Morning Assembly


Special Assembly on National Girl Child Day

The students of class XI A conducted an assembly on National Girl Child Day . The students highlighted the importance of girls in our society and how they are conquering the world  with their dedicated efforts. The students also highlighted the inspirational women role models who could achieve great success and thus became an inspiration for all.


Special Assembly on World Disabled Day

Class XII-B conducted the morning assembly on ‘World Disabled Day' on 2nd December,2016. The assembly commenced with a beautiful prayer which enlightened our soul and gave a hope to succeed. Then, students of the class enhanced the moral values by a thought which was followed by the news headlines which made the students aware about the recent happenings around the world. It continued with making students aware about the ‘World Disabled Day' which aimed at bringing a change in the mindset of society.


Special Assembly on Deepawali

Students of class XI and XII conducted Special Assembly on Deepawali which commenced with a beautiful prayer and thought highlighting the importance of pollution free Deepawali. Students were encouraged to celebrate Deepawali in an eco-friendly way. Students were encouraged to follow the anti-cracker movement and were also sensitized with the harmful effects of burning crackers. The assembly winded up with a series of G.K Questions in order to upgrade their knowledge regarding the festival.



World Environment Day was celebrated in school premises where class XI-A was hosting the event. It was Mapians effort to sensitize the world and society about the detoreating condition of mother earth. Students demonstrated an impactful performance of human activities which is a show poison to it. Event marked with a pledge by everyone an effort to let make earth friendly and habitat for all



Class XI-B hosted the morning assembly on 8th May, 2016 on the account of World Population Day. Assembly aimed in awakening people and spreading awareness regarding the need of controlling population exploitation. Students delivered an enlightening talk followed by a beautiful piece of poetry, filled with enthusiasm



CLASS XI-C got a golden opportunity to conduct a special assembly on Parents Day. The assembly commenced with a news update with a beautiful poem and speech narrated by the students on importance of parents in our life. The assembly was summed up with the beautiful words shared by our respected Academic Director Ma'am



Class XII-D hosted the morning assembly on account of World Literacy Day. Assembly aimed at awakening the individuals and spreading awareness regarding the importance of education in their lives. Students delivered an enlightening talk followed by a Quiz, filled with enthusiasm. Mapians tried to sensitize the young generation about the benefits of education by quoting "Reading the Past, Writing the Future." . The day is celebrated specially to rememorize the status of the literacy and adult education to the international community. Senior Coordinator highlighted the difference between being literate & being educated and motivated them to become educated


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