Gandhi Jayanti

Mahatma Gandhiji‘s role and contribution to India’s freedom movement is noteworthy, extraordinary and exemplary. The birthday of this great soul was celebrated with an exalted patriotic fervor in the school assembly on 6.10.17, Friday by class 1st B.  A dance sequence depicting important episodes of his life presented by the students of Primary Wing moved everyone in the audience.  Also children of class 1st A donned up as different characters of Ramlila. The students were told about the importance of Dussehra and explained why it was called Vijay Dashmi. The day was enjoyed by all.


Special Assembly on Peace Day

Special Assembly was conducted on the topic 'World Peace Day' by the students of Class-2 E. Students participated enthusiastically.
The students presented the key ingredients for the recipe of peace. The dance group represented various countries signifying 'International Understanding' which is an important goal of celebrating ' World Peace Day'. Moreover, the teacher enlightened the students about the theme and about H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu). The students were told about various Do's and Don'ts to avoid ' Swine Flu'. It was a great learning experience for all and the students presented it with a great zeal.



A Special Assembly was conducted by the students of Class 2-D on 15th September 2017 on the topic Hindi Diwas in which the origin, history, uses and importance of our mother language was portrayed. The students also exhibited various facts, poem enthralled the audience & the assembly was successful in extending love and respect for our mother tongue.


Special Assembly on World Literacy Day

A Special Assembly was conducted by the students of Class II C on the topic "World Literacy Day". The student came out with a beautiful poem, song and different slogans on education with posters and banners. The students participated enthusiastically and it was indeed a great learning experience for the students. They came to know about its importance and value in the life of the common people. 



A Special Assembly was conducted by class III-D on the theme- “Independence Day”  and “Janmashtmi” on 9th August 2017. The assembly highlighted the importance of Independence Day.. The students through their talks payed the tribute to all the freedom fighters for this special gift of Independence to us which is vigilantly guarded by our armed forces. A dance performance was presented by the enthusiastic students to show the true spirit of every Indian on the eve of our 70th Independence Day. This occasion was graced with the benign presence of Principal Madam who addressed the students warmly and influenced the students to salute all our countrymen and brothers of all armed forces. The mesmerizing performances of lovely Mapians were acknowledged by all and boosted the spirit of an Indian in every student. Students also wore the tricolor wrist bands and flags which they waived high to reflect an Independent nation. 


Special Assembly on Hiroshima Day

On 2nd August 2017, Class III C students presented the Morning Assembly on the theme- Hiroshima Day. They made the children aware not only about the negative effects of the war incident happened on 6th and 9th August in 1945 in Hiroshima & Nagasaki but also spread the message of Peace and Harmony among each other through a dance performance. They also presented few facts related to the incident and motivated other students to follow the path of peace through an inspiring thought.



A Special Assembly on World Environment Day and World Population Day was conducted on 5th of July 2017. The students participated enthusiastically and felt proud to be the part of the two major concerns of the present Day. The assembly was  an effort to connect the students more to nature and sensitize them about how the rapid growth of human population is putting an immense strain on  environment 



Special Assembly was conducted by class V-D on the theme “Labour day” and “Red Cross Day” on 26th April 2017. The assembly highlighted the importance of helpers and their role in our lives. The students through their talks spread the awareness about the noble work undertaken by the “Red Cross Society”. A skit was presented by the enthusiastic students who showcased the need to acknowledge the contribution of helpers in the development of our society. Also, the helpers of school- maids, gardner, guard etc. were honoured in the assembly for their services and devotion towards their work. The assembly concluded with the address by the co-ordinator who appreciated the assembly students and guided the young learners to develop respect and sensitivity for the helpers and also for the people in need. 


Special Assembly on Good Health

“ Good Health is the real wealth”. To make the students realize the significance of healthy lifestyle, class V-A conducted the assembly on Good Health on 5th April 2017. The young students of the class highlighted the ways to procure good health and its importance in accomplishing the desired goals. The teacher talk by the class teacher focused upon leading a healthy lifestyle by eating balanced diet, exercising regularly and taking proper rest. The assembly was an initiative to sensitize the students with the dine need to do away with the junk food and negative virtues and eat healthy diet and spread happiness all around as in a sound body resides a sound mind.



A special assembly on 'Holi' Festival was conducted on 8th of March 2017. by the students of IV C. Students came out with many colourful performances. A song on Holi was presented which thrilled everybody with joy. The assembly ended with a vibrant dance performance by the students which reflected the merriment and joy inherent in the festival.

Students participated enthusiastically and were made aware of the legends behind this festival. The whole environment was filled with the joy and the spirit of celebration.


Special Assembly on MAHASHIVRATRI

A Special Assembly was conducted by the students of Class IV B on the theme “Mahashivratri” on 22nd February 2017. Students actively participated in the assembly. A presentation on Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati was also enacted in which the students dressed up themselves as Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati.  The students’ were made aware of the legend behind the celebration of “Mahashivratri”. They were also introduced to 12 jyotirlings of Lord Shiva which helped in enhancing their knowledge. It helped in creating the environment of serenity


Special Assembly on National Girl Child Day

The students of class IV-A presented the assembly on the topics National Girl Child Day and Republic day. The students wore colourful headgears and sachet depicting various slogans on our duties towards the nation and importance of girls in the society. They presented a song on Republic day and took an oath to fulfil our duties towards the Nation and preserve our country’s culture of humanity


Special Assembly on National Sports Day

Class III A students had organized special assembly on National Sports Day on 29th August 2016. Students were privileged to express their views on the special day. They enacted themselves as sports persons and highlighted the importance of physical activities in routine life


Special Assembly on Ganesh Chaturthi and Hindi Diwas

Special Assembly on Ganesh Chaturthi and Hindi Diwas was held by the students of class II on 14th September 2016 . Little angels performed dance on Ganesh Vandana to pray the lord Ganesha. Children talked about the importance of Hindi, Hindi Diwas and the notion behind celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi.


Special Assembly on Peace Day

Special Assembly on World Peace Day was conducted on 21st September by young learners of class II. children talked about World Peace Day in detail and shared it's importance in our lives, followed by a Special performance on the song-'light a candle of peace' and beautiful quotes on the same.


Special Assembly on UN Day

Special Assembly was conducted on October 17 on the theme UN Day by the students of class 2 E.Wherein students showcased various organs and agencies of UNO through a role play and explained the importance of unity and brotherhood. The teacher incharge enlightened the students about United Nations Organisation and importance of international brotherhood.It was indeed an enlightening experience for all.


Special Assembly on Diwali

Children of class I A conducted the assembly on 27th October 2016.The theme of the assembly was Diwali. The students came up with different slogans to promote anti cracker campaign and the way to celebrate Eco friendly Diwali. Students presented a traditional dance along with innovative poems also.


Special Assembly on Guru Nanak Jayanti and Children''s Day

Children of class I B presented the assembly on 16th November 2016, Wednesday. The theme was Guru Nanak Jayanti and Children's Day. Students depicted their role and contribution to the development of the country through fancy dress. They sang shabad to have the devotional feel for the celebration of Guru Nanak Jayanti



The Primary students of MAPS paid their homage to the architect of India's constitution Dr. B.R.Ambedkar through a special assembly on 11th April 2016. The assembly was flagged off by a thought highlighting the need to understand rights and duties. It was followed by an enriching presentation on "Governing Ourselves" by the young students of class V A. The assembly was concluded by a motivational address by the Academic Director, Mrs. Neerja Padru who highlighted the need to take the vision of Dr. Ambedkar, of making India a sovereign, democratic and secular country forward through acts of motherhood. The Coordinator also guided the students to treat everyone with respect and kindness irrespective of caste and colour.



The students of class V-B conducted assembly on Earth Day on 18th April 2016 to sensitize all about the need to preserve the resources of the planet Earth. The celebration comprised of thought for the day, environment pledge & anthem, the presentation for the concept of three R's – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to minimize the accumulation of non biodegradable things.


Special Assembly on World Disabled Day

Special assembly was held for the topic by the young learners of Class I D . They depicted role play as Special wonders – Sudha Chandren and Halen Caller who proved themselves to this world in spite of being disabled . Special Dance depicted the massage that every child is shining star born with some other talent and nothing is impossible to achieve if we have strong determination and will power. To sensitize students towards special people a movie and power point presentation were shown to the students pursued by the following activities:- 



The primary students of the School had a special assembly on "World Labour Day". Class V-C presented the assembly with a thought highlighting the need to appreciate the diverse forms of works done by our helpers. The students acknowledged the help provided by various helpers and presented a flower and chocolate. Its a gesture of gratitude to them. The poem and talk on "labour's Day" by young students sensitized the students with the significant contribution made by the helpers so that we lead a life full of comfort and ease.


SPECIAL ASSEMBLY ON Rabindranath Tagore

Special Assembly was conducted by class V children on 2nd May 2016 to mark 155th Birth Anniversary of the great literariness Rabindranath Tagore. The highlights of the assembly were thought, G.K questions a poem and the inspiring quotes and a song “Ekla chalo re” that motivated students to know about his contribution in the field of literature and to the society & Nation.


Special Assembly on World Environment Day

A Special Assembly was conducted on 4th of July 2016 on the theme “World Environment Day". The students came out with many activities like poem recitation , pledge on environment , speech, slogans and posters . All the participants of the assembly were wearing headgear with pictures and lines on environment .

The objective behind this assembly was to create more awareness about environment and to sensitize the students towards environment . The students were very enthusiastic in performing in the assembly and it helped them in enhancing their knowledge of the environment and realizing the fact that environment too needs love , care and attention and protection .


Special Assembly on WORLD POPULATION DAY

A Special Assembly on the them - World Population Day was organized on 11th July,2016 by the students of class IV-D. Students came out with many activities like Poem, G.K.Questions, pledge, views on World Population Day, thought of the day, current news & a skit showing benefits of a small family & lapses of a big family. The students presented an informative & joyful assembly followed by the distribution of the certificates of various Inter Class competitions.


Special Assembly on Parents Day

A special assembly was held on 18 July 2016 on the theme Parents Day. Students of class IV B presented the theme in a well orchestrated manner. Master of ceremony was Vashika Jain. Sahajleen Kaur recited a poem on this occasion. A special group performance was given by students as a tribute to the parents for being the angels in our lives. The event was made memorable by the presence of our respected Principal Madam. She addressed children on this occasion and inspired them to follow good values and manners. She told them to always obey and respect their parents and should strive to be the worthy citizens of our country.


Special Assembly on Independence Day

To celebrate the spirit of Independence and freedom class III C conducted an "Independence Day Assembly". The students presented vibrant dance performance that reflected the educated for all. The melodious patriotic song by the choir group spread the spirit of patriotism all around. The young enthusiastic students also enacted the role of their favourite freedom fighters and made everyone realize the importance of independence. The class Teacher, Coordinator and the Academic Director highlighted the importance of freedom and the struggle the people had been gone through to get the priceless independence.


Special Assembly on Janmashtami

The special assembly on Janmashtami was conducted by Class III on 22nd August 2016. The assembly began with a reflective thought on the theme of the assembly. The students also gave a vibrant dance presentation on the occasion. The young learners enacted themselves as a character from Krishan Leela and enlightened everyone with their characteristics and personality traits. The teacher incharge and the primary coordinator motivated the students to imbibe in them the qualities of Lord Krishna and move on the path of righteousness to achieve success.


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