Morning Assembly


Special Assembly on World Health Day

" It is the health which is the real wealth and not the pieces of gold and silver ".To throw light on this important issue IX-A conducted morning assembly on the theme "BODY -ABODE OF OUR SOUL" on 11th April 2017. Thought of the day was wonderfully presented highlighting the importance of going early to bed and early to rise. Valuable tips on importance of good health were given by the class teacher quoting "Take a diet rather than going on a diet " because the one who has health has hope and the one who has hope has everything.


Special Assembly on NATIONAL SCIENCE DAY

Mount Abu Public School celebrated the “National Science Day” on 28th February 2017 as a mark of respect to the most eminent scientists of India and the world. The assembly began with the prayer followed by the thought of the day to emphasis the importance of science and technology. After this the students of class 9 presented poetry enactment. This was followed by an inspirational talk on the topic “Science and Technology for Differently -Abled”. One video prepared by the senior students was shown in all classes to make them aware about the lives of great scientists and their hardships. Science activities were also demonstrated in junior classes to enthusiase their interest in scientific phenomenon. As a part of the celebrations quiz was held for the students of classes 9 and 10 which included scientific discoveries, science fiction and facts. The students participated enthusiastically. The programme concluded with the inspirational words of the Headmistress.


Special Assembly on Independence Day

Being independent is the feeling to live with pride. In today's world independence or freedom yet synonymous are left just being the fancy words. To inculcate in all, the feeling of free India, independent India etc. Students of Class VIII B hosted a grand assembly. The nukkad natak that captured everyone's attention was beautifully presented and highlighted the social evils that still cage our independent India. A patriotic song presentation and speech delivery was also done by students to spread the air of freedom and nationalism among everyone. The grand occasion was a grand success!


Homage to Nelson Mandela

The Special assembly was conducted to pay homage to great leader Nelson Mandela on 19th July 2016 by the students of class IX A where Anurag Goel in his student's talk shared the life experience, policies & struggles of Nelson Mandela. Parul Goel recited a beautiful poem depicting his ever inspiring life. To inform the students more about his life and contribution in eradicating Apartheid system some G.K questions were asked in the assembly. The class Teacher even emphasized on ‘How our spirited youth can become today's Nelson Mandela' with their hard work & commitment.


Special Assembly on World Press Freedom Day

To celebrates the fundamental principles of press freedom; to evaluate press freedom around the world, to defend the media from attacks on their independence and to pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in the exercise of their profession the school celebrated World Press Freedom day on 3rd May 2016. Students of class X E came forward to aware children about the role of press in our life through their talk and a short play.


Special Assembly on International Day for Mother Earth

Every year the school observes International Mother Earth Day to create awareness and also to support environmental protection.  This year too it was observed in school on 26th April 2016 where the students of class IX A presented an assembly dedicated to the theme in which they included beautiful talk about the need to conserve this planet and how man these days is destructing it. They also had a short quiz on five elements of nature which helped children to know our environment deeper.


Special Assembly on World Heritage Day

World Heritage is the shared wealth of mankind. Protecting and preserving this valuable asset demands the collective efforts of the international community. Understanding this, the schools organized a special assembly to celebrate the World Heritage Day on 19th April 2016 where the students of class X C Presented a beautiful assembly which included a self composed poem recitation, student talk followed by a teacher's talk that highlighted the need to stand in the wake of conserving our national life long heritage which is a mark of Indian glory. The students also shared facts about some our monuments


Special Assembly on "Stand for violence against women "

Student's of Class VI B got a golden opportunity to present an assembly to enlighten the beauty and power of a women on 29th November 2016. Anchors Nidhi Sharma and Anshita Pandey embraced the podium with powerful words to dignify women. A strong menage of equality, power all emotional hindrance has been highlighted through the thoughts, both Hindi and English respectively to build the interest of the audience. Choir group of class VI B present a beautiful and emotional song “Bekhawff” to highlight that a woman needs to live freely not just physically but emotionally and mentally without any constraints. A women is equal to the man, a real and impactful definition of feminism was highlighted through a skit. A skit was shown taking the dowry concept as base from a man's eye what if the violence happens to a man. The class teacher along with the students enlightened the audience that violence be it domestic physical, mental or emotional is intolerant and not acceptable. The stage was graced by the wide and beautiful words of coordinator enlighten students with the better understanding and power of women.


Special Assembly on Diwali

tudents of Class VII-A presented the Class Assembly on the forthcoming festival of “Diwali” on 25th October 2016. The assembly started with morning prayer followed by the news headlines and thought for the day “Indian Festivals are a unique expression of the spirit of celebration”. Students made the audience aware that Diwali is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after a exile of fourteen years. They told them that people decorate their houses with diyas and candles. They exchange gifts and sweets with their family and friends. They exhorted their fellow friends to say “ No to crackers” because besides encouraging child labour crackers add a lot to air and noise pollution. They told them that they can enjoy this festival by decorating their houses by making rangolis and lighting diyas and candles. The joy and celebration of the festival was enhanced by a melodious song which was enjoyed by everyone present. The assembly was addressed by our Coordinator Ma'am, she shared her thoughts and motivated the students to say “No to crackers”. The assembly concluded with the National Anthem


Special Assembly on World Population Day''

9th July, 2016, was celebrated as ‘ World Population Day' through a special assembly by the students of class IX B where they highlighted the need of population control. They also emphasized on the fact of India being the 2nd most populated country after china that hinders the development of the country by building pathway for various obstacles. Students also presented beautiful quotes related to the theme in order create awareness among students about the harmful consequences it may have on us. Wonderful skit was also presented by students highlighting the theme. The Academic Director Madam also guided children about this population problem and her word of wisdom really cast a magical spell on the students to understand the seriousness of the problem.


Special Assembly on World Environment Day

5th July 2016, Tuesday, was celebrated as World Environment Day . Where the student of class IX C dedicated their assembly to the same cause. The assembly included English and Hindi thoughts based on environment conservation. Students were also made aware of what is happening in the world in the present scenario and how our environment is posing a great threat to its existence due to man's ignorance. The general knowledge of the students was also tested through G.K Quiz to ensure how much they know about their own planet. This was followed by the inspiring talk by the student and teacher. The assembly ended by paying tribute to the nation by singing national anthem.


Special Assembly on World Technology Day - Be a Technophile

A Special Assembly was conducted by class IX D on the 12th May 2016, Tuesday, to celebrate World Technology Day with the theme ‘Be A Technophile'. Apart from the regular programmes such as news, thought, quiz etc, the class presented a few more informative and interesting programmes. A beautiful poem was recited by Dhriti Dhasmana telling about the technology and its uses. Also a speech in the form of students talk was presented by Sanjeevani Sharma on the pros and cons of technology. Mrs. Seema Dhiman added more to the information on technology through her teacher's talk where she shared how at times technology , if not used wisely may lead to delinquencies and cyber crime. Thus we must be at our smart steps to be the master of technology than to be the slave of it.


Tribute to Dr. B.R Ambedkar

The Special assembly was conducted on 12th April to pay homage to Dr. B.R Ambedkar on his birth anniversary. Students presented a skit showing how Dr. Ambedkar faced discrimination by the upper caste and what was his role in framing of the Indian constitution. Thought for the day also propagated the message of removing untouchability and importance of constitution.The students were made aware of the life of Dr. Ambedkar and his contribution towards India's constitution through a talk by a student and the teacher Mrs. Alka Sharma. Academic Director Madam  also addressed the students on the theme further adding to knowledge about the role Dr B. R Ambedkar had played in laying the foundation of India's Constitution.


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