Panel Discussion

A Panel Discussion was organised for Slass XI Science students as part of the Science Week on 1st August on the topic "Clean uses of Energy" wherein the students of class XI A, B participated. The participants presented their arguments effectively and confidentially cross questioned each other showing their in depth understanding of the topic.


Psychology Quiz

In an endeavour to encourage students to enrich their knowledge of Psychology, an Inter-Class (XI-XII, Humanities) Psychology Quiz was conducted that witnessed enthusiastic preparation and participation. There were 6 teams, each comprising of 2 students, one from class XI and the other from class XII paired together as a team. The format of the quiz entailed three rounds. The first round was the written as well as the elimination round .The second round was the Visual round which was enjoyed by the students the most. The last and the Final round was the Question and Answer Round. All questions were open to the audience as well, in case, none of the teams were able to answer correctly. All the rounds were keenly contested. The winning team comprised of Garima Ahlawat XII E, Lekha Sharma XI E


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